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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 306910 views.

From: Randytb


As we soar through the sky I rub my Amulet and call Charlie.

Charlie is Mrs. Fletcher close to you?

Yes she is having a cup of tea right beside me.

Good would you please see if she has her Amulet on her neck.

Yes she does what's up?

Can you show her how to open it for I am sure it is not on..

Charlie leans over and I hear her talking to Mrs. Fletcher,,,

Oh dear Oh dear how do I do that and what is wrong??sweat why does my sweetie flushed I mean Captain Randy need to talk me ** Oh Dear,,,

Charlie says it is okay remember we all have an Amulet so we can be in touch with everyone .

Oh yes yes I remember now,,,what do I do Charlie dear.

Charlie tells her to take the Amulet and rub it gently and call Captain Randy I will show the rest later a bit at a time.

Mrs. Fletcher takes her Amulet in shaky hands and gently rubs it and calls me ,,,, Charlie will explain how she can do that with out speaking but a bit at a time.

I hear Mrs. Fletcher and answer yes Mrs. Fletcher I hear you I just wanted to tell you that Pup is with me and we will be gone a short while so do not worry okay,,, I can not see her but she is shaking her head yes ,,,

The other thing dear heart I spoke to Doc Deadman and he said you are doing very well and that you can do light duties but not to over do it .

That means dear heart you can help Miss Katt and Opel ,, I know you miss doing things so you have been given the go ahead by Doc Deadman and myself,, but do not over tire your self you are still building your strength and in no time you will be right as rain.

***Oh Dear Oh Dear Captain I am so happy thank you I feel better all ready.***

Okay I leave you in the very capable hands of Charlie ,, Miss Katt and our dear Opel so see you soon  Cap out.


From: MrsFletcher


As Captain Randy on Frost and Me on Snow soar above the Castles many Realms, my mind wanders to a long ago tucked away Memory  of the first time as a young girl...(young in experience as well as age)...pensive....Captain Randy brought me to His  Main Camp...(Could this be the very same Camp that we would be staying at when we landed?)...   Because I trusted Captain Randy so much I was not one bit frighten about the going's on in this Camp.  Opel, His Camp Cook then and Captain Randy's Friends also His Worriers made feel right at home....relaxed....But...there were times after my assigned duty's were done..(boy did I dislike peeling all those spuds for Opel I can tell you!)...sweat_smile...I'd missed my Granny Fletcher and the Special Room Friends back in the Castle and Tea Room so much.....during these times in the early Twilight hours, I would take a little stroll up to an outcropping that overlooked the Camp Site and watched as the Camp would start to prepare for the coming night.  It was here that I met and come to love "Precious"....smiley_cat...The sweet crippled Kitty that has made her home with Charlie.    "The Golden Queen!"....I could not believe that I would at last get to meet Her!...hushed....Do I bow or curtsy?...I don't know...But I do know this...I'll just watch Captain Randy and follow His lead..then I can't go wrong....As we travel toward the Camp I could not help but wonder about His worried and sad thoughts about PTG that softly came through our Ambulate connection .....cry....This brought tears to my eyes but knew this was between Captain Randy and PTG to work out between themselves when the time is right....neutral_face......

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I tune into the ornate gothic style CEO office that he likes to regard as his personal space.

Little does he realize that he merely has the use of it from the true masters of the Realm – our Developers!

Opposite him in elaborate robes that would do justice as a window dressing for Kayly’s Fabric Shop sits our true enemy in the room – the Bone Kingdom Sorcerer.

Before them on a table are plans of the ground floor of the Castle.

The sorcerer with his wand dipped in some sort of red ink is scribbling lines all over it.

As he draws, he is saying:

“There! I think that would be most satisfactory if you could persuade your minions to agree on these minor alterations to the fabric of the Castle and of course contain any rebels who oppose this!

“In fact, if you make an immediate start on this by demolishing all these internal walls, we can pre-empt any such opposition!

“Capture of those rebels who oppose you would also be a great benefit and we would pay you handsomely for their transference into our jail!”

As if by magic large bags of gold and diamonds are transferred into the CEO’s coffers as inducements to begin this work.

