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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 409836 views.

From: Randytb


I reach The Tea Room and am about to open it when I am dive bombed by a hugemungus white Owl that just about rips my ear off.

Never seeing this Owl before I draw my Sai and am ready to make stew out of it when it fly's to the top of my thinking tree.

Noise coming from inside I put aside that crazy Owl and fling open the door Sai still drawn.

#$%^&()_+_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()_ what in tar nation is going on here??

Again can I NOT leave you alone and expect YOU NOT TO GET IN CHIT??
I see two huge men sitting with Roo Roo ,, PTG and Mrs Fletcher over by Charlie's chair with a*** what the heck is going on look on her face**

Where is Angel??

Come on speak up what is going on here AGAIN ??

I swear this better good ** I look squarely at PTG and ROO ROO ** you do remember I am on an urgent  mission with The Golden Queen over at The Main Camp so this pulling me away better be for a good reason.



From: AEGram


Jayben was the first to recover from the Captain’s” inburst” and outburst. He had ASSUMED that the Captain was being kept aware of the goings on via his open Amulet. If he had been listening, the Captain would have realized that nothing was out of control nor was it necessary for him to interrupt his mission with the Golden Queen in the Main Camp. 

With grace and aplomb, Jayben rose from his chair and approached the Captain. “My good man,” he said. “If you had been listening through your Amulet (and you must have heard SOMETHING for you to even be here), you would have heard the entire story as I related it to PTG and Roo. 

“You would know that my brother Phil – sitting at the table over there – and I came here many years ago in search of Phil’s wife who had been placed under a spell and taken in retaliation when we encountered an evil man in a cave long ago. Everyone in this room – you included – met Phil a few months ago when the Tea Room was recommended to him as a good eating establishment.  

“He currently looks a bit disheveled.” (looking directly to PTG) “But he certainly is not an ogre as some may think. He’s been searching for me because he has just learned that I know the location of his wife. 

“You have also met me on several occasions; however, you have never seen the man standing before you. Again, had you been listening, you would already know that I have been known to you as Agnes (PTG’s Godmother) and as a powerful Mage (using several different shapes because I could not safely use my own image). It is that true image you now see before you.

“Although you see a man standing here, make no mistake about who I AM and what I CAN DO. If you have further questions, you can either replay your Amulet or sit down and ask your questions --- in…a….calm…..and….civilized….manner--- OR you can reap the consequences.

“My brother and I have plans to discuss for this evening. Plans that need to be carried out this evening – WITHOUT INTERFERENCE……He also needs to find a place where he can clean up because – if we are lucky ….. if we are very fortunate…..he will once again see his wife after them being parted for 15 years.”

At that point, Jayben turned his back on the Captain and returned to the table to continue his conversation with his brother. 

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From: AEGram


Not to be deterred, the Captain retorted that he didn’t take kindly to a dressing down, let alone in front of his crew. As Jayben walked away, the Captain followed while still berating the brothers as well as threatening to toss them out on their ears. 

Phil started to get up from the table. The look in his eyes was no longer of sorrow, but pure rage. Jayben calmly raised his hand toward Phil and said, “I can manage this one little brother.”

Without turning around, Jayben muttered, “Zip it.” ----Instantly, the Captain’s mouth became a zipper and was zipped shut. A look of horror came across his face as he touched his mouth with his hand. Phil said, “That’s gotta hurt, bro.” 

With a wink at Roo, Jayben replied, “Nah…’ll revert back when we walk out the door. ….. Which reminds me. We need to get you cleaned up so we can be on our way. Do you still have that upstairs apartment in Kaley’s Fancy Goods?”

When Phil nodded affirmatively, Jayben said, “Good. We have just enough time for you to shower, shave and change clothes. I wish we could also do something about your hair, but there’ll be no barbers available at this time of night.”

The brothers left the Tea Room with Phil protesting that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his hair. As soon as they crossed the threshold, the Captain’s mouth returned to normal – complete with a cursing string that caused all the women, and even PTG, to place their hands over their ears. He stomped to the door, flung it open, and yelled after the men: “Don’t think you’ve seen or heard the last of this!!!!”

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From: AuntieRoo


 As the brothers leave the Tea Room & Randy stomps to the door, I take PTG’s arm & forcibly lead him through the kitchen & out the rear door.

“Come on PTG we must follow them NOW” 

“ Roo, we were asked not to intervene.”

“I do not care!....Jayben as The Mage & as your Fairy Godmother has protected & watched over us for years.He is one of us, I will do everything I can to keep him safe & I will use every weapon I have in his defence.Now get moving.We need to find out where they are headed after Kaley’s.

“The Cap’n will not like this.” PTG mutters under this breath.

“The Cap’n is busy right now, we have our Amulets switched ‘on’ & if we get into trouble you can hide in the folds of my cloak.Just make sure you keep you hands to yourself!”

We arrive at Kaley’s & manage to conceal ourselves at the side of the Doll’s Showcase, it seems only moments before the brothers descend the stairs from the upstairs apartment....we follow at a discreet distance.


It has been hard to keep up with the brothers as they take huge strides.I was so intent on keeping them in my sight I did not look at my surroundings.

I ask PTG if he recognises where we are but I think perhaps his mind is still a little befuddled with his ailment as he replies 

“I’m not sure,it sort of looks vaguely familiar but I just cannot place it”

The brothers make themselves comfortable on the seat of the wagon, PTG & I find a safe spot to hide at the bottom of the stone tower.

