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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 306101 views.

From: MrsFletcher


Hummmmm.....Sigh....Let me see here....Nope....I don't see how Mrs Fletcher...blush... can still be in the Clinic if she is busy in the Tea room with PTG or in the corner sleeping peacefully.....Can She be Faking it all this time and learned to "Poof" without letting any of Her dear Friends and Special Room's Companions know???.....Hummmmm....Think I will let our Captain Randy figure this plot out after His "Great Circus Adventurer" has ended....wink   


From: Randytb


I awake from a short nap and start to wake the other ,,, it is time.

Opel and the boys have already packed up every thing and all is loaded and ready to go .

I call Frost and Snow we are about to go in *** RIDER****** understood.

Charlie would you send Nose and Ghost Pup to see if the way is clear.

What you think I am senile ??? already done and they told me all is clear except for the two on the Tower.

I have to laugh feisty as hell that one.

I need a minute wait here .. I go down a bit and kneel and draw my Sai and hold it high...

Your Majesty please bless this rescue and give my Sai the extra power I may need... your devoted warrior,,,

My Sai light up a brilliant gold then turns to a flaming blue encased in a white flame then went back to it's self.

Thank you My Queen

I return and say okay lets rock and roll,,, Angel behind me,,, Charlie behind Angel ,, she looks at me like I feel and split my head open and lost my brains and dust bunnies ,,, BUT BUT SHE SAYS ,, I stop her it is only a back up you and the Lions if needed and you will safe as a baby in her Mothers arms.

We head of to the Frosty Fort's back Gate.

Okay wait here I will take care of those two up there and then open the gate for you.

I climb up the wall like a fly and reach the top,,, peeking over I see the one idjits smoking he is turned away from me looking over the field,,

I jump softly and knock him out ,,, he almost falls over the wall but I grab his coat and tug with all my strength man you need to go on a diet ,,,, I get him leaned against the wall and put a jug of Rum in his hand,, lets see him explain that

I move on to the next further down the Tower ,,, not to make the same mistake I cough and he yells HALT WHO GOES THERE,,

i swing my Sai and get him on the chin ,,,, down like a tree he goes,,, man you would think as big as they are there chins would not be made of glass.

@#$%^&*()_ this one is heaver then his partner and to cover up that bruise he will have tomorrow I have to get him over and face leaning on the wall with my second jug stuck in his huge paw.

I check and all is clear not much security here they are either stupid or sure no one would dare attack . Guess they are wrong on both counts.

I slip to the door leading down to the gate open it and with my back to the wall descend to the gate.

I open the gate to let the others in and say shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh follow me .

Okay wait here I have to check the gaurdes room,,

I reach the room and see the door ajar but hear nothing from inside so I push the door it creaks I freeze , nothing moves so I go in .. what a site they are all passed out , Honey Rum all over the place,, what a waste of good Rum but a price I gladly pay.

I grab the huge key ring and think man this is going to take a month of Sundays to find the right keys got a better idea... I leave the drunken slops and join my group.

We come to the long hall way where the cells and cages are .

I insert the blade of my Sai and it pops open the lock looks like it was opened with a key.

I gently shake the man and say quite we are here to set you free ,, gather your family and stay close.

I tell the man to follow me I will open the cells and cages you line them up behind my team but be very quite.

He follows me as I go from cell to cell and cage to cage 10 cells in all and 6 cages he gets them all in line I count 47 but no Jacob's family so that means they are in the room where I heard the female trying to comfort a sobbing child.

Listen every one you are going to lead out by two of my group Butch will be in front and Charlie will be in back just be very quite and follow them out side .

Angel come with me I think I know where Jacobs family is,,, we head to the end of the hall way to the last door.

I pop the lock then put a key in the lock letting the ring hang.

I enter the room and see a female and 3 kids all cuddled to each other.

I speak softly awaking the female who is about to scream NO NO NO NO MORE PLEASE , her words are muffled by my hand

shhhhhhhhhhh you are safe now where is your husband?

Jacob she asks ?? I do not know we where kidnapped and taken here , please sir do not hurt  us any further we do not have the information you seek we are but a simple  farmers.

I am not the enemy but am here to take you home back to your husband who is waiting for you.

She sobs and falls into my arms thank you thank you sir,

Come on lets get out of here it is okay children we are going home,,, the little girl throws her weak and skinny arms around my neck.

