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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 375039 views.

From: MrsFletcher


"BOOM!..."BOOM!"....BOOM!!!!!"   "Ange!"...I yell back trying to be heard over Cap.Randy's and Jens "LOUD!!!"  Booming Raid......When No replay was forth coming behind me, I started to Panic!!!  cold_sweat  Angel!  Are you hurt in anyway?   open_mouth   "Still no replay dear friends....So turned around only to become "amazed" by how Angel Eyes had turned into the Snowy Owl Fledglings "Owl Eyes!  "Wow!!"  "Oh Pup, Angel answer back."  unamused  "I now see why all The Very Young Orphaned Animals were told by the "Northern Queen to flee to the Other Kingdoms Pup....Their Parents where being Slaughtered for not giving up their very young for combat training by both the White Orcs and Murdoch!!!!  rage  "Angel...I swear by all that Holy in our Kingdoms that those two will pay dearly for whats being done to this once Beautiful and Peaceful Land!!!  After this battle is done I too know that Charlie will be needing us all to see that all of these Sweet Young'uns will be well taking care of and boy do I look forward to being there all the way!   Hummm, Hey Snow.... how would you like to have a Little White Wolf Cub to take under you mighty Dragon wing?...blush..."Humph!" Snow answer's back disgruntle like!"....unamused  Know you'll be helping Charlie also right hand Companion Dragon Warrior Angel?   It was just then did Snow show me through Her own Angry, Dark Red Sparking  Eyes an "Huge White Orc Leader directing a  group of His Catapult crew too fire their Missiles directly  toward Captain Randy and Frost!!! ...angry... Angel...Look at what that  S--o-B is so proudly wearing over his shoulders as a White Fur Cape....."It's the White Pups at Jacobs Farms Parents Skins right Pup?"  I believe so Angel...Now COME ON Angel... Let's Go Surprise those sorry Villains with Our Super Dragon Warrior combat Moves shall we and do Captain Randy Proud!!!    TOO DRAGON WARRIORS Everywhere!!!!!  YEIIIIIIIEEEE!!!!!  


From: Randytb


I can see and hear the BOOM BOOMS and the cry of victory coming over the waves of air from Jen as she lets more go and we can near STTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEERIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Griff and I link and he says Cap this one is a natural and seems to be having so much fun.

I can hear Griff but be careful Charlie would skin me alive if any thing happened to you or Jen and for now do not go past the Harbor and would be a good idea to let Jen blow up any boats that we do not already know are wrecks but until we know more about The Vikings make sure Jen does not attack any of them we do not need to start a war with them if we can get them on our side.

I see Griff turn back over the Harbor

Frost **** RIDER**** land in a safe spot Snow and Pup will follow

Frosts lands and Snow right behind us,,, I get down from Frost and call Pup and Angel..

They both have glazed looks and Pup still going on about the baby animals  from The Northern Islands

Pup Pup look at me... she goes on YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so I shake her ,,, she looks at me startled what what what ??? why are you shacking me Cap??

I ask her did you fly through any thing that looks like fog??

What?? why ask me I am only the rider ..... watch your mouth young lady... Pup shakes her head and looks at me then Angel who seems to be in a fog.

Snow did you see any thng fog like??

Yes Leader right at the edge of The Bone Kingdom ,,, okay Pup Angel come here Frost Snow expand and link us<<<>>>

We found a cloud of what The Golden Queen warned me about years ago,,,, it makes you hallucinate,,, Frost and Snow can clear your minds ,,, this is not The Dragons fault for it does not effect them but now we know it is around we need to protect you I have the powder back at my cottage.

For now We fly above any grey fog,

What about the White Orge and that white pelt on his shoulders??and the baby animals from The Northern Island>>>

Pup you have this is your mind already and the fog just made it seem real,,, The White Orge will not show himself yet and the Catapults are ours they are being placed on our side ready for attack.

