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Living the Good Life in Delphi: Ghosts, Pets and Magic Reside Within   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 6/19/18 by mdpetdoc; 133927 views.

From: Myelle01


Sunset is on the way and the sorcerer is preparing what he needs. Soon, he will be gone to collect the 2 black butterfly pterippi foals or so he thinks.

I wake tied to a chair in the room where Galen’s Body is. I can see him lying on the bed. He looks so peaceful lying there. “

“Oh, Galen. I love you.” The tears start to flow again and I cannot speak. All I can do is cry.

At the castle vicinity, behind the lodge, Grey, Lucius, Pixiu, Puff, Cinder and the wolves meet to finalize the plan and take their places among the trees.

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From: mdpetdoc


Belle runs out of the Warlock’s Hut in search of ink. I start after her but Big Kitty steps in front of me and growls ferociously.

“What’s wrong now?! I’m just going for the Obsidian Ink.”

Big Kitty shimmers back to Lenore. “Doctor Poppet, you are not at this level. You can’t roam around this area of the castle.”

“Blindfold me and take me to the Sad Gargoyle.”

“I must accompany Belle to ensure her safety. I will return for you soon.”

She shimmers back to Big Kitty and lopes off. I wait a minute for her to be out of sight and then I leave.

Whop! Ouch, that hurt. The door is tightly closed.

Larry looks up from his laptop, “We’re in an hour cooldown. Relax; take a nap; nothing to do for an hour.”

“But I need to get the Obsidian Ink.”

“They’ll be back before the cooldown is over then you can go.

I peer over his shoulder to see what’s on his laptop. It’s Aphrodite’s Love Connection. Him too?!

I pull out my mirror but I can’t use it for transport. Oh well, good thing my laptop battery is fully charged. I whip it out and play spring event private rooms while I wait for the cooldown to end.

And with that Lenore and Belle embark on the long, slow, torturous journey from the Bone Kingdom to Town.

"Lenore, is there any way we could get a swifter method of transportation here?  On foot, this is going to take forever!" Belle spouts out exasperatedly. 

And with that, Lenore shimmers into Big Kitty and purrs, "how's this?"

"Well, your not exactly Luna but I'm sure you'll do." Belle giggles as she hops on Lenore's back.

The journey passes by swiftly and Lenore stops outside of the Chapel right under the Sad Gargoyle. 

Ok, all we need is one Ghostly Gem and two Demon's Eye and the Obsidian Ink will be ours for the "Reality Spell" to take down the Black Magic Sorcerer!

Not so fast Belle, you could also get the Crystal of Air or a Linking Part or three of each or a combination of both.  Do you have all of the necessary inventory?

Jeepers, yes, I do but it's going to be draining.  Are you on board Trina?


Mean while in a sanctuary not so far away, Nemerie squeaks.  "Diantha, my throat is on fire and I can barely swallow.  Get me some hot tea with honey and lemon and a cold compress.  I think I have a fever and I'm really quite achy and tired.  Oh, woe, woe is me.

As Diantha boils the kettle for tea, she eyes the liquor cabinet and smiles at an old trick of her Father's.  I'll just pour a couple shots of whiskey in her tea.  That should knock her out and keep her quiet for awhile.

With Nemerie happily snoring away, Diantha heads back to the laptop to get another glance at Lee or any other suitable suitors at Aphrodite’s Love Connection site.

Back at the Castle, Lee notices Nemerie's activity and quickly types.  Hi, just wondering if you had any interest in meeting or messaging?

From: Myelle01


As the Sorcerer prepares to leave, he gets on his computer and sends Nemerie a new message.

”Dearest Nemerie, if all goes as planned and I am sure it will, I will have your Black Butterfly Pterippi foals at sunset. I will deliver them to you afterwards. I look forward to our meeting in person.”

He waits but there is no answer and he wonders why. Figuring she must be busy, he he packs the ropes and magical items he thinks he will need then heads out. 

He stops at the locked door where Galen and Myelle are now being kept. He opens a small door used for food trays and peers inside. Galen is still on the bed and unmoving. Myelle is crying and still tied to her chair. “Good” He quietly says to himself.

Using his secret door, he steps outside, checks the sun’s position and dematerializes.


in the room, despite my grief, I noticed the little door open and my goos hearing catches the sorcerer’s word. I watch him close the door while pretending not to notice. I hear his footsteps as he walks away but I can’t tell which direction he heads.

My tears are drying up as though I have cried them all out or maybe it is something else. I can feel exhaustion taking over. I close my eyes but I don’t want to. Soon, I am asleep again. I find myself in a shared dream with Galen.

I throw myself into his arms and we hold each other tightly.

”I love you.” The tears come.

”I love you too,” he says. “Hey, don’t cry. I am here, for now.”

