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Started Jul-10 by susiewastaken (susietaken); 10729 views.

From: difi


I wish I had better news for you.  Bob B with bigfish responded to my ticket.  He said he restored my game and gave me 500 diamonds.. I got the diamonds, but the game was at point zero.  Nothing was restored or transfered to the new game #.  I replied to ask for him to try again, but I don't know where I will stand now.  I'm afraid that my game is just lost forever. I'm playing on the laptop, but I'm so far behind compared to my original game.  Just frustrating to rebuild.  It'll just have to be a new challenge.stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Hope all is well to my neighbor up north.  Difi  Diane

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From: difi


My geek friend wants to know if there is a phone # or could he respond to my emails?

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From: difi


I'm thinking about trying to creat a new ticket #.  Explaining that the old feed has become cumberson, confusing to follow and the issue was not resolved. If you think this will hurt the issue, let me know.  Diane

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Write to elephant. They have helped before when BF didn't.  

Am about to do the same regarding my current crashed game.