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Transferring MC from old Kindle to new Kindle   Technical Issues

Started Feb-22 by Justinalynn; 428 views.

From: Justinalynn


I play as Justine and my Kindle is becoming old and unreliable, so I've gotten a new one and want to transfer my game to this new tablet.  Can anyone give me the steps I need to take to get this done without losing any of my game content.  I've seen lots of instruction for PC's and iPads, but not Kindles.  I've seen some instruction from BF online, but I want to make sure I have all the information I'll need.

To all of my friends who might see this message, I'll be inviting everyone back to the game once I have it up and running on the new Kindle.

My thanks to anyone who can help.

Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Hi Justinalynn

Download MC to your new Kindle and play a couple of levels. Write down your new game ID number. Contact Big Fish and/or Elephant Games. Give them both the old and new ID numbers and that you want to transfer the old game to the new device. Answer any and all questions from tech support and they will copy your old game to the new one.

If you want to, go ahead and play the new game while you wait; it won’t hurt anything. 


From: AEGram


I don't play on Kindle, so I cannot offer specific instructions from experience.

But, I did a Google Search and found the following post:

Amazon support personnel are very accommodating and helpful. If you have questions after reading over the steps this site offers, I'm sure you can call Amazon and a wonderful customer support person will be happy to assist you with transferring all your info from one Kindle to another.

Apple has made it sooooo super easy to mirror your iPad onto a new don't even have to do a backup to the cloud anymore. You just turn on both devices and set them next to each other and follow the prompts. It takes all of about 10 minutes max. 

Surely, Amazon has some similar capability with Kindles. You shouldn't have to download the game to your new device and give the new and old ID to BF for them to transfer your game progress to that new game ID. You should be able to set up the new Kindle so your entire game comes to the new Kindle, friends and all.

Good luck!!!


From: Justinalynn


Hi Myelle

Thanks so much for the extra information.  I didn't know it would be ok to start a new game on the new Kindle and still have my old game transfer.  I am going about this slow so I hopefully don't do anything wrong and lose my game.  

You've been very helpful!

In reply toRe: msg 3

From: Justinalynn


Hi AEGram,

Thanks for taking the time to assist.  I'm afraid though that Amazon is not as helpful as it seems Apple is. Amazon has already moved the apps and Amazon content from the old to the new Kindle, but it won't or can't move the content from my game.  I'll have to get that from BF.  I think I have all my ducks in a row now.  There were a couple of things I was unsure of, but I think BF should be able to take care of me when I contact them with the extra information I've gotten today.

I'm grateful for the assistance!


From: AEGram


Justinalynn said:

but it won't or can't move the content from my game

So sorry to hear that....another reason why I'll continue on iPad instead of considering a Kindle. blush