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Living the Good Life in Delphi: Ghosts, Pets and Magic Reside Within   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 6/19/18 by mdpetdoc; 302944 views.
Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


As soon as I find a suitable ship I could bring some chinese take-out, or maybe Caprese salad since I am going to Capri. If we stop in Naples I could pick up some pizza. It only takes about 2 weeks.

Sebastian didn’t hear what was said as he left so I answered Pixu’s note.

To Pixu

Large Animal Cavern, Midnight Castle, Delphi


We will gladly take care of Sebastien. We certainly trust him and had he given us the chance, we would have explained the situation to him.

We have had some security problems and an attempt to take Grim from medical care. We need to keep certain areas of the castle and Sebastian’s quarters safe from prying eyes and invasion.

 I will personally be looking in on him soon and will bring him some food.



PS:(you can call me Ame)

PPS: You and Your mate are welcome to visit me at my tent, edge of the forrest, the landing meadow.

In reply toRe: msg 22

I headed into the kitchen found Katt absent and rummaged around until I found what I needed to make soup for Sebastian. Something light but filling with a good aroma. Onion, garlic, vegetables, chicken, basil, oregano, cumin, water and broth, cut, mix, cook, let simmer for an hour. Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy.

I also found some bread to warm and include with the soup.

I ended up making enough for all of us. Katt came back and I let her know about the soup and promised to come back to finish cleaning my mess after seeing to Sebastian.

I put together a tray to take over, teleported to Sebastian’s quarters with it. He was awake but looked exhausted. “I borough the you some food. You will feel better once you eat and I am not leaving until you eat this. You don’t want to disappoint me as I personally made the soup.”

I can’t tell if he is glaring at me or just so exhausted and wrung out he only looks like it. “Look, you need to eat and get some sleep then come see us. We have things to discuss and explain to you. However, they can wait awhile until you feel better.” My turn to sternly stare back at him while I await a response.

kat (vabreeze)

From: kat (vabreeze)


Sebastien looked at Ame through exhausted eyes.  “Thank you, Ame. I appreciate your . .”

He couldn’t think anymore.  The silverware felt heavy and awkward in his hands. He couldn’t remember his return to the caverns or even dismounting Pixiu. He had the impression he was assisted somehow.  He vaguely recalled taking a shower and changing into sleepwear.  Then Amethyst appeared with the food.

He wasn’t sure he had even eaten.  He heard voices, but could not make out the words. He felt the sensation of standing up and being assisted to . . . his bed? He then felt himself lie down.  He felt warmth surround him and thought he saw Ghost Sam and the shishi kits snuggle against him.  He finally closed his eyes.

Chinese take out sounds good, haven't had decent Chinese since my trip to China 3 years ago.  Chinese where I live is so-so.

Ghost Kitten Sam, ( he likes the idea of Ghost Sam, makes him feel more grown up), curled up with the shishi kits (He hasn't been able to describe them properly to me.) wanting to keep Sebastien warm.  They have sent out messages to the other felines to come and help. A few of Lexandre's lion cubs turned up and took up positions of the other side of Sebastien. ( I hope he doesn't mind the lion cubs, but they really wanted to be helpful.  They are too young so far to go on patrol with the others)  Soon there was the sound of peaceful snoring, human and feline

With Sebastien finally asleep, I put the leftovers in his ice box in his little kitchen then left him a note.

“Sebastien, food I in th ice box, just reheat and eat.

When you are ready, come to the tea room. There is much to be said.


This done, I teleported to my room at the t room to do a little plant book reading.


From: mdpetdoc


I wake up after a peaceful sleep in my quarters at Ms. Katt’s. Since there are currently no patients in the Elven Sanctuary, I decided to stay with my friends. Nose and Precious are curled up in bed with me. They miss Charlie. I hope she returns soon. The pets are not the same without her.


I smell bacon so I head to the kitchen. Ms. Katt has left bacon, pancakes and eggs.

There is a note -

Enjoy the food.

Luna is busy so I went to get supplies. Back soon.



I pop over to the Elven Sanctuary to grab the record book and use my bracelet to return it to the library. I thank Anna and Ghost Sam (he puffs up proudly) for their assistance. Anna tells me Sebastien collapsed into a restless sleep. I go to check on him. He is tossing back and forth. I take his hand. His pulse is rapid. What is disturbing his sleep? As I hold his hand, I get disturbing flashes of our departure from the old realm. Oh CRAP! When we left, everything was permanently, impenetrably sealed and everything left behind was frozen in time. We sealed the mirrors, apertures, tunnels, sky, and water – literally everything. So where did the warriors really go? There are no gnomes in the old realm to be digging tunnels to Delphi and the gnomes in Delphi will never be able to penetrate into our old realm. Is it a delusion of Randy’s addled brain (he’s hit his noggin so many times this is a possibility) or is this what the animals meant by Murk’s trick and it had nothing to do with Jenny Wren but was her way of warning us? As these thoughts come to me, Sebastien’s sleep becomes peaceful.


I check on Grim and her whirring has changed. It is no longer a continuous sound but sounds like a computer increasing and decreasing CPU usage. Something is definitely going on. I just wish I knew what it was.


I use my bracelet to return to the Tea Room. I open my Amulet. CAP, PTG, ROO? You are in danger. Remember all possible entrances to our old realm were permanently, impenetrably sealed and everything was permanently frozen in time. Wherever you are it is an entirely new place.


I return to the Elven Sanctuary and see Hoppy cavorting with the cabbits. I pick him up and snuggle with him. I then ask if he is the one who sent up the animal outcry about Murk’s trick. He just wiggles his nose and ears and returns to playing with the cabbits.


I then concentrate on Frost and share the warning of danger with him.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I am sorry for our delay. We had to make a stopover in Moscow to watch Klothilde's Argentinians lover's grandson Benjamin, play a soccer match. I tried to make a mental transposition with Delphi but it seems that the iron curtain makes this very unstable. Benjamin turned out to be a great disappointment to her and it seems she wasted my time.


I didn’t get very far with my book before remembering a promise to clean the rest of my mess in the kitchen. I put the book aside and hurried to the kitchen. I only had a few things to wash and dry but had been gone so long with Sebastien that things piled up some. Guess tonight I get to be the dishwasher so I grabbed an apron and went to work.