I lift her in my arms come we must leave now follow close behind me.

Finally we make it out side into the crisp night air .

Listen every one we have a short walk to where you will be taken back home.

We make it back to where the cart is waiting ,,, Opel takes a few children the others are loaded in the painted wagon .

All that are left to load is Angel,, Charlie my two boys and myself.

Charlie says use the elephants and I will ride with Angel on Sugar and Spice ,,, Angel gulps and says NO WAY AM I RIDING A LION HOME , CHARLIE LAUGHS THEN WALK  HOME.

Okay enough you two we have to get these people home so Angel come with me ,, her face goes ghost white she knows where I am going with this and is shaking her head NO NO NO NO .

Opel head out we will meet you home.

I grab Angel and drag her to the valley and say get up or Frost will help lol.

Snow will you allow Angel to ride you home,,, she answers by lowering her head so Angel can climb on.

Angel does so reluctantly and say under her breath on you are going to pay for this ,,, I HEARD THAT

We climb high and head to The Tea Room me with a singing heart and a sill grin on my face.

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


So, I still do not have my magical boots, which are essential for carrying out my Cunning Plan.

I dare not leave the confines of the Tea Room without them or Cap’n Bob will be somewhat furious with me, especially if I get captured again!

But it is such an important Cunning Plan!

Is it worth taking the risk and incurring the Cap’n’s wrath even if I return successfully?

My quick-thinking brain tells me that it is!

If only I could remember all that has gone on here in this room before Grim was taken from us.

She was the “brains” of our little coterie.

What I do remember, and we have the plans to prove I have not forgotten, is that there is a network of tunnels interlinking all the rooms in the Castle. They now have magical wards on them to prevent the evil surrounding us from entering so their usefulness has been restricted.

They’re not safe to use. Especially if I am alone and boot-less.

But also, in the Castle are Grim’s so-called apertures – hidden spaces which are as old if not older than the present fabric of the Castle.

They too can be interconnected if only I knew their secret routes.

Unfortunately, I do not have the plans covering most of these, but those around the Tea Room I do know about.

The magical power of these amulets is that they are immune to evildoing. In fact, you are between dimensions and in a strict sense not even there!

So any prevailing evil has nothing to attach itself to!

I can try out a small section of these and not disobey the Cap’n. In fact, I’ll try and link the Tea Room to the Kitchen.

I feel along the far wall trying to unlock the hidden space but become aware of a silent presence behind me.

I quickly turn around to see a small pair of very inquisitive eyes peering out at me from a canine snout.

It is one of Charlie’s “spy” dogs.

The wretch! It will relay back to her everything that I am doing and that is the last thing that I want.

“Broom, to heel!


“Yelp! Yelp!” as my magical broom’s stiff bristles sweeps the small mutt to one side and under the table.

My broom stands by ready to repeat the action if it dares to reappear.

I realize that Charlie will not be pleased but ‘tough’!

I consider that the end justifies the means!

Time to reconnoiter.

CHARLIE (charlieisr)

From: CHARLIE (charlieisr)



PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I am not well-pleased, to put it mildly, with Charlie’s blast into my amulet and contained threat.

But if she chooses to tittle-tattle to the Cap’n that is her choice.

But that pesky moggy WILL remain out of my way as I explore the local Apertures, or else!

What I have to do is far more important than staying within her comfort zone.

So with, or without her “looking over my shoulder” I continue to feel the wall.

Ah! There it is – a small indentation the size of a hand in the wall’s surface.

I press it and immediately I am within the wall!

But I am not in total darkness, there is a silvery glow from the ceiling and walls which enables me to see the cavity I am enclosed it

The soft buzz from my Amulet is silent and I suspect that the ancient magic surrounding me is preventing any communication using the device.

I wonder if it is also interfering with Charlie’s so called telepathy

I certainly hope so!

I look more carefully and all around me is Nothing but wall!

Totally disappointed with this I am about to return back into the Tea Room when I espy a scroll propped up against the corner.

On opening it I see the most peculiar scribble of either a demented child or- as ‘the penny drops!’ the paw of a large rabbit!

It is a plan of this aperture with several shaded areas in the walls and one in the ceiling.

“You thoughtful partner, Grim!” I exclaim to myself with tears in my eyes.

I study the scroll more carefully and line up the paper with the wall next to me.


