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Lost my PC games for two weeks   The Consortium

Started Feb-16 by kthreads; 350 views.

From: kthreads


Hi all

Yup, I've been gone for over two weeks, I think. Both my PC games crashed. I tried reinstalling the games from my back up, but that didn't work. Finally BF got it somewhat sorted out and today I got my PC games back. I say somewhat, because both games still crash after playing only a few HOSs or Private Rooms.

Unfortunately I'm going to be useless as far as obtaining items for this event to amass for the Consortium. I lost weeks of play. I have put eggs up on my wish list for both Isadora and Janet games. Also wands so I can try to finish up the few ghosts I need.  Under Isadora I won't craft my events pets so that I can have those eggs for the consortium.  

So, I am back playing, my lists are now updated and I will be back in each day. The problem is that both games still crash after working just a few HOSs. I am still working on getting that fixed. 


PC: Janet  /  Isadora

Android:  jdmrgn / jd / janni

It's great to see you back!