PTG ‘rests’ his eyes while I keep watch.If he starts to snore I will give him a (not so gentle) elbow thump in his ribs.

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From: AEGram


When Phil was ready, the brothers set out for the Northern Islands in companionable silence.  Arriving at the Island Shore,

they continued on through the Sacred Grove.


From: AEGram


They entered the Frosty Fort

and found themselves on the Jousting Field.


From: AEGram


The woman standing in front of the Ice Hall gave them a once over, but basically ignored them as they walked to the covered wagon just outside the Food Stall and sat on the driver’s bench. 

It wasn’t long before a Player entered the Food Stall and came out with a Fire Horse. The woman descended upon the Player and replaced the horse with a shard as she declared, “I need this more than you do. He will be a fine steed upon which to ride during my upcoming joust.” 

Another Player came several minutes later and came out holding a delicate butterfly. As the Player walked past the covered wagon to enter the Tower Top, Jayben quickly swapped the butterfly for a few coins without the Player noticing. Phil and Jayben hurried along the corridor between the wall to the Ice Hall and the Tower Top.

As Jayben gently opened his hands, the butterfly hesitated a little before starting to fly back to the Food Stall. Phil called after her: “Lindy? …….Lindy, wait. ……It’s me…… it’s Phil.” The Midnight Butterfly faltered mid-flight and would have fallen to the ground if Phil had not caught her in his hands. As she lay there in his hands, Phil lowered his head speaking very softly and gently. “It’s really me, Lindy…….I’ve finally found you.” 

While he held her ever so close, his lips grazed the edges of her wings. His touch; his breath; his tear of love caused a wondrous thing to happen……..the beautiful Midnight Butterfly transformed into a beautiful White Butterfly. 

Jayben stood next to his brother and said: “Tell her the words she needs to hear. Tell her the words to break the spell.”

Without even thinking, Phil said: “I love you, Lindy. I’ve loved you since the first day when I saw you on that park bench.”

The White Butterfly fluttered from his hands. She gradually grew in size and transformed into a woman who stood in front of him. Lovingly, she looked up into his eyes and said, “I remember those hands. ……And I would know the scent of you anywhere. Thank you, my love, for coming for me.”

As Phil drew Lindy into his arms, he looked over her shoulder at his brother saying, “Thank you, Jayben………thank you from both of our hearts…..”


From: AEGram


Jayben quietly left to give the couple some privacy. While he was gone, he conjured a similar looking “Midnight Butterfly.” He put a spell on the creature so that it would behave in the same manner as the original, and watched it fly to the Food Stall when he released it.

He then returned to the corridor and approached the embracing couple. “Ahem……uh…..I hate to cut this short, Phil, but you really must be on your way. I cannot guarantee that the decoy will fool the evil sorcerer who took Lindy. As we discussed after dinner, the two of you must leave this realm and never come back.”

Phil released Lindy, but continued to hold her hand, as he said, “Aren’t you coming with us?”

Jayben replied, “No…..the time for my departure has not yet come. The woman we saw on the Jousting Field has come from the Southern Islands. She will soon joust with the Knight we saw standing outside the Frosty Fort. For now, I need to watch over my friends in the Tea Room (especially Roo and PTG) to be sure they don’t suffer from the effects of that battle.” And as an afterthought: “Although, I may have lost one friend tonight.”

With a knowing grin, Phil replied, “She doesn’t know, does she?” ……… which Jayben sheepishly replied, “No. …..But I’m working on it.” 

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From: AEGram


Before Phil could say anything else, Jayben pointed at a Player who was walking into the Ice Hall. We must follow her. There are few Players in this area, so we must utilize those who become available. ….Quickly, the trio followed the Player into the Ice Hall.

As the Player entered the Dragon Skeleton, Jayben explained:

“When the Player exits the Dragon Skeleton, she will immediately head for the Map of Islands. It’s nearly her bedtime and she will be in a hurry to finish the room, so she and her husband can retire for the evening. I was able to place a spell on the opening to the Map that will enable you and Lindy to follow the Player inside.

“Here is what you will see:


From: AEGram


“You must head directly to the upright ship that is ready to sail. Once aboard, firmly state your destination and the ship will deliver you to that location. You cannot dawdle because the Player will only be searching for 14 items before leaving the room. The ship must set sail and get beyond the boundaries of this realm before the Player exits with her reward.”

And so it was that Jayben stood with his hands in his pockets as he watched Phil and Lindy, hand in hand, follow the Player into the Map of Islands. He watched as they quickly boarded the ship and watched the ship disappear from the map page. As he turned to leave he heard the following conversation as the Player shouted to her husband:

Player: Horace! You’re not going to believe this but that ship just disappeared from inside my new HOS!!!

Horace (shouting back from the living room): Yeah, yeah, yeah………Gladys, you know you get bleary eyed when you stay up so late playing that stupid game! Give it a rest and go to bed. If it’s still gone tomorrow, create a ticket and send it in.

Gladys (whining as she closes the game and follows Horace to the bedroom): But……but…..I KNOW what I saw……

Horace: Yeah……yeah……yeah. And I saw pigs fly today, too……………(heavy sigh) Goodnight, Gladys.