A small indentation which Grim has labelled “K”

Is it the kitchen?

If so I have my Cunning Plan in hand!

I put my hand over the indentation and emerge into the back of the kitchen by the cupboard.

Mrs Fletcher still seems to be asleep, but her breathing is TOO regular?

Something to think about in the future but for the moment I return to the Tea Room without using the device.

More explorations to come, shortly AFTER I have dealt with that interfering busy-body and her pets!

They should have returned by now from their ‘jolly’ in the Bone Kingdom.


From: Randytb


We arrive at the open field and none to soon poot Angel looks like she is ready to pass out LOL.\

Angel oh Angel open your eyes we are here.

Angel opens one eye to make sure we are landed,, I help her down and her legs are like rubber so she leans on me as we walk back to The Tea Room.

Frost my brave one take Snow go hunt I will be back later.**** RIDER****

I see a large group out side The Tea Room every one hugging and crying 

I wipe my eyes and say WELCOME HOME EVERYONE

I get swamped and tears of joy are flowing like a river.

Captain Randy ,,,, it is Jacob and he has his family in his arms all crying and the lill one clinging tightly to his neck.

How can I ever thank you and your group who risked there lives to reunite not only my family but many of my friends and there family's?

There is no need Jacob that is what friends do and now our family has just grown,,, are you going to introduce me **smile***

OH I am so sorry I am overjoyed and over whelmed please excuse my manners.

This is my lovely wife Justine,,,, my first born Jonathan 14 my second born Jeremy 13 and our baby girl June we call her June Bug 7.

I am very pleased to meet you all and remark to myself all there names start with a J.

Attention everyone please.

Now that we are back and you can now rebuild your homes and your lives I will need to meet with you all and see what of your homes need to be rebuilt,, you will not do this alone we are here to help.

Jacob your home is ready for you and your family and Riddler and Bear are there waiting for you so one of my boys is waiting to take you home,,, he starts to say something no Jacob go home we can talk later take your family home.

They must have said thank you a million times as I watched the painted wagon fade over the hill.

Okay everyone please follow me inside Opel, Miss Katt and Mrs. Fletcher are waiting with food and drink.

I enter last and see Mrs Fletcher still sleeping in Charlie's chair??? I also see someone bending over her ???

I walk over and say excuse me and I am jumped on,,,, CAP CAP CAP so glad you are home.

Dandydog????? is that really you ???? my lill PUP ????????????

I squeeze her so hard she squeals Cap can\t breath.

Sorry I am just so darn happy to see you ,, now tell me you home for good??? if you will have me sir.

If I will have you you lill rascal of course this is your home.

How is my Mrs Fletcher and why is she is Charlie's chair??? and where is my second in command??

He can not be far I have his precious boots ,,, Charlie says lets get Mrs Fletcher to her bed and I will tell you WHAT THAT MANIAC HAS BEEN UP TO.

OH craponacracker this can not be good.

I lift Mrs Fletcher into my arms and Pup and I take her to her own bed.

Charlie give me some time with them we have a lot to catch up on and PTG is not going any where ***HA THAT IS WHAT YOU THINK??? THINK AGAIN

@#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$OK OK  go check the critters get cleaned up and eat , I will be back later.

As we walk down the hall we run into PTG coming from the rest room,,,, I glare at him he turns a bright red,,, I snap at him NOT A WORD GO TO YOUR ROOM AND WAIT FOR ME OR GO EAT NO FURTHER UNDERSTOOD????

I get Mrs Fletcher settled and Opel brings in a cold plate and some Hot tea ,,, she stirs and opens her eyes and we both say at the same time no no rest you are under the weather and need to rest ,, Pup says Granny here try to drink some tea  she does take a sip but the is fast asleep

I will get Doc Deadman to come tomorrow and check her over.

Pup is bubbling over with excitement but manages to bring me up to date on what and where she has been and doing.

Here I have been keeping this for you as I hand her her own Amulet,,, tears fill her eyes thank you Cap sir,,,

I explain it's use and that she is to never take it off , she shakes her head as I place on her neck.

Okay try it ,,,, rub it and think my name,,, she does and I hear her and I answer see that easy ,, we both laugh.

Lets go eat I am starving .

We eat till ready to burst ,, it is so good to be home again and to have a successful mission but I have two more things to do be I can relax.

