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Update in Game Manager??   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Mar-16 by Shylo (shylo2425); 1424 views.
Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Had my game open, saw that several of my players were at level 120, so opened my Game Manager, and sure enough there was an update. Closed out my game, went back into the GM, and the update was gone, and not in Options either.

Anyone else have this issue? 

Shylo hushed

This happens to many players. The easiest fix is to uninstall then reinstall your game through the Game Manager. Then when you relaunch your game the update will happen automatically. 

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Thanks much for the information Tammy... my old thinker must've went to sleep! wink


No problem, happy to help!!


From: KTBLUE0923


Yes, this happened to me. Except when closing my game there was an update but it didn't do anything. When I went back into GM the update was gone, so I thought it was just an updated to game manager itself. When I went back in today that's when I saw others at level 120. I went into GM I don't see an update to increase my levels. 

This my third time having trouble in getting an update.

Going back to what Tammy27 told me last time, uninstall and reinstall, then look for an update.


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From: KTBLUE0923


Got the update and playing ..... much easier this time ..... Thank you Tammy27

You're welcome, happy to help!!

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From: AEGram


I noticed an update in the App Store on my iPad. When I checked the Game Manager, it said there was no update.

I uninstalled/reinstalled the game on PC and the download commenced as the game was loading.

DO NOT UNINSTALL/REINSTALL ON iPAD!!!!! OR KINDLE/ANDROID DEVICES........................You will lose your game!!!! on the device.

BF technicians can transfer the progress from your old game back to your device (after you've played that new game a couple of levels), but you will still have to re-invite friends because your friends were wiped out when the game was uninstalled.

Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


I've tried this reinstall, at least 4 times.  It gets the first 22 updates done, but, when it tries to do the 787 updates it either spins  for 5 minutes with no movement or it closes the game.  With all the slow down on downloads and the song and dance I have to go through to download a new game, I've pretty well had it with Big Fish.  I used to enjoy the hidden object games, but now it has become one puzzle (with multiple levels), after another.  Not the old Big Fish by any means.  And now it seems Midnight Castle has been cursed with Big Fish's never ending improvements and fixes. BLAH!!!!

Sorry this isn't working for you. I wish I could help further.