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I'm ALIVE!    Friends

Started Aug-29 by AuntyAnge; 744 views.

From: AuntyAnge


*drum roll please*

I am FREDA and my game ID is 879288.

Ta Da! Yes that's me. Well me in my second coming, my first Freda name crashed in 2016 so somewhere out there is another Freda who is on level 101 and stuck in goodness knows what room with over 20 unique pet foods and dozens of airship products.

After the recent debacle with the maintenance update on the weekend, I thought it was high time to join the rest of you happy campers, make some new friends, chew the fat and pass around the vegemite to spread on our low -fat, wheat- free, sodium- free crackers.

So please feel free to join me around the camp fire as we talk about shoes and string and sealing wax, cabbages and kings.

We may even get around to talking MC too!


From: misstracy22


Hi Freda, 

Welcome back. You’ve been away a while. You must have lots to chat about. I’ll pull up a log by the fire and listen to your ramblings. Although I’m on iOS not PC. Dared it. I can’t offer any tasteless morsels from by stash to your bag of essentials. Only a listening ear. So natter away please do.

Hugs, Tracyturtle 


From: THEdella


I will be glad to add you to my campfire circle.  Look for an invite.  I've been around since the beginning, but right now am struggling trying to get my game restored.  Prior to this most recent update, I was at Level 125, then kicked back to Level 1.  Now back up to Level 27 I think.  Just playing to have something to do til the powers that be restore my game.

Big Fish is swamped. If you haven't heard from them by now, email Elephant games.  They restored my game quick!