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Friends of TUGUM   Friends

Started May-17 by TUGUM; 260 views.



I lost my game (ID 657915) on 15th May while attempting to resolve the excessive delays I was experiencing in opening the Spring HOS in friend’s rooms & also for the game to progress after completing the HOS.

 Thanks to Keith A (BFG) my game has now been restored, except for the following, under the new ID 894200.

 I lost all of my friends & am currently trying to send requests as time allows. If you have not yet received a request it would be appreciated if you could send me one.

 My original ID continues to be shown on the friends lists of my original friends & they can still access the Spring HOS. It may be worth you delaying deleting my original ID until the Event is finished in order to make use of it.

 My original game also shows my original Wish List so please ignore it.

 Although I only have 8 friends at the moment, the time to access & complete friends HOPs are now a fraction of the time it previously took. As such I’m happy that the pain was well worth the gain.