I must find out what on earth they are talking about.

If only I am not too late?

Internal walls? Ground floor of the Castle?

Surely that means the area by the moat.

Yes! I can see some of the squiggly red lines covering that area which obliterates the Tea Room and Kitchen walls!

An immediate start?

But that would remove the local apertures or at least their access. And Roo Roo’s cloak is in one of them.

I fly back there at a speed exceeding that of sound!

I grab Roo’s cloak and hot foot into the Tea Room.

Before me with various expressions of bewilderment or open-mouthed astonishment are my partners!

YOOOOOUUUUUU!” as an apoplectic Roo launches herself at me!

“Shurrup and listen all of you - this is NOT A DRILL!

“Here is your cloak Roo. Put it on NOW and disappear

“Time to explain all later.

“Charlie LEAVE NOW for your animal pens and take all the animals with you!

“They intend to arrest you!

“Angel, pack up all your gear and mingle with the worthy citizens finishing off the Spring Event in the rooms above.

“Opel, this is a military style immediate evacuation of a soup kitchen and Cap’n Bob must have trained you to do this in the past. Miss Katt will help.

“I will accompany you with Mrs Fletcher on my back if necessary


“And keep your amulets open.

“The Cap’n has to know what is going on!”



From: Randytb



As Pup Snow Frost and myself float over the Realms of The Midnight Castle it is awesomw breathtaking and beautiful seeing all this from up here.

Not a sign of the danger ,, the strife,,the battles won and those to come ,, it all looks like a post card ,

All of a sudden I hear ** Pandemonium!*** WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???

I explain more about what is going to happen at The Main Camp what she will need to do just follow my actions and all will be great,,,, The Golden Queen will take Snow into her liar first then call you ,,, then she will call Frost and I will be last.

I know you are scared Pup but you will see our Queen has a way of calming us down just follow your heart with her.

I then here PTG throwing around orders in a very clear demanding voice never heard him that way before,, so I cut in ...


At the same time I hear the Golden Queen **** MY BRAVE ONE LAND I NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU.****

Frost spots a place for us to land out of sight from prying eyes.

Your Majesty ??

My Brave Fighter and Leader I have been made aware of an immediate attack on your Realm,, it will come in waves and is being done by that greedy CEO under orders from the Bone Kingdom Sorcerer.

You must return immediately and stop this first onslaught .

Take Snow and her rider with you BUT they can not engage as of yet.

Frost now is the time for you to use you FIRE AND ICE,,, **** MAJESTY****

There are two points of attack right now ,,,, The Overgrown Pound and The Bridge there will be two groups at each point that

will attack destroy then wait for the others  now go they are on the move now.

** I hear and obey My Royal Queen it shall be done**

We take to the air and return to The Tea Room stopping at the open field to leave Snow and Pup there as ordered by The Queen ,,, Pup stay here till we get back you are under the Queens orders now so follow them you will have your chance to fight later.




I lean over and say okay my Brave One lets clean up this mess.

Bridge first,,, The Queen was right we see two groups heavily armed approaching the bridge .

Talk about a group of idjits they are all in single file this will be like shooting fish in a barrel,,

I draw my Sword that is aglow telling me there are Ogres in the group ,, Frost reaches the Bridge and before those idjits can do a thing he draws a huge breath and lets fly his Fire and Ice ** I have never seen this before and stare open mouthed as he  fly's over the group taking them out one by one so fast not one has time to react and the go down like domino's and explode.

As I watch Frost shoot the Fire and Ice I see what it is ,,, he shoots arrow like spears that are are a blaze with fire tips and blazing blue staffs it is a sight to see and an honor for me to learn more about our amazing Pern Dragons.

We fly over the bridge to check that the danger is done and one to the Overgrown Pound.

WTH this group is either drunk or totally nuts,,, they are all siting around a camp fire like they are on a picnic not like they are about to die.

Frost swoops in and in a heart beat all are destroyed.

We head back and pick up Snow and Pup the head to The Old Bear Cave.

