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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 331178 views.

From: AEGram


Meanwhile, Jayben has shapeshifted into a blue jay and is sitting in a nearby tree that gives him vantage point for seeing inside the Tea Room as well as outside.

If birds could smile, he would be grinning at all the shenanigans since the departure of the Captain.......while the cat's away, the mice will play.  

He ruffles his feathers and a nice warm towel greets PTG as he emerges from the moat to help him dry off. (Since he has been recently under the weather, it would not be wise for him to catch a cold before he gets back to being 100%)


From: MrsFletcher


As Mrs Fletcher rocks peacefully deep inside Her warm and cozy secret an very private place......(Located right beside the glowing Tea Room's furthest Fireplace)...She can't help but chuckle softly too Herself at the shenanigans being played out right before her by non other then three of Her very dear Friends Angel, PTG and His Comrade in all things...Roo Herself!...blush  Just before nodding off into the Black velvet of deep sleep once more,  Mrs Fletcher contently begins to hear AEGram's soft strong voice telling more of Story of Jayben....grin

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Head throbbing, I can feel a large lump developing on my cranium even as I rear up out of the moat closely followed by an excited Ellie!

She has been attracted by the blood that seems to be pouring from my rear end from the prong piercing that my nemesis has just given me

Just for the sake of a few ill-chosen words!

That she devil must have forgotten that ALL of her various weapons are honed to perfection and most are armour piercing.

What my poor soft skin has suffered is beginning to tell me in no uncertain terms.

And to cap it all I am soaking wet and smelly from the foul waters of the moat.

All of a sudden I am whirled around and enveloped in an enormous soft towel. My wringing wet clothing is cast aside and now to cap it all I am as naked as a new born babe.

JUST WAIT UNTIL I ......I.........I.....!!!!!!!!!!

"Oh! You WILL pay for this my wretched marsupial!!"

I hobble back to the Tea Room as best I can. My magical boots are (they tell me) too wet to transport me back there by magic.

My broom is busying itself clearing up the mess in the Tea Room .

Since Katzz is moaning about ME making the mess and ruining a perfectly good cake, I go straight upstairs to the room in the hospital wing where I now lay on my cot face down and try to blank out the dull throbbing from my rear end!


From: SharpEye1


As I look around my office, I feel like it's been a long time since I last wrote my articles from here, which it has since receiving my lovely Christmas gift, allowing my magical pen and paper to do the writing from anywhere!  I do love it very much but a trip to the office once in a while helps keep me at the top of my game.  Anyway.......


Thanks to the victorious battles by Captain Randy and his able crew, many former denizens have been rescued and have been relocated to our  MC Realm.  Many of the families were farmers so they will start again here, which will enrich everyone's lives with more livestock and crops.  Food will be plentiful, and life will be so much better than it has been for quite some time.  Which brings to mind another thought....


It has been five years since we first became aware of this Realm and have lived well, played the game to perfection (collecting many useful and sometimes valuable items), and survived many battles, both far and close to home (a certain unworthy CEO comes to mind).  So, it has been proposed that an anniversary party would be a perfect way to celebrate our accomplishments and get to know all our new denizens!   Details will be coming soon.......

Angel, reporting for THE CLOUD CITY TIMES

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I seem to be drifting down to a large box that wants to hold me tight!

Still half asleep I struggle to get clear only to find that I am partially immobile!

Now fully awake I realise that the two sleeve ends of my huggie jacket have been tied together whilst I was unconscious, thus rendering me immobile!

More importantly making me a prisoner on my own hospital cot!

But I have had a LOT of practice escaping from this predicament, as have all of my fellow adventurers.

All I have to do is to dislocate my right shoulder blade and gain access to the knot.

This is of course rather painful, but nothing like as painful as the consequences of doing nothing would probably be!

Within minutes I am free and sit upright on the bed.


Not such a good idea as my rear end still feels like a pricked pin cushion.

And a rather bulky one, which on inspection I find covered in plasters over my wounds.

“Oh!” I think to myself, “that hussy will surely pay!!”

But time to do something – but what?

Where is my broom?

I soon get its reply: “trying to keep up with the hoards of dust bunnies thrown up by our worthy citizens in their Anniversary Rooms.

”Also I need help or we will be swamped by them as Charlie is not using them at the moment to make thread”

AH yes! The 5th Anniversary and my proposed party.

Shall we go ahead with it? And if so what shall we do?

Well for  starters there is the cake competition to be sampled, and there seem to be lots of sausages floating round in the local ether which could be consumed?

The rooster can with a bit of help become delicious chicken offerings. I am sure that Mrs Fletcher has the technical know how to convert one live bird into a dozen edible portions!

I personally do not care for eyeballs, but I am sure that some of our pets would feast on them

Oh! There is a potential feast in those rooms and our worthy citizens are ALWAYS hungry.

Time to get organised.

No doubt my captors will return to check up on me and I need to give them a little surprise for taking care of me so well!

Now what to do to or with that bane of my life?


From: Randytb


Should I announce my return?or just show up and see what my gang of misfits have been up to *WEG*

Think the latter idea is called for.

A last meeting with The Golden Queen where I am given my instructions = that is to return to The Tea Room with Pup and wait upon her return with Imp to the main camp where the second stage of the mission will take place.

Imp has made such great progress that The Queen know it is time to take her to Pern.

Pup and I will stay at the Special Room with Snow as Frost ,, Brulee and Jewel will join The Queen in Pern.

