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Worried About Pearla   Messages from the Heart

Started Apr-1 by Playbelle; 493 views.

From: Playbelle


I'm kind of worried about one of my MC friends. Her game name is Pearla, but she might have another name in the Forum (if she's in the Forum).

Awhile ago she added a message about heart issues to her game name. She's been inactive on and off for months. Now she's added "back for a short time". Doesn't sound good, but I'm hoping it just means she's losing interest in the game instead of something worse.

Does anyone out there know more about how Pearla's doing?

Love and prayers to you Pearla, whoever and wherever you are.  yellow_heart

Hi Playbelle

Yes Pearla is a member of Delphi and her forum name is Wineoclock. Sadly, I don't have any recent news. I checked and she was last on the Forum January 19th. I hadn't realised it was that long ago. I too am hoping she is okay and is taking a break until the spring event.

Hopefully, another friend might have more info to share or be able to pass our best wishes on to her.



From: Playbelle


Thanks Norry.

I did receive a wish list gift back from Pearla sometime after the CC started (it might have been this past week, but I'm not sure). 

As Norry says, if anyone out there knows Pearla/Wineoclock, please share an update on how she's doing (if she is okay with that) and let her know she's in our hearts.