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Eye of Truth item   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Aug-30 by Lisadengel; 776 views.

From: Lisadengel


Hi everyone,

I just discovered that there are two different Eye of Truth items in MC.  One is one of the eyes in the Lavafall Dragon in Twisted Mountain.  The other is a blue round disc-shaped item with blue rays coming out from it.  I only discovered this when checking my Wish List items, which I've been asking for in alphabetical order.  Does anyone know anything about the blue round one?  (I'm at level 112 now if it matters)

Thanks!  Lisa (910622)


From: Hirento


Hello Lisa,

the blue disc Eye of Truth item is a Zoom Zone item you get from the Stone Pyramids zoom zone, found in Temple Entrance area in Atlantis

The other one is a HO found in the Treasure Pile HO scene in Treasure Trove area in Twisted Mountain.


From: AEGram


I have the following in my notes:

Spider's Mark in Slumbering Vampire ……. Name very similar to the Spider Mark in event's inventory
Shark Fin -- 2 diff items named this….One is in Rune Chest (Cloud City - Dream Palace)…..the other is an event item added Oct 2018
Eye of Truth -- Get from Stone Pyramids ZZ (Atlantis - Temple Entrance) AND is located in Treasure Pile HOS (Twisted Mountain - Treasure Trove) and is used to open Lavaflow Dragon
Nature Sounds (found in Statue Crack HOS (Town - Limb Entrance) and used to open Hat Box in Kaley's Fancy Goods is very similar in name to 
….Nature Sound found inside Dragon Head (Dark Tower Hall) -- they are two very different looking items

There are now 2 places named Rock Garden:  ZZ located: Castle - Castle Gates and an HOS located: Twisted Mountain - Mountain Foot

In the past, there have been other duplicates that were later corrected in some future update. So I no longer have notes for what ONCE was a duplicate and is a duplicate no more.

Hope this helps.

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From: Lisadengel


Eye of Truth -- Get from Stone Pyramids ZZ (Atlantis - Temple Entrance)

Do you know what, if anything, the above EoT opens?  If it opens something, it goes on my Wish List list.  If not, only the one that opens the dragon will stay on there.


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From: AEGram


The Eye of Truth found inside Stone Pyramids (Atlantis - Temple Entrance) is used to craft Kaleidoscope of Memories.

To my knowledge, that's it's only use in the game.

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From: Lisadengel


Thank you!!!


From: AEGram


You're welcome....

And, there's one more duplicated name:

Chapel - Location in Town opened Level 26; and an HOS (Titan Town - Ancient Cemetery) opened Level 103