”How are you here? You are dead.”

”No, not yet, anyway. But yes, I am dying. I need you to be strong for our babies. Don’t give up, you will get out of this.”

”You can’t die, there are things you need to do. Your family needs you. Don’t go.”

”You don’t understand, my physical body is broken. There is no coming back for me without a miracle.”

Shaking my head as I step back from him, I repeat “No” over and over again. He steps toward me and starts to fade away then vanishes and I am left alone . Soon, the scene around me turns dark and the dream ends.

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From: Myelle01


Having expected Lucius to return with Galen and Myelle, Antheia has been wondering what happened and where they are. She has seen the last of the supplicants for the day so she excuses her growing court and heads to her office with Lady Dragon in tow.

”Have you seen my mate, Lady Dragon?”

”No, Majesty, I haven’t. Where has he gone?”

”He went to get Galen and Myelle. I couldn’t leave so he was supposed to bring them here. I needed to speak to them about seeing a doctor.” She puts her hands on her stomach and Lady Dragon gets her meaning. The baby starts to kick at that time and Antheia gives a surprised reaction.

”Majesty? Are you okay?”

”The baby gave a strong kick.” She says as she looks up with a half smile.

”May I?”

”Yes” Antheia says then as Antheia guides her to the right spot, Lady Dragon touches her queen. The baby kicks again. Both are pleased by it and the distraction it causes is what Antheia needs for the moment.

Trina is definitely, greedily and luxuriously on board and Belle miraculously obtains the Obsidian Ink on her third try.

Lenore, I've got it and we've got to get back.  Poppet will be fit to be tied leaving her with that creepazoid Larry so why don't you shimmer, shake and purr and let's get outta here.

Back at the Warlock's hut, Poppet leers suspiciously at Larry and Larry leers  at her beauty and grace.  Belle whispers to her "I'm sorry but we've got it" wink wink.

"Ok, Larry, here's the Obsidian Ink work your magic NOW!"  Belle shrieks losing her patience.

The cork is swiftly opened and drip, drip, drip, drop, drop, drop.  The book of two million pages begins to flip very rapidly like a whirlwind.  Dust whirls and herbs sway and trinkets jingle and jangle and the pages suddenly stop.

Ah, yes, here we are at the "Reality Spell" on page 1,987,326.  The components are 1 olive branch, 1 peace and order, 1 movement of life, 10 unusual stamps and 4.500 gold coins.  Now, all you must do is slip it into the Black Magic Sorcerer's tea, have him drink it and his mind will succumb to a reversal in thought.

From: Myelle01


As the sun starts to set, the sorcerer materializes amongst the trees and movies into a position to see the 2 black butterfly pterippi foals. They aren’t there and he spots the trap. He casts a cloaking spell and moves among the trees for a good position to not get caught and be there for the arrival of his ransom.

Pixiu senses the use of his magic and turns in the direction it is coming from. The others take notice and also look that way. They all see nothing until the sorcerer moves. Their eyes follow shimmering of the cloak. The wolves move to surround him from the rear and the others come from the sides.

The sun sets and the foals do not appear. He gives a frustrated growl and teleports out just as the others are about to grab him.

Pixiu takes to the sky to try to follow the black magic trail but it is too weak to leave a trail. He returns to the others. He answers the question in their expressions with a shake of his head.

Silently, they head to the lodge and gather in a conference room. “What went wrong?” One of the wolves/deputies asks.

”Nothing, we just weren’t quick enough to stop him.” Grey says.

”We need to get to Galen and Myelle before something bad happens to them.” Lucius says.

”I am sure Galen won’t allow that.” Grey says.

”He may not even get a chance to keep them both safe. We need to find them now.”

”And how do you propose we do that, Lucius?” Grey asks.

”I don’t know.” Feeling defeated, he sits in the closest chair. He knows that if they survive, they may have to get themselves out of this.


From: Myelle01


I wake again and all is quiet and dark. Feeling a bit stronger, I start to fight the ropes that hold me to the chair. Pulling at them to loosen them but they refuse to budge. “Come on you stupid rope, cooperate with me.” I pull harder, one limb at a time, but it seems like all I am doing is hurting myself. “There is something else you can try” I tell myself but tipping the chair and hoping it will break doesn’t seem safe to me yet.

Needing a moment to calm down, I stop and look over at Galen. “Was that a breath I saw him take?” I quietly say. I know he is barely alive and wish I could be with him. I fight the ropes some more and demand that they let me go. To my surprise, the fall to the floor and I sit there stunned by it.

When I lift my arms and look, my hands are glowing like the sorcerer’s do just before he uses his power and I wonder how this can be. I can’t do magic of any kind so why now? Only one way to find out.