Pup Opel Jacob and I prepare to return to The Tea Room Opel and I on Frost and Pup on her Dragon Snow with Jacob

I hug Imp and say how very proud I am of her and that this is the beginning of her true calling no funny business be respectful and follow The Queen instructions you will understand all this later.

I bow deeply to My Queen ,,, safe journey your Majesty Pup Snow and I will rejoin you on your return.

We head for The Tea Room where Frost lands on the open field and we say our goodbyes ***RIDER*** and he is off.

Snow go hunt my beauty and we shall see you later I have to go check on my gang of slightly bent cohorts.

Pup and I pas Jacob,s Farm where he joins his family tears of joy flow from them all.

I look over Jacob's back land and see the work that has been down by the worker Gnomes and the new citizens wow it is awesome and so much work has been done ,,, cottages built land toiled and planted critter encloses almost done it is a site to behold.

Pup and I walk over to the Tea Room our bellies gurgle and we laugh time to eat lol

I swing the door open and Pup and Opel enter yelling HONEY I AM HOME

The place is empty???? but the smell from the kitchen makes our bellies growl louder...


PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


In order to "even up" the score against my feisty female nemesis I have to come up with a Cunning Plan.

Unfortunately it has to be one that is "legal", does not involve harming or distressing animals and to keep her precious cloak in pristine condition!

She has all kinds of weapons, potions and tricks up those sleeves so my "attack" has to be sure, sharp, swift and totally unexpected!

Now how on earth can I do this?

My proposed celebration of the Castle's 5th Anniversary can provide the basis of my plan, but how?

Well there are those enormous cakes on our worthy citizens tables.

Can I in some way use one of these and bury her in it?

It would give her a creamy complexion at the least.!

(Snigger! snigger!)

I am idly musing these superb possibilities when I hear a clarion call from the Tea Room

Our wandering leader has returned and wants to know where we all are.

If I can get to her at this moment, in time she will be somewhat distracted and a perfect moment to strike.

But how? and with what?

More shouting from our stentorian Cap'n and I can sense he is getting slightly irritated at the lack of our responses. So I rub my amulet to let him know that I will be with him shortly after I have attended to certain matters!

I sense  scuttling behind me

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I turn and scamper to my Anniversary Room.

There on the table is the very large cake box with delicious cream cake confectionary inside.

Looking across at my pet Champion kitty I offer some of the cream to it.


And the morsel has disappeared.

There is no time to feed it slowly so I pick up Kitty and dump it in the box.

I'll worry about what Charlie has to say to me later about NOT overfeeding my already somewhat plump kitty

It does a marvelous job of hoovering up all of the creamy confection leaving a layer of sponge at the base.

As I too am feeling a bit peckish I scoff the lot.

I get into the box and tell my broom to redo the bow up professionally and to transport me and the box to the Tea Room.

I also tell it to fetch me the bull horn from the HOS Repository  and prime it ready for use!

Then, as I hide inside the box on the table, I wait.

Soon I can hear female voices simpering at the Cap'n just outside my box.

"OOO! We don't know where PTG is.

"He is absent again just when you call him!.

"He is his usual fickle self - totally unreliable!"
Now THAT voice I recognize and it is coming from just outside the cake box!

Swiftly I tell my broom:

"Undo the bow!"

I push hard on the lid and spring onto the top of the box with bull horn in hand.


And a cacophony fills the room.

Well I do catch Roo Roo in mid blast of sound!

What a beautiful sight to see her shocked into silence for once!

Unfortunately Cap'n Bob is even nearer and it leaves him ashen, quivering and shaking

His face turning puce and then purple as his hair stands on end. he goes for me!

Oh Dear! I think to myself and quit the room before the heavens fall on me!


From: Randytb


My head explodes with a sound I have never heard before and most likely never ever hear again I am afraid my ears are bleeding from two busted ear drums.

My eyes feel like The Wheel of Fortune spinning in my head and then there is my hair as I gently reach up and run my hand up to what feels like a Mohake gone crazy and OH DEAR I sure hope that is not brain matter I feel at the tips of those spikes.

Even though I can not see nor hear yet I am so enraged I leap in the direction of where I think the sound came from.

I hear Roo Roo screaming OMG PTG YOU ARE A DEAD RAT.

As I fly through the air to what I hope is my target I yell PTG YOU FLIPPING DOORKNOB IDJIT ,,,, ALL OF A SUDDEN MY FLIGHT STOPS AND I COME CRASHING DOWN hard onto a box? I smell cake? 

KERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPLOP face first onto what is left of a sponge cake ,, what no frosting??

As I wipe cake from my eyes that thankfully have stopped spinning ** ya a Panda Egg* 

I look around no PTG and I am so befuffeled siting in a box hair on end smeared with cake I grab the firecracker and as it goes BOOMMMMMMMMMMM I yell surprise and then every thing goes black 


From: MrsFletcher


As Pup Stands Flummoxed in a dark corner of the Tea Room wondering just where She should step in with Her Dragon Sword and Staff to defend Captain Randy From PTG's on going Shenanigans....A strong soft arm encircles Pups waist drawing Her against Granny Fletcher's ample bosoms.  "Leave them be Child....blush....For their battles must always be worked out between themselves and we should never, never interfere unless specifically requested to do so."  Now come away and tell your Granny as much as you can about your visit with Our Glorious Queen..."BANG!"....screamflushed  What in the world can we except to happen now Dear Friends...wink