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Mercury Retrograde/Tech HELL   Friends

Started May-4 by Dhyani (Dhyaniland); 527 views.

Well Gang, I'm still stucking air.  Dad turned 95, we are both C-19 Free (so far) most of my hair has turned snow white (I'm calling it Platinum Blonde, ahem) and that's the good news.

This Mercury Retrograde is a DOOZY!!!  ALL our appliance/electronic devices have lost their collective minds/malfunctioned over and over the past few weeks. 

The Cosmic Clown is laughing maniacally in the corner . . .

I've tried to change the Private Rooms on each of my 13 castles but both my gaming laptops squeal and shut down due to Fan Errors.  BOTH AT THE SAME TIME, C'MON, REALLY?  UGH!! So I have no idea which Castles have been updated. Soooo sorry.

Trying frantically to backup everything I want/need to save (but haven't for the past few years) cuz tending to Dad is ALL-CONSUMING . . . . and my recent several rounds of vascular surgery & recovery the past coupla months really eats up me gaming time.  Flat on my back the past several days with unexplained SI joint pain radiating down both cheeks.

What's next??   SHUDDER

HOPEFULLY CAN SET UP 2 NEW WIN 11 (UGH) LAPTOPS OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL DAYS.  Not happy about learning Win11.  Not sure when I will get to setting up ALL the multiple User Accounts & Castles.  Will set up Z*Dhyani first.  Or is it Z~Dhyani?  ARRRRRRGGGHHH.  THERE WENT MY LAST BRAIN CELL.


XXOO ~ Dhyani


From: LvlSlgr


Good to hear from you!

Sorry you've been having a hard time, but as they say, if it's not one thing then it's another. 

Hang in there!

Oh Dhyani, it's so good to hear from you!! Sorry to hear you've been having a rough go of things lately, hopefully things will turn around soon!!

Here is what your rooms are showing in my game........

Z*Jules-Spring Room 6

Z*JOscar-Spring Room 2

Z*JWormy-Spring Room 2

Z*JDandy-Spring Room 2

Z*JBuck-Spring Rm 2

Z*JFloyd-Spring Rm 2

Z*JEno-Fall Rm 5

Z*JEthel-Fall Rm 5

Z*JFripp-Xmas Rm 5

Z*JFerry-Fall Rm 5

Z*JLeo-Spring Rm 7

Z*JDhyani-Spring Rm 7

Z*JGlobe-Spring Rm 7

I personally like you having some of your rooms on the Spring Rm 2, opportunity to get coins!!


From: MCDeeDee


Hi Dhyani. So sorry to hear about all your issues. Bless you for hanging in there with your Dad. I hope you recover quickly and get your tech work finished. If you need to talk, call me if you still have my number.

Big hugs.


Oh Tammy thank you soooo much for that list!!!

Will leave thev SR2 ROOMS as they are (HUGE RELIEF!!) and deal with the others as I can.

And thank you all for the love and support.  GOTTA RUN. I MEAN HOBBLE!!!