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MC PETS and FRIENDS   Friends

Started Jul-11 by SUECQ (suecq96); 1400 views.
SUECQ (suecq96)

From: SUECQ (suecq96)



Thanks for the email. I'm gonna try that. But probably on paper.

I'm so 'Old school' that I still use carbon paper!

All of the friends on here are so helpful!

I finished the challenge but chose an avatar I never got. Actually there are quite a few I don't have.,

Love that they are keeping the rooms open to build some coin. But it gets monotonous doing the same 2 HOS's over and over. Sorry, I really can't complain. I love this game and all the friends I talk to.

Hugs, Suecq

SUECQ (suecq96)

From: SUECQ (suecq96)


Hi KarenKitty,

I get on at least once a day to gift. A lot of days I miss the gifting time, or I'll just pick 5 friends at like 7:58pm!

I spazz out over not gifting enough. LOL Friends have been so kind to me.

Glad we are friends, Suecq

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SUECQ (suecq96)

From: SUECQ (suecq96)


Hi ALL, again,

Just an FYI don't know when I'll be back on here again, so if I don't reply just know I'm not on HERE a lot, but I do (sometimes) check out MC on FB. and welcome any messages there or to my personal FB messages.

blush sue cirelli