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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 297559 views.

From: Randytb


Every one was having such a great time and I was shocked to see the Ladies in those fancy gowns did not stop them from busting a move.

I did notice as the music heated up ladies shoes and gents ties went flying.

I looked over everyone dancing and having a great time I saw her over to the side.

Chester nudged me ,,, go get her Cap I know you want to,

Here take her a glass of punch *** HUGE SMILE**** man he can be a pain ,

My stomach was full of butterflys and my throat dry as a dessert  so I took a huge breath and a glass of punch and walked over to her.

Good evening Doctor Felix I am glad you decided to join us,, are you hungry or thirsty?

See looked at the glass in my shaking hand smiled and said I am a bit thirsty thank you Sir.

No Sir call me Cap or Randy as you prefer,,, Cap it is ---- for now and you may call me Melodie.

We clinked glasses to a new friendship (a long one I hope went through my head)

Just then the band played a waltz even Chester and his wife  joined in ,,,,, amazing to watch them move with such grace.

I held out my hand ,,, may I have this dance?

We joined in and she was as light as a feather on her feet and she told me about her talk with Charlie and the arrangements they made and that Charlie had invited her to stay with us un till her work was done.

Excellent **I almost yelled out*** I will make all the arrangements and see to all your needs.

We danced for hours then PUP and Angel yelled CONGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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From: Randytb


It was a great party and all the eating and dancing and the final touch a open fire pit were all the kids could roast marshmallows the younger ones watched over by Mom and Dad even Chester's older one joined in ,,, they were so excited it was there first marshmallow roast they did not even mind some of the gooey ones got stuck in there fur.

 I saw Melodie try to cover a yawn so I said it is getting late may I walk you to your room?

We reach The Tea Room and I said I will show you your room this way....

I saw Opel poke her nose out of the Kitchen door with Miss Katt right behind her and both gave me grinand two thumps up.

I opened the door and stepped back to allow her to enter.

She gasped oh Cap is to much so beautiful thank you as see looked around and saw soft candle lights every were even in the bathroom were a warm bubble bath had been drawn for her and vases of flowers filled almost every savable space.

The bed had been turned down and at the foot a fleece house jacket had been placed with a note.

Doctor Felix I made ready your room and drew you a herbal bubble bath for you to soak and enjoy also you will find a tray with hot tea an a small snack .

Sleep well ,, welcome to our home that will always be here for you and thank you for coming to help Charlie and The Cap.

Breakfast will be at 8 sharp

*Signed * Opel

Her face was aglow .

I will leave you to your bath and see you at breakfast.

I hope the room meets with your approval and if you need anything just ask.

Goodnight Melodie sweet dreams until tomorrow.

I bowed kissed her hand and departed to my Cottage,

What a perfect day as I took out my fav, pipe and went to check if all was good and set the canines on patrol.


From: Randytb


As I checked the grounds and said goodbye to our last guests Chester waved good bye and said see you later my friend.

I thought I has better go check on the critters and Charlie and found her fast asleep with her knitting needles laying on her lap so I gently pull the blanket up to her shoulders and tip toed away,

Now to check on PTG  better check the Tea Roon first.

Yep there he was looking deep into his tea cup like he would find an answer there.

I did not want to startle him so I called PTG are you okay?

He did not answer me nor ;look up at me.

PTG it;s me Cap are you okay?

He slowly raised his head and said no I am very tired and very worried about Jen

I know we all are have you come with a * cunning plan* any ideas??

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


“Does nothing change ever change?” I ask myself.

I am vaguely aware of the Cap’n gently extracting my now cold cup of hong cha from my grasp and once again requiring me to come up with a Cunning Plan for our present predicament.

But as far as I can think, there is no solution to our problems. They are too many!

The obvious one of course is the general waywardness of our feisty little female partner Jen.

Goodness only knows what diabolical evils she has uncovered and upset in her wanderings in this deeper and older set of tunnels in this barely explored region of the Realm.

What is certain to me is the true horror of the evil she HAS unleashed, and which is now aware of the fact that we exist and what we are trying to do.

