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Anyone else getting locked up?   Technical Issues

Started Jun-10 by poolmwv; 502 views.

From: poolmwv


It seems to be especially bad when it starts a new day, perhaps because others are hammering away. But I've had it happen a couple of times this morning.

Typical example: Either just finished a room and waiting for prizes or going to a new room and it says "Please wait". I used to give it time (usually 10-20 minutes, once up to 8 hours) but now if it's over 10 seconds, most times I toggle out, bring up Task Manager (I'm on Windows, obviously), kill the game and the big fish service, start the game again.

Sometimes I can't toggle and have to reboot.

Last night it froze completely in a scene and I had to do a hard reboot.

The last few nights it seemed like I had to kill it every two or three scenes (in my friends' rooms).

I just wanted to know if I was alone in this. When I find a good deal, I'm going to start the scary process of switching to a new laptop.


From: AEGram


Unfortunately, this seems to be a pervasive problem with PC players.

There's a couple things you might try:

1. Clear cookies and history from all your browsers (even if you don't use Edge, stuff gets deposited there)

2. Click "view" from the top of a Windows Explorer window so the ribbon will present.....on the right side, put a check mark in the box next to "file name extension" (this is mostly so you can identify if a file is actually an executable, which means you wouldn't want to click on that file) and in the box next to "Hidden Items" <<--this is the one you really want for being able to navigate to the AppData folder because it's a hidden folder.

After allowing hidden folders to be viewed (above), navigate from your C:\ drive to Users....AppData....Local....Temp

Be sure you're INSIDE the Temp folder.

Click ctrl + a to select all, then hit the delete key on your keyboard.........this will delete all files and folders from INSIDE the Temp folder. .....Everything in this folder is junk left over by programs opening and closing, running, or updating. It's sloppy programming that there isn't some command to remove the temp files created. .....The newer files are supposed to have precedence over the older files, but sometimes an older file will cause things to mess up because it doesn't do what it's supposed to do (which is yield to newer data).

I've seen over 10,000 items in this folder when troubleshooting issues with clients when working. Many will also see a performance increase after this folder is emptied......................................and after emptying sure to empty the Recycle Bin (where they go) because anything in the Recycle Bin is held there by your Random Access Memory, which will slow down your computer's response time in delivering things to you.

Once again....a caution........You do NOT want to be just into the AppData\Local folder when you delete the files. IF you delete items from the Local folder, it will make negative impacts on your user account on your computer. 

I have another theory about what could possibly impact pc performance in the game, but there's no way on Delphi to correct it. IF you have an older version of the game on another device or in a different user account, it could perhaps be done (if the required files were there in that older account).

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From: poolmwv


Thank you for the suggestion! It deleted 591 files and a lot of them were bigfish. We're going to a graduation party a couple of hours from here, so I won't be able to test until tonight or possibly tomorrow but it's always good to remove unneeded files.

Even though the directions are out there, when I do get my new laptop (I might wait until Black Friday sales unless something really good pops up on, I might ask you to hold my hand because you have such extensive knowledge of the game!

But I also need to reorganize my shared 1 TB drive (and possibly get a bigger one) to pull files off my old desktop and retire it at the same time I make backups of pictures and documents from this old laptop.

Thanks again!

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Hi, I have the same problem about once a day!