Angel says hey what are we waiting for lets go ,,, I see she is okay as well as Pup so I make on like we are planing what to do they both will forget what was in there mind

Okay lets go piss of some ugglies

Frost and Snow fly high until we see The Skull Maw Frost and Snow drop us off on the upper points .. okay lets go as well climb down we run into a few guards and take care of them ,, we run to the shore line and start blowing up any holes we see ,,,, that is like hitting a hornets nest,,,

the eniems come pouring out climbing over the dead bodies I yell circle and Pup Angel and I are back to back and the fight is on.

Swords,, Sai's Mace and Staff fly as the enemy it cut to pieces ..... Some start to run back to get inside and Pup and Angel go after them when I call NO let them go lets get out of here and get back this is the start of what we will face.

We climb to the tower and Frost and Snow take us back .


From: SharpEye1


Wow, oh, WOW!  That was exhausting but first real life battle!  Who knew  I would take to this like a duck to water?!  All this time being a reporter had it's investigative and dangerous moments, but nothing compared to this.  Cap stops us just when it's getting good and says we have to go back, that this is just the start of what we're in for.  Well, okay then......bring it on!!  I'm ready and raring to go!!!!!!!!


From: MrsFletcher


"But!...But!...Captain Randy, It was sooooo real to Me!!!?....scream....."Do you think that maybe it wasn't just a dream, Fog  or something like that but instead it was what that  Nasty White Ogre  is planning to do in the future and I picked up His Villainous thoughts purely  by accident?"   "Sorry too about....about acting that way Captain Randy....disappointed....I was just soooo darn scared plus angry too!!!   "Hey Angel!  Your "Owl Eyes" were Awesome though!"   wink   


From: Randytb


We get back and darling Opel has hot tea and coffee and a snack so we can unwind.

Both Angel and Pup are pumped the adrenaline sky high.

I look around and see Jen is still out ,,, just then we hear a muffled BOOM , yep she still doing her thing

Angel your face is glowing and I am so proud of you and you Pup job well done on her training but she still has more to learn and that is up to you.

I call Opel ,,,, you hiding PTG ?? she winks naw he be taking a cat nap over there on da couch,

Seems he ran into me frying pan going out da back door hehehe.

Da bump not so big but the headache now dat be a different horse of an otter color hehehe.

You all relax now supper in 2 hours

Now back to you Pup I know you thought it was real but that is what that fog does we are lucky you only got a bit of it  from what the Golden Queen told me it can drive you totally insane but she told me what to use against it

I will make up some necklaces before supper and when we go out you must wear them.

Let me explain Pup about the White Orge he was the head honcho around here doing what he wanted when ever he wanted and just for fun he would behead one of his cronies and feed his hounds just to watch them fight over the body.

Sick sick .

That all changed during the last huge battle were the War Lords the dark magic decided they would rule and used the army's to do there battles they were all mutated into what you see today all muscle no brains all except The White Org who when he lost the battle with Dragons the good people of MC Land and  our troops that ended up in this land and the battle 

He was punished severally in front of all the War lords and was banished into a swamp land barren of any normal life as we know it.

We never thought we would see him again but he has risen and the War Lords made him a deal finish the job and he would be rewarded  but Pup he is so crazy so filled with hate and revenge to get his prize (((( ME)))) that he will not listen he will do what ever it takes to get me and clear this land of every living creature and human  

This is why he is so dangerous and why he will sit back give orders until the time is right to attack and it will then be HIM AGAINST ME

Pup you and Angel have to work really hard and Pup learn how to use your connection to Snow as I do with Frost ,, Brulle and Jewel.

Okay I have a few thungs to check on you two go clean up for supper.


From: MrsFletcher


"Wow Angel!"  Did ya get that?  grin  We're getting Specially made Necklaces now....(If you could literally see Pup and Angel for real now dear Friends you'd see them "beaming brightly" from ear to ear!  heart_eyes)   Hey Angel, I can't seem to get over seeing you with those Amazing "Owl Eyes"......Huuuuuum....Think you and I should ask Captain Randy and Charlie about  getting an Owl Companion for you?.....Oh boy!....Angel, I didn't even ask...... do you even want a "Special Warrior Companion"?  Sorry about that....sweat..... Guess I did it again...Sigh...that Pup thingy that Captain Randy always cautioning me about....Look over there Angel!  I do believe those "Tweetie Birds" that were circling PTG's Noggin..(after His meeting with his into Opals Mighty Frying Pan dear Friends...hee, hee, hee!) have finally departed and He's rousing that "Famous Castle Sweeper" body off of the Tea Room Parlors Couch.....Should we go and inform....Nope...won't have too cause here He comes now......     


