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Cannot watch adverts for diamonds/coins   Technical Issues

Started Sep-20 by LucyLocket55; 296 views.

From: LucyLocket55


Many participants are reporting the same recent problem on the MC Facebook page.  

When you click into the ‘Watch ads in return for 10 diamonds/50 coins’ link, the screen goes black for several seconds and then returns to the MC page and no rewards are given.  Same with the similar link on the fortune wheel.

This glitch seems to be linked to the Paramount advert.  When another advert appears, it works fine but then seems to immediately return to the Paramount advert and black screen.

is this something that can be sorted out please as my diamond stash is diminishing rapidly.  Thank you

PS : I play on an iPad.


From: AEGram


Apple no longer supports signing into Midnight Castle through Facebook.

The free diamonds for watching a video on iPad are still the game, just click on the plus at the top next to your coin bank.

That will display the area for purchasing diamonds (and getting coins by clicking on the coin button). In the upper right corner (under the gargoyle) will be the video clip with a 3 on it. You can watch 3 videos for 10 diamonds each. (Once you view a video, it will refresh after 15 minutes for a viewing of a second video.)

Alternately, when you click on the coin button, you will be given the opportunity to watch a video for coins.

................If the video option doesn't display, most players are able to get them to present by closing out of the game and reopening. Others have had success with clearing cookies/history in Safari and rebooting the device (if just closing and reopening the game doesn't work.)

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From: LucyLocket55


I don’t sign in through a Facebook.

ji have been collecting diamonds/coins fir the past 3 years without problems.  Like many other players, I now cannot view the adverts as when you click on , it only displays a black screen for several seconds and then returns to the MC page with no diamonds or coins given.

thank you for your reply though.


From: AEGram


How old is your iPad?

How much storage are you using? -- MC ran fine on my old iPad, but it started getting slow. I had a little over 50% free space, but when I upgraded my iPad, the game responded much faster. 

As MC grows with more content released, I also find that it seems to require more bandwidth to run efficiently. If your download speed is low, it might not be sufficient to run the video.

I'm just tossing out thoughts for what could be causing the issue; things to look at. It would be nice if one of the "tossed out thoughts" actually "stuck to the wall" and gave you some answers. Hope you can get it figured out. 

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From: LucyLocket55


Thank you for all your suggestions. Very grateful