Attention please for tonight I have set up tents for you all to stay overnight here and we can get things going tomorrow in what has to be rebuilt ,, just know that as we are rebuilding all your homes you will be staying here until the work is done do not worry how long it will be you are safe here until all is done.

I go see Opel and tell her I am sending the boys out to hunt for I am sure you are low on meat so tell them what you need and they will take care of it.

I go back into the dining room and say to Pup want to take a walk with me?? sure thing she says.

I can not believe what a beautiful young Lady she is becoming still full of the devil I bet ,, I smile to myself as we head of to The cave.

We chit chat as we get closer to the Cave .... I stop rum my Amulet and call smoke.

He comes to us ,, Pup gasp's and hides behind me,,, LOL it is okay it Smoke you remember him right,,,,, OMG he is so huge now PUP shakes her head and looks at me CAP I CAN HEAR HIM ,,,, yes lill one with your Amulet you and all of us are connected.

May I pet him sir??? I laugh don't ask me ask him.

Smoke goes to Pup and cuddles his huge head on her shoulder oh he is so soft and so big.

Ready for more I say,,, there is more ,, oh yes there is .

Smoke calls the family ,,, Sheba first and the Pups running and tripping all over the place they still have not found there legs yet lol.

PUP is overwhelmed as the wolf Pups climb all over her knocking her down and licking her face .

Sheba growls be gentile.

We spend some time with them and I explain how Smoke is now the leader of the Dires and and this is hos home with us.

Okay time to scoot it is getting late I have one more thing to do then I can get Pup back and to bed she looks overwhelmed and I can see in her eyes she is getting tired.

I call Frost on our way my brave one. ***** RIDER******

I explain when I talk to Frost all he has to do is answr Rider and I know he heard and understood.

Pup throws a hundred question to me about Frost I laugh no he is still my handsome warrior and my life long friend,,, that is how it is with Dragon and his chosen Rider they are joined as one forever.

We arrive and are greeted by Frost ,,,,, WOW OH WOW HE HAS NOT CHANGED

she says hello Frost so good to see you again,,, *** and I you ****

Just then PUP gapes and clutches her heart,,,

Snow comes up and stands by her brother ,,, Pup and Snows eyes lock .

I say Pup this is Frosts twin sister Snow == Snow this is Dandydog who I call my Pup.

Snow I brought you your own Amulet just like Frost and all of us have so you can hear and talk to us as Frosts does may I place it on you?

She lowers
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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)



I have had enough!

If I could then I would but I can’t so I shan’t!

And What exactly is my room? Here in a Tea Room cupboard? Or away from here in my Hospital Bed?

I have had enough with this group of misfits!

I am the Chief Sweeper Upper of the Midnight Castle and Keeper of the HOS Repository.

I was HAPPY in those circumstances when life was simple and the evil all about us unknown.
NOW I know of the great evil in our midst and all our unworthy leader can do is cavort about the sky with his overblown flying lizard.

AND to have acquired a partner in this!

Back to basics!

“To me broom! Time to ‘clock on‘ for work’!”

MY broom bristles with anticipation at getting back to doing what it is meant for – sweeping and clearing up messes.

And goodness only knows there a mountain of that out there in the corridors of the Castle with all our worthy citizens chasing eggs, zapping mystical creatures and other relevant valuable objects.

I slip into the Aperture and put my hand on the indentation in the ceiling.

And step out into the corridor of the main building bustling with activity.

Dust bunnies flying everywhere

And set to:

Sweep, sweep, sweep….. clean…cleanse…clean!

Happy once more!

That is until a phalanx of guards approaches and orders me detained.

I draw myself up to my full height and thrust my badge at their sergeant.

“I am the Chief Sweeper Upper of the Castle.

“And if it has not escaped your attention, that is precisely what I am doing!

“IF you want to detain me while I am doing this work, then I am sure that the Castle hierarchy will be VERY interested in you preventing this.

“No doubt resulting in a spell in your own cells

“Now PUSH OFF! And let me sweep and clean”

A rather bedraggled group of guards’ slopes off muttering:

“We did not know who he really is!

“We don’t want any trouble!


Now for my Cunning Plan!


From: Randytb


As Dandydog  Frost  Snow and I  are flying the sky watching the sun set and such a feeling comes over me ===THAT IS UNTIL I HEAR PTG'S VOICE.

