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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 489071 views.
PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


As I scrape away the frost and icicles from my face, I watch Frost and his willing and unwilling passengers disappear into the clouds

I have the evil thought that perhaps Frost will encounter an obstacle up there and “go between”

That would give that upstart Roo Roo something to remember!

Anyway, I convert my ever-reliable broom into a sumptuous couchette and recline in it to follow them.

But my broom stays stationary and immobile!

“Come on – get on with it!”

I then get the thought from it:

“Where am I supposed to go?”

Cap’n ‘Mr organiser of everything’ Bob has forgotten to give me the destination coordinates.

I sigh as now I will be late and not before them as I originally intended.

The ignominy of it all as I reach for my amulet to ask for directions!

Just then further along the meadow I see a phalanx of guards accompanying not one, not two but three leaders at its head

They are heading up the path leading to the Castle.

I am babbling to myself, amulet unopened.

“OH! NO! They are going to attack our Tea Room when we have Dear old Mrs Fletcher and Opal left alone in the kitchen with a wee kitten!”

I need to contact the Cap’n.

Just then I see that they have CROSSED the path leading to the Tea Room and heading up to the main gate.


I can now see clearly the three leaders and beside the guard Captain there is one of the dopy local wizards who we defeat every time he tries to conquer us AND one of the taller Bone Kingdom wizards!

As they march along the road, I can clearly hear them and it it the alien wizard speaking.

“You are a bunch of incompetents and it is not just I who is saying it!

“You own CEO has decided to call me in and rid the Castle of these upstart vermin who call themselves the Four Musketeers!

“AND he will pay me good gold to do so,

“AND I personally will have the pleasure of their company in OUR dungeons!

“SO take me to your CEO immediately!”

I am shaking with the dastardly plot facing us and swiftly realise I can do nothing about it by myself

What to do?


From: MrsFletcher


"Boom"..."BOOOM!"   "Squawk!"..."Screech!"....What in #$%^%$# is going on around here!'...."Stop right there Salty with that harsh lingo Salty!"....angry....Your frighting not only Mrs Fletcher but the Critters as well!....Sorry about that Opal...looking sheepishly at a very frowning Opal.  Oh My Opal do you think that the Tea Room is once more under Siege?...confused....Looks that way dear but I also know that Our Special Room Forces under the guidance of our own Captain Randy and Second in Command PTG along will soon send those no account "Bone Kingdom Hoards" packing don't you be worried none about that Mrs Fletcher...No Siree!....What I can do to help Opal?....Well...Because Charlie is with the Captain, maybe you and Wise Raven...When He can stop He's screeching that is...Go with Grumpy Owl to Charlies Menagerie and care for Her Frighten animals OK?  I will get right on that Opal....Take care yourself Opal ya here me...sweat_smile...That I will..that I will dear....The Captain and I have been through so many battles together before it comes to me as sure a breathing just what needs to be done and Pronto!....."Watch Out Bone King"  Opal has Her Mighty Rolling Pin and She's certainly "Not Afraid to USE IT!!!!!  smiling_imp


From: Randytb


Frost lands us softly outside The Bone Kingdom as not to be seen by the others and I say okay stay together and make on like we are handing out flyers okay PTG   ?????? no where in tar nations is that man ???? OH NO where us Opel ???

$%@#$%^&()_+_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&()_+_)(*&^%$ craponacracker hold on brave one I think we will have to back for Opel and PTG ,,, now how in hadis did Opel or I for that matter miss her getting on with Miss Katt and Opel back at the Tea Room there is no one for the food tents  #$%^&*()_)(*&^%$%^&*().

It has been 15 minutes according to my pocket watch and no PTG that doorknob is more likely lost or his dumb arse tooth pick does not know the way @#$%^&*()_

Okay Frost we have waited long enough back to The Tea Room  and in a blink of an eye we land ,,, I high tail it to The Tea Room but notice dust clouds in the far distance hum wonder what that is what ever it is looks big ,maybe PTG knows more than his name grrrrrrrr

I get to the Tea Room and yep there is PTG and his toothpick that has now been changed in a couch ?? man he does love to travel in style and he thinks a flying couch would not raise an alarm ????

I look at him as I change a rainbow of colors and bite my tongue ,, but I say between clenched teeth and just where do you think you are going in that thing??

Well he answers sarcastically you forgot to give us the direction ,,, my mouth hangs open oh you did NOT just say that , you are going to tell me your broom DOES NOT REMEMBER THE ROUTE??


Oh never mind stay right here DO NOT MOVE and change that couch back to the broom NOW,,

I enter the Tea Room and see Mrs. Fletcher all in a dizzy and Opel and Miss Katt trying to calm here down.

