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Living the Good Life in Delphi: Ghosts, Pets and Magic Reside Within   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 6/19/18 by mdpetdoc; 140990 views.
As Leander runs his thoughts about the ultimate capture of the Black Magic Sorcerer by Pixiu, Pixiu listens patiently and intently.

"Master Leander, I can see that you have given this a lot of thought.  Your idea indeed has merit and I believe that it should be given further consideration.  I will bring up this plan with Sebastien and Grey Night Walker for their suggestions and authorization."  Pixiu advises.

In the mean time if a Plan B opportunes itself to you, it wouldn't hurt.  It's going to take everything we have to capture this slippery sorcerer. 

Forlorn but not dejected, Lee focuses his thoughts back to his laptop and Aphrodite’s Love Connection.

In the mean while in a sanctuary not so far away, Nemerie languishes in her sick bed and calls for Diantha.

"Diantha, I'm going to need some  homemade chicken noodle soup, a fresh supply of tissues and my hot water bottle.  I have a terrible chill in my bones.  Don't let me hear you opening any cans - I want homemade!"  

While Diantha is waiting for the soup to simmer, she signs into Nemerie's profile on the Aphrodite’s Love Connection site and sees that Lee is there and he sees her.

"Nemerie, we need to talk".  Lee types quickly.

It's not Nemerie.  I'm Diantha and I really shouldn't be doing this.

Lee:  Diantha!  Ben's told me about your visit to see Dr. Poppet and sudden disappearance from his living room.  I know you are aware of the hybrids and of Nemerie's suitors and what ends they will go to be with her.  One of the suitors is pure evil personified.  Would you consider helping us capture him if the opportunity ever arose?

Diantha:  Yes, of course I will.


Lee:  Thank you.  I'll be in touch.

As Nemerie sips her hot homemade chicken noodle soup and fluffs a fresh tissue at her red nose, she sighs and says.

"Oh, Diantha dearest, you are so good to me."  What would I do without you?   You don't have to answer that.  Let's just have a little chat just you and me.  I'll do all the talking.

"Sigh, you know all about my dreams of living an enchanted life with the Sultan or King of my dreams who will shower me with jewels, presents and money every day of my life?  Well, there is a man who is preventing me from realizing my vision. 

He wants to meet with me to assure me that a secure plan is in place to capture the rare black butterfly pterippi that I will need to entice the man of my dreams and who I surely deserve.  Alas, I am too unwell to meet him and look a fright! 

Would you pretend to be me and meet him for me, pretty please?"

I know it's quite a stretch but I will perform a miracle with make up and some fashionable clothes."

I would be honored Lady Nemerie.

From: Myelle01


In the morning, Galen was checked out again and I could see that they were stymied about his quick recovery. They released him After breakfast and we headed to our house there in town.

We have since set up our home and not sent word that we are alive. Together, we decided that it was better and safer until this madness is over.

Naturally, my mother is overjoyed at our being nearby. She has been quite a help. While she and I were out, dad and Galen set up the spare room as a nursery. One more month or sooner, we will be parents.


Lucius has returned home. With no more leads and Antheia about to give birth, he felt he is needed there. “If you need me, let me know and I will be back.” He told Grey.

When he got back, he was faced with the contestants of the games. They had been practicing and are eager for the contests to begin.

Leander contemplates his many devious and well thought out plans to capture the Black Magic Sorcerer.  The game plans in place include the meeting with Nemerie/ Diantha diversion, using the "Reality Spell" by changing into a black butterfly pterippi to lure him into the Midnight Castle and possible game glitch and the exposing of the evidence that he has been played a fool by Nemerie along with her many gullible suitors.

Ben declares, "I realize that this is important business to capture the Black Magic Sorcerer but it's now summer.  What does everyone think of just having a couple days off, get a different perspective on things and just have some fun? 

Let's pack a picnic lunch, take Luna and Rose to the luscious meadow by the waterfall, wave pool, settle in the cabanas and have some fun in the sun?  Hit a bucket of balls, surf, sun, swim, eat a picnic lunch of cold chicken, potato salad, watermelon, iced tea and, of course, chocolate eruption cake.  Who's in??"

While Ben says all of that, Birch jumps into his arms with his pathetic toy, of course :)

From: Myelle01


In his determination to win the Lady Nimerie as his, Marvin begins going through his books for an answer. Suddenly something catches his eye. “Hmmm, if I can’t acquire what I need to have her, perhaps I can make them.” He gets paper and pen, makes a list, slams the book shut then gathers what he needs that he has. “The rest should be in the Forest.” He packs it all up, including the book and heads into the Forest. 