That doorknob forgot we all can hear him through The Amulet even if he is not speaking it still picks up our thoughts .

When I hear him spew of that he shan't and oh lord he is off again about his room,, a closet in the Tea Room ??? he can not be serious the man DECORATED HIS OWN ROOM IN THE TEA ROOM .

I hear him order his match stick to get to work and sweep up the mess, yeah the mess he has made.

Maybe he will stub his toe on a flying egg or step on an egg shell.

***NOW I know of the great evil in our midst and all our unworthy leader can do is cavort about the sky with his overblown flying lizard.AND to have acquired a partner in this!***

My head almost explodes @#$%()_+_)(*&^%$#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@#$%^&*()_+ Frost Snow and Dandydog all stare at me because they heard that statement as well.



I hear him sprouting off to the gaurds  and then hear ****Now For My Cunning Plan***

Well sorry to burst your bubble doorknob that will have to wait .

Frost ,,, but he is already on his way down the others following .

I can feel Frosts blood boil ,,,,,, not a good sign I have to calm him before we land.

Frost listen to me I will take care of this trust me I will ,, *** RIDER*** but can hear he is not happy over it.

I jump before we land and run to The Tea Room screaming PTG where are you ,, FRONT AND CENTER NOW

i LOOK ALL OVER SCREAMING FIR HIM TO SHOW HIS FACE  I burst into The Tea Room still screaming like a man possessed,, 

Roo Opel Miss Katt  Angel and Charlie are standing frozen to there spots .. no one has ever seen me this insanely mad.



I wait then I start to search every crack ,, corner and crevasse no PTG Frost anything outside??

***** NO RIDER ****

He has to be somewhere I start to pace again ,, he has to come out and I will be here waiting he can not hide forever and what he does NOT know about me ,, the longer I wait the madder I get and the bigger the punishment will be

!@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#!!@!!@#$%^&*()_+_)(@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@!~ I can not believe that doorknob.

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Oh! The joy of doing what I love most – to clean and sweep the corridors and rooms of the Castle.

To organise and arrange the distribution and recovery of the HOS items that our worthy players find so exciting.

I have swept up a very large pile of dust bunnies from the Cloud City plaza and am just about to get my broom to dispose of it down into the depths of a disused tunnel when I have the thought:

I am still mad at most of the others especially Charlie for her treatment of me at the Circus and in getting my magical boots taken away.

Since she is always wittering on at me for more wool scraps and fragments and has used dust bunnies before as an alternative to wool, well I give her some right now!

I think to my broom: “This load give to Charlie with my compliments – ALL of it!”

I am aware of a screech into my amulet

And also an almost incohent bellow from a male voice.

His Lordship requires my attention and I don’t think that he wants any assistance.

Time to disappear!

I quickly find a nearby aperture and disappear into it.

Safe once more from those meddling partners, I go over my Cunning Plan.

This is to find the apertures to the CEO room and see what he and the Bone Kingdom sorcerer are getting up to.

On the wall within this aperture there is another plan drawn by Grim of others nearby and one a long way apart from these with a special star against it and the spidery letters Ctrl

Inspiration hits me! This must have been HER special place where all the gizmos and monitors were and may still be there.

If I can use those in that safe room it will be far less risky than finding an aperture in the CEO’s room itself. The sorcerer will certainly not sniff me out from there.

Also time to check on the others even if it is only to see them stuffing their faces with more delicious food and drink in the Tea Room


From: MrsFletcher


As I Fly soaring above the clouds with my arms tightly clinging around Captains Randy's waist, tears  slowly start trickling from my eyes when I realized just how much I've missed my Special Room Family...Granny Fletcher, Captain Randy Angel, Roo, (I am especially sorry to have missed Roo's Birthday and plan to find Her a special gift to make up for missing it...relaxed...) AEGram, Charlie and maybe just a little bit...PTG...innocent...Thank you for my Amulet Captain Randy..I promise that It will never leave my neck and will guard it always.  There is so much that I'd like to share with you but I see that our PTG has once more gotten Himself into trouble so will spend a little more time getting myself reacquainted with Frost and make myself known to Snow, Smoke and maybe the rest of Charlie's Critters here and around the Tea Room....laughing...Lick, lick.. slurp, slurp...hey doggies I really don't think my face needs washing right now.......!