I get Mrs Fletcher to sit and I get the info in what is going on right down to a baby dragon??

I hold my poor head that is about to explode.

Okay one thing at a time Opel you will come back with me for the Food Tents ,, Miss Katt will stay here to keep the Tea Room going and look after Mrs. Fletcher and you Young Lady can help a bit but not over do it and take your meds that Miss Katt will give you remember Doc Deadmans orders you are to take it easy understood.

Yes sweetie I mean Cap sir.

Okay Opel ready we have to hurry and get back before dark.

We head outside and I grab PTG by the collar and walk and half drag him to Frost.

Up you go Opel now you PTG who is the brightest green I have ever seen NO NO NO NO NO NO WAYyyyyyyyyyyyyy Frost reaches back and grabs PTG by the coat tail and flips him up and on his back where Opel grabs him in a bear hug I jump on and before PTG can scream any more NO's we are off.

In the blink of an eye we land and poor PTG looks like he about to pass out or did he ??

PTG you can get down now we are here  he slides down with Opel's help and lands on his buttocks his poor legs to shaky to hold him .

Okay lets get back we have a show to do.

We all head to the main Tent to get ready .


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From: MrsFletcher


Poor PTG....stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye....I really hated to see Frost following Captain Randy's orders that way...treating PTG like you would a bag of soiled laundry....But when it comes ta following Captain Randy's it's always "Jump Too Nellie Poo" or face the consequences afterward yessiree bob tail!  The Captain sometimes may resemble a cuddly "Big Ol Teddy Bear" but don't be fooled by that because it's only there for those who truly need His compassion and gentleness at the time....blush.....Most of the time He needs to put on His Mean Old Papa Bear suit in order to get things done....Right Special Room Forces and Compatriots?......I can hardly wait until he comes face to face with tiny Rainbow with her beautiful Iridescent blue, violet and rose coloring.....relaxed....When She sing's her words even the birds become silent so can hear Her soothing song...... kissing_closed_eyes     

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


As I slither down from Frosty in a MOST undignified manner, ill befitting the Chief Sweeper Upper of the Midnight Castle and Keeper of the HOS Repository I am somewhat miffed at the casual way that overblown lizard has treated me.

AND I fully realize that he understands every one of my thoughts about him and his rider!

But then I catch sight of Roo Roo and she looks even greener than I do!

The Cap’n as usual is bellowing out orders to us all, but first I need the bathroom!

We have been deposited in the middle of scrub with no evidence of sanitation whatsoever.

I am just about to rectify my urgent need with a quick return trip back to the Castle on my trusty broom, when I am tongue lashed by the Cap’n and with accompanyng sniggers from Roo.

“We are on a military rescue mission and have no time for your creature comforts.

“Also do not leave you amulet in the open mode as it may cause people (back at Base camp) some hilarity!

“You stay where you are and use this bottle!”

I feel my cheeks go scarlet at the public humiliation

How many times have I told the Cap’n that I am not a military man? I am a free-lance musketeer who likes his home comforts!

But now I cannot depart for even a minute

Strangely enough my urgent need has disappeared!

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I am just making myself more “comfortable” when I get a buzz on my amulet.

It is Mrs Fletcher calling to us!

She is in a right “tizz” as the Tea Room has just filled up with strangers in smart suits all politely requesting tea and muffins.

What has got her in this state, as she is more than capable of serving a bus load of customers on her own, is that one of these gents has followed her into the kitchen and is taking a keen interest not on what she is doing but on her surroundings.

When he thinks she is not watching, he surreptitiously slips out a folding tape measure and sizes up the room, door and windows.

These he notes down while complementing her on her culinary skills.

She is not fooled for a moment but does notice that he is not trying to seek out any of the magical wards placed on the room to protect it.

He then returns to the other suited gents in the Tea Room

She overhears quiet mutterings between them to the effect that her kitchen is too small. The internal wall will have to be knocked out if the guest wizard is to set up his laboratory there.

At this information she almost, but not quite, has a heart attack and calls out to us all with her news