In Nemea, Antheia has gone into labor and a midwife has been called. On the way back to their room, her water breaks. She looks at Lady Dragon with wide, worried eyes. “It is okay, my queen, they will clean that up.” She urges Antheia to continue to her room.

”Get Lucius. I want him here. I don’t think I can do this without him.”

”You will be fine, Majesty. It shouldn’t be much different than your birthing eggs as a dragon.”

Antheia moans with pain as they reach the door. Inside the room, Antheia’s maid helps her change and get into bed.

”Have Lucius found and told that I need him.” Antheia commands.

”Yes, Majesty” the maid says and then hurries off.

Lady Dragon sits with Antheia while they wait.

A messenger finds Lucius at the colosseum inspecting the track and grounds for the games. “Sir Lucius, our queen sends word. She bids you to return to her. She said she needs you.”

”Do you know what it is about?”

”She didn’t say but Kendra, her maid, says she is in labor.”

”Thank you. You may return to the castle.” Lucius puts some distance between them, takes his dragon form and takes flight. He lands a few minutes later in the Bailey, startling everyone there. As he heads for the door, he returns to his elvyn form. He enters and runs all of the way to their room.

He enters just as Antheia has another contraction and he rushes to her. She squeezes his hand as he takes hers and soon the pain passes. “It is time?” He asks.

”Soon, I think.”

”It is going to be awhile,” Lady Dragon says. “Your pains aren’t close enough together for the baby to come yet.”


In Kavala, it is a beautiful, warm day. Galen and I had a lunch out in our tiny backyard and now he has gone off to visit his parents. I found a nice place to nap in the sun and have laid a blanket out. I drift off to sleep to the sounds of birds chirping.


From: mdpetdoc


"Hon, I'd really enjoy getting out of the Castle for some fun"

Sebastien, Grey Nightwalker, and Lenore erupt in a cacophony of protests. Birch lets out a sharp growl and Anabel bites Sebastien's nose. 

The deafening noise finally ceases. 

"but I can't. Duty calls. Queen Antheia is having some premature contractions and I must be there."

"Sweetie, I'm not sure I understand. You weren't there when her egg hatched. Why do you need to be there now?"

"That offspring was a male and she had no trouble clutching. I must be there for the Queen or future Queen so either this offspring is the next Queen or Queen Antheia is going to have trouble with delivery. I'll know when it happens why I need to be there."

"If the Nemea games are still going on, we could enjoy them until I'm needed."

The protectors look at each other in consternation. They had not considered that eventually our duties would require at least one of us to leave the relative safety of the Castle. 

Sebastien says, "We will leave for Nemea in 3 hours after making arrangements for your safety and that of the hybrids." 

Belle and I rush to our rooms to pack our wisps, bathing suits, and sundry other items to make our trip pleasant and fun. 


From: Myelle01


Though Lucius is away, the ones who he had established as officials long before the games were to get started this year have begun the trial games. Destined to last the week, the winners will compete in the final games for this years championship.

At the castle, Lucius is staying close to Antheia and making sure her needs are met. Slowly, her contractions are getting closer together.

The local midwife has shown up and is preparing to examin Antheia. She shews everyone out of the room except Lucius. Antheia has a contraction as the midwife does her thing. The midwife talks to her calmly and helps her to handle the pain using breathing. “How far apart are those contractions?”

”Probably an hour apart.” Antheia answers.

”You have a long way to go before giving birth, your Majesty. I suggest you drink water to stay hydrated and get up and walk around, it will help.”

”Thank you, “ Lucius says.

She nods to him then picks a corner, sits down to wait and gets out her knitting.


In Kavala, Galen wakes me. “Have a nice nap?”

 I turn to him, “very nice. I think I dreamt of our future children and Antheia’s daughter. They were playing together. The girl told me that she would soon be born.”

”Interesting. I haven’t heard of those kind of dreams.”

”Me neither but one never knows what is going to happen when one is dreaming.”


The wind picks up and because it is coming from off the lake, it is cool. To me it feels good but Galen shivers some. No words are needed, I get up, he grabs the blanket and we head inside.

”I picked up a few things so I can make dinner tonight.” Galen says.

”Ooo,  can’t wit wait. Can I help?”

”You can help me chop.” We head to the kitchen.