From: Randytb


I look up from my note book and see it is almost dark,,

Holycraponacracker I better jump in the shower and get to the Tea Room Opel would bonk me silly with her mighty rolling pin or heaven help my head if it get the mighty frying pan.

I look back at my notes and yep that is it as I put the final touches to Pup and Angel's necklaces

They look so pretty yet pack a lot of power for the wearer ,

Humm I should check my notes on how to make for males PTG sure could use one.

I stop by the critters yard and give hugs and treats to Blossom Cheery Stump and Fang who are playing solider in the mud.

You two better clean up before Charlie sees ya you know how she is about her place being kept clean .

I see the boys filling up some carts with Rune Stones I yell over okay enough for tonight supper time go clean up and see you later in The Tea Room.

As I enter The Tea Room I see poor PTG holding his head and moaning ,, looks a tad wobbly and his hand does not cover that rather nasty looking bump on his forehead.

Man it smells so good wonder what Miss Katt and Opel has made us tonight.


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From: SharpEye1


Ah, Pup....sorry, my mind has been all over the place lately!  I'd love a special warrior companion and the snowy owl is perfect!  Thank you for thinking of me.  I'm sure Cap. Randy won't mind.  I think I'll call him Winky!! heart_eyes


From: Randytb


As I was reading my notes and not liking what I was remembering I over hear Pup and Angel talking about pets.

Oh lord what are those two up to??

Ahum you two come here please.

What is this about pets??

Pup all excited and tells me about her idea of getting a Snow Owl from The Northern Shore and he/she becoming Angels warrior pet.

I see,, and just how do you intend on doing this?

How are going to get there ,,walk?? because I am NOT giving you permission to go

Seeing we are in the middle of plans for what is about to hit us you missy want to sounder over to a place we know very little about and walk away with one of there pets?

Pup stutters and looks like she is about to cry ... tsk tsk not good to show weakness even if is just here.

I look at Angel .... and you what are you thinking??

I was sorry I said that so harshly but you have to understand I can not have you two wandering all over Hell and back.

Hang on a sec as a memory takes shape in my head,

If you promise me to stay here and watch out for any danger seeing Jenny is still out blowing up God knows what and PTG is well you know what... I have an idea but it calls for me to go to the main camp and speak to our Golden Queen ,, this will also give me time to ask her some very important question that I need answers to.

They both say at the same time I promise<<<>>>>> okay here I write an order ,,,

Pup you and Angel will do paremitter  patrols my boys and the villagers will keep an eye out on the ground... Brulle and Jewel will cover the outer areas.

Okay now I can trust you two??

You have Penny ,Opel and Charlie as back up.

I call Frost ** Brave One = open field **

**** RIDER****

I head out thinking I hope I have not made a mistake here but this is a good test for Pup and Angel and I am only a hop skip and jump away.

I get to the open field and Frost and I head back to the main camp.


From: SharpEye1


At first, I was so mad I could spit!  Who'd have thought the Cap would say no to me having a Special Warrior pet?!  I never really thought about a pet before, but now that I was getting one, my disappointment is HUGE!

But, as always, Cap is right.  It really is not the time to be getting a time for bonding or training, with this epic battle at the forefront of everything going on right now.

So, Pup and I agree to doing the perimeter patrols until he gets back from the main camp.  First, I want to check on PTG to see how he's doing, now that he's conscious again.  He tells me he's very upset because somehow, during all the rucus he has been through recently, he can't seem to come up with creative ideas on how to thwart the enemy, so he's questioning his ability to remain Cap's 2nd in Command whenever Cap is away.....uh, like now!?  Wow!  That's a bombshell I don't know how to process......Oh, Cap, what do we do now??????  Hopefully, he heard me on his amulet and can add that to his questions for the Golden Queen.......