From: MrsFletcher


"Screech!, Cawwww!, Screech!, Caw Caw!"  What in the world has got you two in such a tether Wise Raven and Grumpy Owl? ...scream....There's Strangers in the Dining room that seem mighty suspicious and you don't like it one little bit?  Hummmmmm....unamused...Let me take a peek here...pensive...Yes, they do seem out of place among our Special Rooms Just Slightly Insane Folk....Hummmm....How may I help you Gents this fine day?....blush...Muffins and cups of Tea?  Well your in luck because I just finished some of the Tearooms famous Poppy seed and Lemon Muffins this morning and will bring you out a tray of them along with your tea in just scoot of a minute...relaxed..."Caw..Caw..Caw!  What in the world has your tail feathers all ruffled now Wise Raven?... worried...The Stranger's are doing what with measuring tapes?...angry...I'll take this tray out and just take a wee peek at what those Scallywags are up too..."Why thank you kind Sir for the compliment"...relaxed...I will come back in just a jiff and clear the table when your finished Ok?....relaxed...."Hoot, Hoot?"  Yes indeed Grumpy Owl...Those "Never do Wells" didn't fool this Old Gal one iota no siree!  It's a good thing I have the Amulet that dear Captain Randy gave us right handy..."Captain Randy could you and PTG return to the Tea Room as soon as you can?  I believe something bad is about to happen and I think that I am about to have a bit of a swoon so please hurry OK? "   


From: Randytb


PTG and I hear the urgent message from Mrs Fletcher and run into each other in the square .

Good thing the show is over and such a huge success that everyone from The Bone Kingdom has begged us to stay and they promise to bring more from other areas to see the spectacular show we have.

My mind is yelling YESSSSSSSSSSS this is perfect so I get PTG to announce that through popular demand we will stay a week that is if they promise to fill the Tents every night.

A ROAR comes from the crowd and that seals it ,,, this gives me all the time I need to really look around and find Jacob's family and everyone will be so used to seeing us around it will cause no suspicion .

PTG in frantic what do we do ???? Mrs Fletcher can not handle those guys alone ,,, I know calm down I have a * cunning plan**

You keep things quite here I will not be long.

I call Frost RECON my brave one and in minutes we are air borne ,,, I explain to Frost what I need him to do ,,, we need a storm as a cover  **understand RIDER.**

Frost starts by gathering clouds and blowing small amounts of his ice breath in them,,,

Down below it starts to snow gently,,, one of the suits looks out side and sees the snow and curses because they are not dressed for the cold .

He says damn looks like a freek storm brewing lets get back before it gets to bad or we will freeze to death ** I chuckle*** exactly my friend ,,,

Frost intensify s  the snow and adds a bone chilling wind with it.

The suites try to out run the storm but Frost ads an Arctic blast and they are frozen in time and space,,,,,now on to the others.

You would think that wizard would come better prepared ,, guess he is to busy gloating over his take over plans we here you go my friend it will take you a month of Sundays to dig out of this mountain of snow and ice/

Bury them Frost and to make sure they can not move .

I watch from Frosts back as snow and ice so heavy buries the Tent and all within  there has to be at least 10/12 feet of rock hard ice and snow.

I feel Frost getting tired okay my brave one lets return you need to eat and drink and rest,, that will hold them until we finish our  mission.

Frost lands in a valley away from preying eyes and where he can hunt and drink I walk back to The Bone Kingdom ,

On my way back to The Circus tents I run into Anabel ,, I want to thank you again Your Majesty for not giving me away,,,,

Captain I would never do that I know you are here to help me and my people to end this war ,end this evil and to restore the land to it's rightful  owners , there has been to much lose of life  and our animals as well so your secret is safe with me.

We talk for hours and I get so much information I am over whelmed .

She talks about The Vikings about they are more savage the The White ORGE  my heart races is that possible ?

Yes she says and the woman are more vicious and blood thirsty then there men.

There are rumors that those not killed where taken to there Castle and if not sold they are enslaved.

Where is this place My lady maybe that is where we will find Jacobs Family ?

Here she hands me a parchment that she drew a map but you have to be careful there is a Viking Warrior * Female * who is viscous. 

And at the there Castle entrance it is protected by a White Dragon a Female .. my heart stops.

A White Dragon?????????? that can not be My Lady there is only one White Dragon and I am his rider ???

I know of Frost Captain but I also know of her for I have seen her myself.

I jump up bow and say I am so sorry My Lady I must go talk with Frost.

I run before she can answer me.

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From: MrsFletcher


"Jingle Bells..Jingle Bells..Jingle all the way!" in the world are you singing a Winter type song in Springtime May Salty?...unamused...Have you been outside yet Mrs Fletcher?...I've been way to busy helping Opal fix Rations for Captain Randy's latest Adventure to step outside Salty...relaxed...Why?...Well now it purely like Old Man Winter decided to pay us one more visit and dumped a whole lot of snow and ice all around the Tearoom that's why...astonished...There's even even three "Ice Men Sculptures" right out front of the Tea Rooms door...Gotta say though, they look kinda pretty there with the Sun light  sparkling on um.....Hummmmm....Salty, I bet what happened here was dear Frost and Captain Randy coming to our rescue....Now all I will have to do is get some one to help get rid of those Scoundrels when they finally thaw out....Till then, its back to kitchen I go...blush..


From: Randytb


As much as I want to run I have to walk until I am out side the Bone Kingdom to get to Frost.

