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Friends of Siber   Friends

Started Mar-30 by dustyretired; 389 views.

From: dustyretired


Does anyone know Siber or what happened to her?

I noticed during the Fall Event that she became inactive.  I had her as a friend on all 3 of my games and we gifted each other regularly.  Thinking maybe she was traveling or doing something fun and couldn't continue with the FE. Noticed that she had turned back green about the time of the Winter Event but her room never changed from the FE. I know that red or green on their names is not always reliable to friends being active or inactive.

I only log into the forum when I need to post but I check it daily and never saw any conversation about her. Was hoping someone knew her or about her.

Thanks, Sherry

Edited:  I realized that since she never changed her room to WE or showed any other signs of playing the game, that it was the red/green glitch of the game.  Just wondering if anyone knew her and if she was ok.


From: LvlSlgr


dustyretired said:

Noticed that she had turned back green about the time of the Winter Event

There have been others who have posted that with the first of the year it appears that all of the red turn back to green. That may be why she turned green again.