I carefully get up from the chair, turn toward the bed and carefully take the few steps there. I use it to keep my balance as my legs don’t feel like they can support me as I have been in that chair for too long. I don’t sit again, instead I keep walking the room and using the scant pieces of furniture to keep from falling.

i do stop in front of a desk, there is a small shelf with a few old books there. I look at the titles but I don’t recognize any of them. They might help but I need something better and with more of an ability to get the information I need. The books will wait and I turn toward the door; it is time to make sure we are alone and to head to the lab.

I find the door unlocked and open it. I step out into the hallway and take a quick look before continuing on. A turn to the left takes me past other rooms, the cells and finally to the lab. That door is also unlocked. I let myself in and on the desk is the very thing I need. I sit down on the desk chair which is much more comfortable than the one I had been in and it hits me.Less than a year ago, I knew computers existed in various forms but didn’t know about using them. Now, that new knowledge just may save us all.

I lift the lid of the laptop and it comes to life. It isn’t password protected, “big mistake” I utter as I set to work. I open the browser and just to see what I get, I type in “where am I?”. It takes a moment to answer then a map comes up. It starts with space and several bright spots then zooms into one of them. Then, that opens up to a planet then to a continent then to a country and finally a city then a city area with an arrow. I make it zoom in on the area around the arrow but I don’t recognize any of it and I get the feeling that we aren’t in our own realm.

I hit home on the browser and return to the search page then minimize it. I don’t Are a good look at the icons on the desktop. A few of the usual things, programs probably most used, a couple of folders, a waist basket and a game. I open the game because it isn’t Midnight Castle. I explore the scenes I can look at without playing. Some of the artwork is beautiful but a lot of it is dark and desolate. I look around for instructions and see his is on level 90 and wonder how high the game goes. I finally find what I am looking for. I open and start to read.

"Ok, Larry, we have gone through a few trials and tribulations in getting this spell and now you simply say we must slip it into his tea?"  Belle says as she garners every shred of her tattered patience. 

"Here, let me try Belle".  Lenore butts in.  "Larry, everyone has been working incredibly hard on this case.  Grey and his wolves, Pixiu and Lucius have tried everything to capture this Black Sorcerer but he just magically shimmers and slips through their hands.  We need to start thinking outside of the box!"

Just as Lenore finishes her speech and in that moment of time, Poppet looks up from her laptop as Larry looks up from his.

Their eyes knowingly meet and Poppet says with a twinkle in her eyes:   "Larry are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I most certainly am my dear lady."  Larry whispers.

"Aphrodite’s Love Connection!"  Poppet and Larry say in unison.

And with that, Larry clicks away rapidly on his laptop's keys.

Dear Mr. Black Magic Sorcerer,  You don't know me but I believe we have a lot in common.  Your magic is talk of the town and legend in my neck of the woods.  I am also a sorcerer of sorts and I'm wondering if we can meet to shoot the breeze, possibly collaborate,  perhaps if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours? 

How about my hut in the Bone Kingdom for a cuppa tea?

Respectfully yours,
Sorcerer Larry (aka Warlock Larry)

From: Myelle01


I have gone from the game to researching the practical use of magic. I am surprised at how much there is to read about and learn but I don’t have time to absorb a lifetimes worth of information so I look up what I need right now.

Soon, I heave gotten the idea of how to do some basics. I look up healing and find a recipe for a potion as well as a number of spells. I choose the potion. One at a time, I am able to find what I need in the lab. I mix it measuring carefully and pour it into a small phial and cork it. Just in time, I hear foot steps approaching and use what I just learned to teleport back to the room.


The sorcerer, in an angry mood, enters the lab. At first, he doesn’t notice that things have been messed with. He is too focused on his failures. He bellows and things rattle, books and papers fly around then he turns toward his laptop and all stops. Things drop where they are and make a mess as he looks at his open laptop.

Not caring about what he is walking on, he takes the few steps it takes to get there and looks at it. He sees the potion recipe and starts to check the browsing history. “Resourceful “ He says and wonders about Myelle. He finds his game open but minimized and takes a good look around. His game hasn’t changed “phew, at least it wasn’t played.”

Just as he is ready to go deal with his prisoners, a notification comes up, he has a message through Aphrodite’s Love Connection . He goes to the sight and to his messages. He sees the message from Sorcerer Larry, opens and reads. Before answering, he checks out Larry’s profile and wonders what he really wants. He answers....

Dear Sorcerer Larry

Thank you for the compliment. Yes, lets meet. Hopefully we can help each other. How does late morning sound, about 10 am at your place?

Black Magic Sorcerer.

Message sent, he heads to the room where he is keeping Galen and Myelle, only to find them gone. He screams his frustration then storms out.


When I materialized in the room, glad it had worked right, I gave Galen the potion. Then, concentrating on our home in Kavala, I took Galen in my arms and teleported us out.