When I see it is safe I run as fast as I can to the clearing where I left Frost.

@#$%^&*(**&^%$# he is not here ,, he must be hunting ,, I rub my Amulet and call Frost come ASAP.

I wait pacing and making a grove in the grass,, finally he arrives and says *RIDER why you call me from my hunt***???

I am sorry my brave one but I need to talk to you.

We have been together I your Rider for many years but know little about you or your family.

What do you need to know Rider , more than I am Ruth the only white dragon from Pern you call me Frost and we are Dragon and Rider I do not understand what you need to know more of?

I know my brave one but I discovered something today that has me completely baffled and if this information did not come from Anabel I would just shrug it off but I can not for she told me she seen this with her own eyes.

What is it Rider ??

Do you have any family?

No Rider you are my family  here and The Dragons back in Pern are comrades.

Well I have been told there is a White Female Dragon guarding The Fort in The Northern Area and that Jacobs family might be held there by The Vikings ,

Frost gets a far away look in his eyes and says we must go see Rider .

We fly high as not to be seen and reach The Fort Area ,,, it looks scary and dangerous we fly all over the area and I spot The Female Viking she does look dangerous,,, Frost  there that way .

Then we spot the front of the Fort ,, the bridge to it's enterance and then The White Dragon.

I feel Frost's heart race and he dives towards her ..... NO NO NO Frost we will be seen, he does not heed me but and continues to dive.

He almost dive bombs the White Dragon and I hear him speak in his native tongue as he swoops closer he extends his talons OMG he is going to kill her.

I pull with all my strength but I can not stop him,,, he swoops and get close enough to break her chains then he fly's up and wait speaking to her she looks up then stretches her huge wings and takes off to join us.

Frost leads her back to our spot and tells me RIDER get down,,,, I jump down and he is off to meet her high in the sky... my heart is beating so fast did I just cause the death of an other Dragon? a white one ??

I can not see much but I do see them flying around each other like a face off and hear them speak , I do not understand all but I do understand a few words Frost taught me.

I see them fly close and embrace and do There Dragon Dance  I am awe struck and all I can do is watch.

It is so beautiful to watch Dragons fly like this as one tears fill my eyes.

I see them unlock and fly down to me in a silent landing and barley a breath of wind they land,,,,

I run to them and see both have tears in there eyes.

Rider you have given me the most precious gift ,, you have found my Twin Sister.

My mouth drops open,

Yes Rider My Twin Sister who we all thought had died,,,, but I always felt something was missing in my heart that that something was near and one day I would find it and Rider you have filled that hole in my heart as he cuddled his sister I cried with them.

Rider this is my Twin Sister named Neigh *** means Snow *** Neigh this is my Rider Captain Randy.

Neigh comes closer and lowers her head in Dragon acceptance and I touch her  then as I do with Frost rub her ears behind her horns.

She almost purrs if Dragons purr more of a throat rumble

May I call you Snow my beauty? she nods

All this is so much to take in it is like I am dreaming and about to wake and find it all gone.

Frost reads my thoughts No Rider it is all true .

Seeing Snow does not have an Amulet Frost speaks for her.

Rider sister says thank you for freeing her from her captures and for uniting us.

I am so off whelmed all I can do it hug them both.

We spend hours talking and I am told of how when Neige was hatched with Frost they thought it was a miracle never have Twin Whites been hatched.

But that joy did not last for Neigh was weak and was taken to the Golden Queen all where told she would not make it she was to weak, she was taken back to the hatching ground and when they thought she took her last breath she was laid to rest

One of the none breeding females was to watch over her until she was moved to they final resting ground,,

The female was heart broken for she always wanted her own lill one and not being a breeding female that would never happen ,,, she watched over Neigh and kept her warm and safe and knew she was no gone so she did the unspeakable she took Neigh to another Realm in Pern and raised Neigh as her own until she was killed and Neigh captured and taken away.

I had a million questions but I has lost track of time and I had to get back or I would be missed and I did not want to draw attention to my being away so long.

I left and told Frost and Snow I would return as soon as I could stay safe and alert .

On my way back I bagged two deer for the Lions to cover up my long absence .

Good thing I did ,, as I reach the main entrance I was stopped and asked where were you so long??

I showed the Guard the two deer and said out getting diner for the Lions you know they can get very mean when hungry..he nodded and let me pass whew that was close.

I got to the main Tent and found Charlie feeding the critters and handed her the deer here you go supper for Sugar and Spice.

She shot me a look ,, you know they do not like dead meat they hunt fresh so I said calm down I will explain come I have news.

I called PTG ROO ANGEL Opel, and the boys to meet me in my Tent I have very very big news.

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