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Friends of Julie & RHTC on PC - games reset   Friends

Started Sep-5 by Jules (Jues1102); 2342 views.
Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Please do not gift 526803 or 651304 until I can get it fixed. Went back to level 1.

I’ll be trying to moved a saved folder from August to another pc since laptop having issues.




From: Lisadengel


Well, that just sucks.  Been there more than once and done that.  SO frustrating.  I've had so many issues with games during special events it's ridiculous.

You are friends of mine in both of your games and I've made a note to hold gifting until you're back up and running.  I will then make sure to prioritize you as much as possible for a little while to help you get your gifts.

I do have a Jules* as a friend as well - the ID is 4***38.  Is that also your game and if so, is that one ok?

Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Yes I have 5 pc games

RHTC (my moms old game) is ok now after I moved from laptop to pc

Julie (my real name) did not come back so I’m on level 5ish but I have the same I’d #. Hoping I can get restored.

ARW 4***26.  Jamie 4***72 Jules are all ok


From: Lisadengel


Ok - so I have all of your games as Friends.  I saw that the Julie game dropped off my Friends list completely.  Would you do me a favor and when that one gets fixed please either invite me back or let me know to invite you.  I'm Lisa (910622).

Keeping fingers crossed that it will get fixed quickly!

Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Hi Lisa

my Julie game is on level 7 and have my friends.

could really use some help until I get restored to level 123.

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Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


RHTC 526803 is back to normal

The move to another pc worked.

However Julie 651304 had the dreaded save msg but I was able to retain id# and friends list (thank you AEGram!) and at level 7 now. Hoping to get game restored but could sure use some help!

I had the exact same problem today with my one and only game. Crashed to level one just before new 'day' began. I do have all my friends and after vegging out in a pity party am trying to work my game back up to complete the CC.  

So, did you write elephant or BF? I know Big hasn't been helping lately...or did they improve recently after being 'swamped'?

Am at level 6. ugh. Down from 124. 


susie 620685

 Susie, I noticed last night when I was playing that you had now reached level 10,  I was gobsmacked when I got to your room showing the new Anniversary room to get the message that your game had been updated.  Then I noticed you were now level 10.  Put up what you need on your wishlist and I will try to send it to you from my games.

Thanks, friend! kissing_heart

Am just about to send an email to Elephant.  (Not bothering with BF this time around as they've had too many reported 'issues' lately.)

Fingers crossed!

Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Hi Susie

I used the help from inside of game which goes to big fish. I’ll give it a few days and see what happens. I work on 5 pc and 4 android games so I’ll be busy.