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HELP Plz! game crashed to level one, same id number   Technical Issues

Started Sep-7 by susiewastaken (susietaken); 1986 views.

sorry, cannot edit the title so am fixing my post.

:) editing UPDATE! Was playing and my game closed on its own.  Waited a bit, then clicked "play again" in the game manager. Got a blip message about 'not being able to save and try later'.  Restarted my computer and am on level ONE but with same id number and even see a bunch of mail from current friends. (but am not at the level to 'have' friends so don't want to touch them) I know BF has been slow with customer support last couple of months, so what should I try? Uninstall/reinstall?  Email Elephant? Work back from a month ago, if my game is somehow still on the thumb drive my son used to transfer it?  susie, pc game 620685

Big shout out to Elephant Games' support team!  I emailed them late Friday afternoon and by the wee hours of Tuesday morning, they restored my game! Am back in the Challenge (haven't missed one yet).  Hooray! 


From: Suenamie5


Oh, I’m so so sorry!!!  You’ve been through so much with your game.  I pray you can get it fixed soon!cryheartpray

Sorry to say but your game is lost. You're going to have to contact Big Fish or Elephant Games and let them know what happened. They can try to rebuild your game but they're going to need guidance from you on what you had in your game (coins, diamonds, inventory, etc.). You're going to have to be persistent, some players have been able to get Avatars, Achievements, Pets back, some have not. 

Good luck!!

Yes, it was crashed like this before. Like a bad dream I almost forgot.

Sent an email to Elephant. 

thanks for good wishes

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Ok, so I sent a detailed email to Elephant Games support late Friday afternoon. 

Today, my game is fixed...levels restored, inventory good, and am on track with the challenge.   heart_eyes


From: rodnocker12


Same just happened to me.  Hopefully they'll get mine restored fairly Quickly.  The last time I lost mine was due to a Hard Drive crash and I hadn't written down my Player ID, so they couldn't restore my game then. 

EDIT:  I just deleted the rest of my Posts in this thread and I'd like to Apologize to Susie.  It was never my Intent to Hijack your thread and I'm Sorry.

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From: AEGram


rodnocker12 said:

They say there's no such thing as a "Stupid Question" (although I Beg to Differ because I've asked some REALLY Stupid Questions in my 67 years, lol), I beg to differ with "they say" .............. There are uninformed questions (Yours is an uninformed one.)

But, apart from your question, I have seen some reeeeeeeelllly stupid questions posted here.    And, I must also confess that I've posed some real boners myself over my 73 years! So, we're both in the same company. giggle, giggle

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