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Looking for encouragement to keep playing on my iPad...   Welcome!

Started Sep-22 by Lisadengel; 1375 views.

From: Lisadengel


Hi all - 

I hate fishing, but I'm seriously considering stopping play on my iPad because I am getting really tired of the difficulty of the level I am on (I think I'm at around 44 currently).  I'm currently on Level 115 on my PC, and it's very enjoyable playing because as you know, at a certain point (I think in the 60s) you actually get to keep the items they send you to search for because it switches away from actual items to the HOS or ZZ.  

It's so frustrating being back in the levels where you need to craft so many ridiculous labs without being able to build up your inventory.  Luckily I try to watch the ads for the extra 30 diamonds, and this honestly is the only reason I still play.  I have over 1000 diamonds and pretty much rely on buying the items for the ZZ's and feeding the pets I have, although now I am out of food.  I also generally buy my Friends their 3 or 5 diamond items because I don't have a large inventory.

So I guess I'm looking for a hang in there for another 20 (!!!) or more levels or just start gifting away my inventory.  I actually only log in now a few times a week because it's such a drag to level up.

Thanks for letting me vent and any advice would be useful - as I said, I am open to stopping playing on my iPad because it's just not fun anymore.  Oh - and plus, I got Anniversary Roomed-out because I played so many times on my PC game that they are boring (and the new room is difficult)...I played enough to max out the HOSs and get the pets so I'm set with that...

Thanks for reading!

Lisa (on the PC) and Grizella (on the iPad)


From: Imtired2


I play on iPad and have level 125. I try to build up my friends so when challenges occur, i play often to get 250 coins.  My player id is i2402363.

Rose(also known as imtired). 


From: AEGram


Lisadengel said:

pretty much rely on buying the items for the ZZ's and feeding the pets I have, although now I am out of food. 

You're cheating yourself by playing this way.

When getting items from pets and puzzles, you get only the item. (maybe more than one puzzle to get item) However when getting the item from the HOS, you also get a smattering of pet food, stamps (much needed for crafting), and a guaranteed airship item. Randomly also comes the Gift for a Friend boxes and the Energy Units.

When many of us started in the beginning, there were no items from feeding pets, no puzzles, no amulets, no videos for extra diamonds. As such, our only method of getting coins was to play as far as we could in the game, then play every available HOS. Sometimes it was necessary to just stop leveling up and do rounds. (Doing rounds daily for a week can make a big difference!)

The events are a marvelous time to make headway.....if players will play every event room they can for the duration of an event, they will gain a ton of coins as well as much needed stamps. Continuing to get items mostly from pet chests will result in running out of stamps and never being able to catch up. 

This game isn't for those who desire instant's for those who are willing to do the monotonous, tedious, mundane things over and over to achieve the greater goal.

Edited to add.....I hate, hate, hate to clean the house. I'll do most anything to avoid "having time to do it." But, when I finally force myself to take the few hours necessary to do that cleaning, the gratification in how it looks is a marvelous feeling. And, I wonder why I don't do it more often.....that lasts for about 24 hours and then I'm back to the I hate, hate, hate to clean the house.  Same reasoning applies to MC....when I make progress because I've stopped to do the grunt work, the gratification is a great feeling. (And, by the way, when we had to do rounds.... we never, never, never ran out of stamps.)

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From: misstracy22


Hi Lisa,

Hang in there. Please don’t give up. It won’t be long before you’re strolling round a huge castle. While idly skipping through the rooms to meet up with your friends. 
If I can help with gifts I will. I don’t expect any in return. Maybe one to let me know you’re ok. 

Hugs, Tracy rabbit2

Linda62 (Kingo62)

From: Linda62 (Kingo62)


Hi Lisa.

I’m on level 125 on iPad and 32 on iPhone. Very slowly building up the iPhone game, with minimal coins and inventory, but looking forward to getting up to higher levels with more of each.

Hang in there Lisa, because it’s worth it in the long run.

You’re already on my iPad game (ID i2807685).

Sending you an invite to my iPhone game as well. (ID  i2842349).

Hopefully this will help get you more inventory items through your wish list.

See you ‘round the castlerelaxed

In reply toRe: msg 3

From: THEdella


No one could have said it better!  I've been playing this game on PC since the beginning.  I built up my inventory by going round and round the Castle gathering inventory items (especially during non-event times)

Yes, I've lost things when I've lost my game a few times...but Elephant Games has re-built my game several times, but, I still have the experience, and my friends

AEGram, please keep up the good work you're doing to encourage new and old players! We love to hear from you (at least, I do)

I have always taken that time that's in between events to just go round and round the Castle to build inventory, coins, etc.


From: Lisadengel


Thanks everyone!!!!  Hanging in there.....


From: Cecilia28


Hang in there Lisa. We all get frustrated with the castle at times. It is totally worth persisting. I have you as one of my friends, so put up what you need and I’ll see what I can send. 

I always take notice of AEGram and her posts, as she seems to have an amazing insight into the game and its idiosyncrasies. 



From: Lisadengel


I know it gets better...I'm currently on Level 117 on my PC.  The lower levels (up into the 60s I think) not only don't let you keep the items you earn in the HOSs and ZZs, but they often require the same items over and over in the same level, or character quests, or even the same task.  It's so frustrating and gets really annoying.

In addition, I prioritize my PC game so a lot of times I get played out during the Events.  Especially this one with Anniversary Room 2, because that sucker is hard no matter how many times I've done it.  I realize that I am cheating myself out of items when I rely on feeding pets (almost out of food anyway - I'm hoarding what I can), but again, when you need to go to a ZZ which not only requires 3 items to open it - and on top of that, sometimes multiples of those items, I get peeved.  And don't even get me started on the Column of the Fallen!!!! rage

Thanks for hanging in there with me...and to all of you who are my friends on my game, thanks for your generous gifting!  I have less than 100 friends on that game (I have 183 on my PC), so if anyone on here is not on my Friends list, please invite me!  I can't remember my ID # offhand, but how many Grizellas can there be???

Have a great day all!


From: bajon


I play on iPad and don’t seem to have the problems that players on computers experience.