Elsewhere, our lack magic sorcerer is making progress. He has molded 2 butterfly pterippi and is now preparing for the magic part.

Mean while just outside the Castle, Pixiu checks in with Grey Nightwalker and Sebastien regarding any new intel obtained regarding the capture of the Black Magic Sorcerer. 

"Well, Pixiu remarks.  Leander has some interesting ideas that I believe have merit.  However, I recently was privy to some high level information regarding the rare black butterfly pterippis. 

You see, the hybrids are so rare that they have only been sought out by Sultans and Kings and this has been going on for thousands of years through their generations.  Many have tried to replicate the pterippis by either black magic or illusion but these attempts have fallen flat.  Sultans or Kings can not be fooled by reproductions of any sort.

Any false attempts offered to the Sultans or Kings were met with a very slow and torturous death." 

"Ok, I have made up my mind regarding Leander shifting into the pterippi.  This will absolutely not happen.  It's just too dangerous. We are just going to have to go through with our plans or new plans to capture the Black Magic Sorcerer once and for all."  Sebastien states emphatically. 


From: Myelle01


In the Forest, The sorcerer has completed his creations and brought them to life. “Observe and learn from the herd animals. Emulate them and o no harm.” He orders his gollum pterippi them takes them to Lady Nemerie’s Sanctuary. He walks to the door and knocks.

A few moments later Diantha answers the door. “Yes. Can I help you?”

”Tell your mistress that I have brought what she desires.” Then he steps aside.

Diantha takes a good look, “wait here” then she goes to get Lady Nemerie.


In Nemea, the first of those competing in the semi-final games has been decided by the gods. The best 5 will go on to the final games.

At the castle, Antheia’s contractions have begun to happen more frequently, every half hour. Though it seems that the midwife doesn’t care about what is happening, in reality she is using her knitting to time what is happening before her. She already knows how Antheia is doing.

Needing to move around,  Antheia gets out of bed with Lucius’s help and together, they take a walk in the hall. “I will be glad when this is over. I didn’t have this kind of pain as a dragon clutching.”

”You are as strong as your dragon and you will get through this.”

”Thank you, Lucius but that doesn’t make this any easier.”

”Just keep reminding yourself that you can do this.” Seeing no one around at the moment, he takes her in his arms and kisses her before heading back to the bedroom. The sit on the window seat instead of returning to the bed. The midwife just barely looks up.


In Kavala, Galen and I have taken care of the groceries that he brought back and prepped for dinner but it is too early for that. He tells me about his visit with his parents. His father is doing good and sends his love. His mother is another story, she still resents her son’s fated mating.

”You do know that she will never accept me. We are just going to have to patient with her.”

”I know, but I still wish she would just accept. I do know one thing, she will never see her grandchildren again if she is likes this when she meets them.”

”At least they will have their other grandparents to watch over them and teach them. So, what do you want to do until dinner?”

He kisses me and his hands wander. When his looks up, I can see in his eyes what he really wants to do. 

While in Nemerie's sanctuary, Diantha quickly types to Leander that the Black Magic Sorcerer is on their doorstep claiming he has brought what Nemerie desires.  Bring your troops and everything you got, I'll stall him.  Hurry please!

"I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting for so long sir".  Diantha tries to say calmly although her heart is beating like drum in her chest and ears.  "I'm terribly sorry, but Nemerie has been extremely unwell and has taken a bath, some very strong medication and is now asleep in her quarters". 

"Young lady, I'm afraid you don't understand.  This is matter of extreme importance.  You must wake her immediately and tell her that I'm about to change her life forever.  Now, stand aside and let me by." the Black Magic Sorcerer snarls.

"Umm, ah, oh no, my vision is getting blurry and I'm feeling extremely weak and light headed.  I don't know what's come over me".  Diantha says weakly as she faints away into the Black Sorcerer's arms.
As she's slowly falling, her leg quietly kicks the locked front door shut.

From: Myelle01


The sorcerer caught Diantha just as the door shut. Not sure what to do with her, he gently laid her on the ground then shook her. Unable to seemingly wake her, he stood up and went to the door only to find it locked. He threw himself against it but it didn’t budge.

Meanwhile, the gollums were doing as their master bid as they watched the herd animals around them. They moved around as though they were part of them and pretended to eat.

The sorcerer tried to force the door again but it still held. His shoulder and arm hurting, frustrated, he produced a fireball and threw it at the door. It caught fire but it took a second one to blow a hole in it. He gave it a moment before taking advantage of the hole and entering the building.