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From: Randytb


We reach the Bear Cave and are meet by Smoke and Sheba,,, good to see all is well my son but the Pup's ,, *** they are deep in the Cave wit Charlie and her critters ,

I call everyone out,,, first to appear is PTG ,,, I am so happy to see him I hug him and say well done and so good to see you back and with your Boots and Broom relaxed.

Mrs Fletcher hug me and gives me a kiss on the cheek ,, turns bright red then goes to find Pup.

I hear her say OH DEAR......................OH DEAR................... she is beautiful and very big .... she looks at Pup come here child and cry's as they hug.

Okay listen up everyone,,, I can not stay long but will not be gone long so in the time I am gone PTG is still my second in command and Roo my third,, but for the period I am gone Opel Boys you know what to do.

PTG you are still in charge until my return but Opel and my boys have been through this and know what to do so please listen to them.

Now take everyone back to The Tea Room eat and PTG I am sure you will enjoy your special brew .

You will all be safe and The Boys will get things in order for the next on onslaught.


I really must go to finish what we where doing,, so remain calm and stay together no wondering off alone.

Frost Snow up my beauties and we float off like a butterfly's on a calm wind.


From: MrsFletcher


"That Sweet Old Codger."....blush....Mrs Fletcher softly mutters as She turns back to the Tea Room.  Always coming through for our Special Room Group...It's so good to see Captain Randy, Roo, Charlie and PTG battling the Castles Foes together once more.  It was a Huge one this time but I never doubted for a second that they would be victorious....No siree bob tail!....Now I'd better peek in and see if I can be of help anywhere I am needed...."No, No Captain  Randy....I know better then trying any heavy please stop frowning at me through the Ambulate!"  But first I need to see how Dandydog is doing...."Oh bless Her heart"....Shes all tucked up in my chair my the corner fast asleep.....expressionless....Gentle Mrs Fletcher tucks Her Charlie made blanket around Dandydog, gives Her a peck on the forehead before scooting back to wherever she may be needed....     


From: MrsFletcher


"Where am I....and how did I get here!"....fearful...."Captain Randy...are you here too!"....scream....Don't be frighten Rider Pup...It's me Snow along with Frost searching for food above the Castles Realm....I was just testing to see how strong our connection could be while you were in your dream sleep and....."Dragons can really do that?"...."Does Captain Randy do it with Frost too?"....grinning...."Yes we do on occasion when it's Rider Pup, Snow has not finished...Frost sternly replied"....."Sorry Snow."...flushed....Please Rider Pup, look down at the Dragon Sword laying across your knees as you sleep and dream back in the Tea Room....See how the Pommel is Glowing....Oh it's soooo beautiful...."Indeed it is Rider Pup, but remember what Rider Randy told you about it's other powers?.....Yes, indeed I do Snow....This is one too????....Connecting us while we sleep?   That is so AMAZING!!!.....grin.....   


From: Randytb


I hear Frost and Snow talking to Dandydog or as I call her pup.

But I do have have to get Mrs.Fletcher's lingo correct when it comes to The Dragons and riders.

It must confuse the sweet dear heart but she is a sharp lady and it will become clear to her after all not that many cane say they meet/ rode/ or know personally a Dragon 

All she has to remember Frost is my Dragon == he calls me *** RIDER***


Then we found his twin Sister called *** SNOW**** she now has found and picked her Rider  her rider Whom we all know as Dandydog ( my PUP)

She keeps that name PUP when she is with us in the Tea Room but when she is on Snow she is called ** MISTRESS*** and PUP will call her *** MY BEAUTY****

Hope this clears things up for Mrs. Fletcher and ant one else who had any questions.

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Sorry guys for not getting back on yet!!! A short explanation. The open heart surgery went well, valves replaced, one valve repaired, went well. I was back at work 30 days later. But after that during cardio therapy rehab, they decided to do the surgery they found while doing an Angiogram for my heart surgery, which was the 100% blockage of the right side artery in the groin area, where they usually send the camera. Anyway it was totally blocked, and they found the left side patrtially. Long story short, they ended up putting two stents on the right, and one on the left. It is healing fine, and I am now back to work again. I am playing MC every day, and hopefully will continue if they ever find out why the new update won't work and stops at about 70%. Thanks all, carry on!       Riddler