The true purpose of the large stash of explosives that have appeared in this set of tunnels are indicative of our intent.

If set off they will result in the demise of large swathes of any creatures inhabiting this area. AND there are inhabitants here as we have found out.

I don’t even know where she is at the present or what she intends to do about the arachnid foe.

Ugh!!!  I still feel the horror of that alien mind touching mine and the reaction of my pet birds to its enquiry as to my intent!

They are still quivering wrecks in the rafters. Birds, after all is said and done, are supposed to catch and eat spiders and not the other way round, as was clearly demonstrated quite forcefully to me!

So we have another implacable foe to counter in our quest for cleansing the Realm.

And in my absence the Cap’n seems to have stirred up a load of trouble with other local inhabitants in the tunnels which he has insisted sealing off. They too need to be placated and not blown to smithereens!

Also in the nether regions of my mind are hidden memories of other evils that I encountered whilst stuck in that giant spider’s web. My memory refuses let these come to surface consciousness so they must be terrible.

I must order all these thoughts and for that I need a fresh brew which is strong (and perhaps fortified!)!


From: Randytb


Looking at PTG and getting no answers i decide i need more help and information.

i take PTG to his room and make sure he is secure in bed.

I yell at his Owl and Crow to shut up man what a racket those two can make and I know they are trying to tell me what is going on but I do not understand so yep I need help/

 I go back to the Tea Room and sit with my head in my hands.

I am but a simple solder and I know how to fight ,,, protect ... die for a cause... follow orders but these is more than I can handle alone give me a weapon and I can take it apart and put it back together but Magic?? more so evil magic we are facing? I truly need help and this is a very hard thing for me to admit to/

But the very lives of all in Midnight Castle covering all species we have discovered and those we will discover and all the all animals of land and sea and to right the wrongs that have been done here and return the rightful ruler to her throne so harmony can be reatored and the evil made to pay for what has been put upon this land of Midnight Castle.

I call Angel ,,, Pup...Charlie.... Opel and Miss Katt,,,,

I explain what I am about to do and ask them to look after things till I return,,, make sure your Amulets are always with you and I will leave Brulee and Jewel to patrol along with the other critters,,, Smoke will lead the ground areas and Brulee and Jewel will watch the skyies

Pup asks if she can join me and I have to say no she is needed here she pouts but understands.

Okay so clear that we will be red alert until I return with anwers I need so badly right now

Make sure PTG does not wonder off looking for Jen ,,,, Charlie if you would have your Gnomes the moles and Ghost pup keep up the search for Jen?

Opel I do not need provisions I have to travel light and can get what I need from the land,

We join in a group huh (((( very un military))))) but needed by all.

Okay I am going to make a few stops the I will be off.

My first stop is to the encloser and give Doogie fresh apples and carrots,,,,he lays his gead on my chest as I stroke his silky mane I need not speak he understands,,,, om my way to see Blossom Cherry Stump and Fang I see Smoke and his family waiting for me,,, he knows

Smoke my great warrior do not worry I will be back and full of information.

He nods and says all will be safe until your return and they all raise there heads and howl.

I grabbed from behind by a huge trunk,,,, one around my waist and the other around my legs... now now girls you know I have to do this and I will be fine and home before you miss me.

One last stop,,,, I knock and wait,,,

Melody opens the door and smiles well Captain what a pleasant surprise please come in I remove my cap and enter.

I am sorry to show up uninvited but I must leave on a mission and do not know how long I will be gone not long I am sure and hope not long so I wanted to say ado and give you this as I hand her an Amulet may I???

She turns as I put it on.

You must never be with out this it is your link to us all critters include.

Angel and Pup will explain how it works.

It is getting late I must leave before sunset .

I really must go as I take her hand and gently kiss it I turn to leave I feel her hand on my arm and turn to her with questions in my eyes  she leans foreward and give me a kiss on both cheeks and whispers be safe and hurry home Captain.

We both blush and I leave with butterflies in my stomach.