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Really? This is a rooster?; CC event reward early?   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jan-18 by Larian (Eredain); 3070 views.
Larian (Eredain)

From: Larian (Eredain)


I had to laugh when I couldn't find the 'rooster' in the new winter room. I had to use a hint.  Not sure what language where this: is a rooster! (Must be an ancient MC language). Ha!

As I was visiting friends' rooms today I noticed this: One of my friends seems to have already gotten the CC reward for completing all 30 of the daily tasks.  Weird.

And, after going through several of the new rooms, I had to laugh at some of the pets on sleds...figured they must be having a sledding/snow day!

And FINALLY...I want the Kitty in PJs from the HOS in the new room!! Wonder if they will offer it as a pet sometime??


From: LvlSlgr


I thought the same thing about that "rooster" in the new HOS. Looks like a baby chick to me. smile

I also have a friend who suddenly has that final avatar for the current CC. This is a person who lost her game and has been working with BFG to get it restored. I'm guessing that when they restored her game they gave her ALL of the avatars which included the ones for the current CC even though we haven't reached those yet. I've seen that happen before.


From: Honeyphan


I, too, thought- wait, what? They think a baby chick is a rooster? lol

Maybe it's supposed to be a rooster as a baby, though I have never heard a chick called a rooster...

Also about that PJ cat - I still can't figure out what it is saying after the meow!

It reminds me of an old Dick Van Dyke episode (our whole family loves the old black and white reruns- they are all so funny) - they had a "haunted one" once - hearing "ally-oops" every time they were there, late at night in their office - turns out it was a toy inventor in the same building working with a toy spaceship meant to say "Merry Christmas!" and he couldn't figure out how to get it to translate right.

I wonder if the devs had the same problem with that cat - who sounds like it has a twisted bark after it meows and later purrs. lol


From: AEGram


Honeyphan said:

I wonder if the devs had the same problem with that cat - who sounds like it has a twisted bark after it meows and later purrs. lol

I have been totally puzzled about that cat! (My hearing is compromised, so I thought it was just me.)

I asked my husband to listen to it and he said that the middle sound is just a sound a cat makes. 

When I listed it in the Interactives thread, I just decided to say cat meows and makes other cat sounds.

(My grandchildren and both their parents have very good hearing. If we get with them during the event, I plan to take my iPad and ask them for their opinions.)

Now I have to play with the sound on to see what's up with the cat.

Already asked my sis if the bunny had an audible fart but she said no. 



From: misstracy22


I had to smile too. The little black rabbit well to put it politely looks like he is bum burping. When I first saw him. I just now can it get that out of my head and smile every time I see himsmile


Tracy turtle

Larian (Eredain)

From: Larian (Eredain)


Bum burping! stealing that...and now that's what I see when I look at that picture....


From: AEGram


susiewastaken (susietaken) said:

Already asked my sis if the bunny had an audible fart but she said no. 

The only "audible noise" that would present when the 2023 puffs out on the screen would be the sound of a firecracker rocket ejecting it's goodies into the sky.....The 2023 is almost definitely coming from the firecracker rocket the bunny is holding....just as we celebrate firework displays on New Year's eve with glorious night displays. ............If it isn't coming from the rocket, there's no point in him holding it.

Msg 5368.9 deleted

From: attie1234


Hi! It has been forever since I have posted or really kept up so I am lost.  Where is the black bunny with the fireworks? Also, did Debbie (consort) on IOS quit playing and one more….Jenifer, does she still participate here and does the picture change? 
Happy New Year Everyone!