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Janet/Isadora PC games not working   Friends

Started May-12 by kthreads; 1057 views.

From: kthreads


Hi All

Once again, I have been off grid. I had the final of four back-to-back surgeries to clean up my mastectomy site. First one in November... the one last 16 days ago. We also put our house on the market and it sold quite quickly. We're packing to move to Georgia on June 19.  I have, needless to say, been over-whelmed. 

I am playing my Android games: Jdmrgn / janni / jd. However, I am unable to play my PC games except to gift and receive gifts. The games are still crashing after crafting anything, working more than two or three HOSs, after catching ghosts for the event pets. 

I have tried all the fixes. AEGram has helped so much! But as soon as the new event began, what we thought was fixed, isn't. So once more, I can't work the event. This has been an issue since Sept/Oct 2022. I get no help from BF and EG doesn't answer any support requests. 

I will continue to gift and I will need to put the Spring event eggs on my wish list, as with my game as is... I can't do the HOSs. I have been able to do two, close out. re-open the game, do two, repeat, repeat, repeat. Not fun!

Please do not delete me. I am trying to get help. As I said, I have had lots of help here and from AEGram. And I thank you so much. 

My plan is to write EG once a week until they answer me. I wish we had someone here on the forum who could intervene for us who have no response from CS help. But we don't. So, I am going to become that squeaky wheel that won't go away until someone fixes my PC games.

AEGram:  I owe you a message. The one I wrote ended in drafts...just found it brain-malfunction there. Our fix worked for a while...then with the new event, stopped working.


PC:  Janet 715219

        Isadora 715222


Jdmrgn a1460485

Janni  a1474752  (this is a new # as I replaced my phone. Old number a1199671)

jd  a1398782

I noticed you had gone red on my games.  All the best for your recovery from surgery.  My D.I.L.  has been through mastectomies twice, 20 years apart.  I hope you do as well as she has done.

Will keep you in my games and hope everything gets sorted for you promptly.  Good luck with your move.

No worries, will always keep the castle lights burning for your return. Take care of yourself and the move goes smoothly. 


From: SharpEye1


Hi Janet,

My goodness!  I don't know how you do it all.  No worries here.  I'll always keep your games and keep a light on for ya!  Prayers for a speedy recovery and smooth move.

Take care,



From: Cyberfox277


Good heavens, I had no idea, please take care heart  And don't worry about it, I'm not deleting you. I wish you a speedy recovery heart 

Layne (elayne2424)

From: Layne (elayne2424)



I have not seen you for a while. I know you have been through so much. I am praying you are well, happy and will return to the MC family soon! I miss you!



From: kthreads


Hi Layne

Thank you so much for asking about me. I have been off the game for months... and I have missed you all. I am slowly recovering from that last mastectomy revision then moving 1000 miles from Wis to GA. Bought a new home (brand new) and have had movers arrive. Lost eight boxes, but it's looking good that they will find them. Finally got my PC games working again and have opened the new anniversary rooms on all platforms. Android: jdmrgan / janni / jd  PC: Janet  /  Isadora. 


Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Janet,  blossom

I was wondering how you were going.  Lovely to see you back.  Moving to a new house and across state lines is stressful - doubly so since you were still undergoing treatment.  I do hope the movers find your missing boxes and that you have had some chance of a rest.  Take care.

Dot  sunglasses  earth_asia


From: SharpEye1


Hi Janet,

I'm so glad to see you here and to hear how things are with you!  I also agree with everything Dot said.  Happy you have your games working again!  Good luck getting settled in and hope you're getting your strength back sooner rather than later.

Take care,



From: kthreads


Thank you Dot and Ada.

I am trying to pace myself.  I had to laugh... they didn't want me doing anything to mess up the revision and when I asked about PT, they said. "No. We'll address that again after 12 to 16 weeks. We don't want anything to jiggle. We don't want the scar to stretch. This is plastic surgery"  My response... "Hahaha. There's nothing to jiggle. It's all gone. And I don't really care of it stretches...I'm waaaay past the time when the thought of pole-dancing as a living was an option." sweat_smile

But then they had me lift my legs while sitting and Oh matter what you do, the muscles in your entire chest and upper back become involved. Sooo happy to be able to begin PT after all this time. And the new doc and PT dude here in Georgia are wonderful. 

I'm loving being back into the game. It's my way of relaxing in the evening as well as knitting or spinning (fiber...not biking). House is coming along. Lots of boxes to unpack. Still waiting to hear about the lost boxes, but I have faith they will find them. Or if they were delivered to someone else, that they are honest and say "Hey. These are not ours." 

Thanks for checking up on me. I've missed you all.