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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 410178 views.

From: Randytb


After I left Melody to settle in her new home I went around and did a perimeter check .. twice lol

I could still feel her lips on mine and my heart was still racing I was like a teenager after there first kiss ,,, I ran a hand over my cheek expecting to find a face full off zits lol

I look into Zoo as Charlie calls it and  checked on Doggie who  was fast asleep with on lilll kitten on his back,

My head was racing so I walked up to me special spot and pulled out my pipe.

Leaning against the tree on the hill side I had a perfect view of our area ,, the street lights that been made by the boys and Charlies worker Gnomes  gave just enough light to illuminate the walk ways the roads and the cottages it was so calming and looked like a post card.

It is amazing the work and the progress that has been made in turning this desolated area into a home to all that are here and to all to come,,, even future plans  to fix up the church can you see it ,,, weddings christenings and Sunday services Sunday School for the lill  ones,

But now I have a huge worry,,, Melody.

I never ever expected to meet or more so fall in love.

How do I explain to her who I am?

Being a solider sent here to fight an evil power,, a dragon rider  who's  Queen is The Golden Queen of Pern?

What happens when my Quest is completed and  The Queen her mate The Wise One *** he is the main reason I am here to find and reunite him with his mate**** Frost Snow Brule Jewel and pup return to Pern?

And the big one ,,, what will be her reaction to all this and when I tell her I am immortal?

I need guidance  need to speak to My Queen.

I must of dozed off I woke to the sounds of birds chirping and voices from The Tea Room.

I walk past the boys ,, morning boys go ahead and eat I have to grab a quick shower and change wa out all night checking up on things,, and by the way ... paused as the boys held there breath,,,, great job well done

I hear a huge sigh of relief as I say be back in a bit.


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From: SharpEye1


Aw, that was so sweet of Opel and Miss Katt to think of me.  I just love my new diary!  And, the engraving is exquisite.  Actually, their timing couldn't be better because Cap now wants me to record all the names of the newborns for tomorrow's edition of the paper.  It turns out, there are quite a few!  Let's see, we've got Adele, Annie, Anthony, Archie, Belinda, Betty, Braydon, Harry, Johnny, Melissa, Ricky, Sienna, Thomas, Ulrich, Wendall, and Wally.  Looks like our new home is expanding quite quickly, creating many generations that will carry on here.  heart_eyes

As I head out to my office I see Cap escorting Melody to her new digs.  That sure was a big surprise!  I've never seen Cap like this before.  My reporter instincts are telling me he has fallen for the new vet, and fallen hard!  I can't wait to rib him a little.  LOL


From: Randytb


I grab quick shower get dressed grab the morning edition take a minute to glance at it then turn to the Birth *** do not look at the deaths section**** jumpin jiminy our our farmers has been busy lol ,

I fold the paper under my arm as I need to record this in the main log.

I reach The Tea Room and see Angel and Melody hunched over the paper.

Good morning Ladies  Charlie been and gone already?

Yes Angel says you just missed her.

Okay I will drop this off later.

Opel stands behind Cap and says well ya goin sit down to eat befer did gets cold?

Angel smiles you better sit Cap or you will wear it here join us.

Why thank you can not stay long the boys are waiting for me we have a big day ahead.

Angel crocks an eyebrow and looks at Cap then at Melody who is blushing  aha she thinks playing it coy is he lol

Angel lets it slide for now  but she did notice they both had blueberry pancakes and extra crispy bacon hum she thinks I give her a look like hush woman.

Opel  comes with more tea I cover my cup not for me Opel I am stuffed and have to run.

Opel laughs sure Cap you full on 4 pancakes and 6 stripes? who ya kidin

I have to watch what I eat have to keep in fighting shape lol

That brought on huge belly laughs even from Miss Katt standing in the kitchen door.

Okay enough jibber jabbing I have to go and Angel great article you must have been up late to catch the morning edition.

I got out of there as fast as I could before Angel started anything  I know her so well and I know she is up to no good .

I hear the women talking as I leave better not to know lol

I call out hey Charlie missed you at breakfast  so I came here.

What you want you ole coot I am busy .

Well good morning to you to you ole grouch LOL

I feel Doggie nudge me looking for the applw I have in my pocket for him.

I give him his apple and his snuggles and say Charlie I can never thank you enough for saving this lill guy and for all you do for all the animals.

The boys do a good job I ask ya they did now scoot I got work to do.

Before I go when do you want me to get The Blacksmith over ? He will be doing all the farm animals and  ours oh I need  a few of your best today making Opel a new Ice House the one she has now is to small and all that extra meat we got from The Spring Storm  so could you bring them to the foot of  the mountain,,,second thought  get them ready and we will come get them.

I got back and get the boys okay ready?

Charlies worker Gnomes had dropped off 4  slay backs these ones had wheels and they where padded on the inside as to not hurt the horses sides/

Hoss said man I have not seen one of these in a long time and the wheels Cap great idea make it easier on the horses

What do we need 4 for Cap?

Well boys we are going to build Opel a new Ice House the old one is getting to small.

The Gnomes also found us the sheet metal we need for the walls floor and roof  so lets get at it.

I stopped dead in my tracks when we reached the back of The Tea Room and saw the Gnomes  had just finished the foundation and the last wall was going up.

The head Gnome said here you go Cap we leave you to fill the walls with ice and put the roof on so all you need to do is raise it to refill the ice and the door  way is close to the kitchen so Opel need not walk far/

I was stunned how in the world did you know?

He laughed  we are Gnomes /

I handed him my bag of gold coins and hoped it was enough... He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye more then enough Cap Randy  we are here for each other now I bid you a good day,

Okay boys lets get to work.


From: Randytb


I told the boys I would  be right back and I went to see Charlie.

I reached the en closer and saw her hard at work as usual 

Hey there Charlie  humph was my greeting lol

What do you want now ? you blind or something you can;t see I am busy?

Well good morning to you to ya ole grouch

Just then Doggie nudged me for his apple  lol well at least someone greets me here you go my good boy.

I lay the package down so Charlie can not miss it and I see her hawk eye me .

You know I can never thank you enough for what you do here and how you love and care for all the animals and more so this lill guy as I rubbed Doggie's ears you saved his life and many more.\You can stop buttering me up ya ole coot what do you want?

Well Opel is running out of space to frezze the meat snd with all the extra we got in the Spring Storm I need to build her a bigger one.

And she says I got what to do with it you want me to build it??

OH HELL NO I laughed but I do need 4 of your best working horses  can you pick out four?

Ya and you better treat them right or else I will have your hide.

I did not even see Charlie's worker Gnomes as they walked away??? something I said lol

Chalie return for 4 huge workers and I explain how I would use the strip back s with wheels to make it easier on them.

Oh don't worry I will look them all over when you are done .

Charlie please I said they will be well treated and have plenty of fresh cool water seeing we will be right by the run off stream from the mountain.

I took the horses and left and leaving the package right where she could not miss it ,,, in it was 4 new work shirts  because her old ones are so thin and ripping that her elbows pop through ...I hope they fit seeing I do not know her size so left that up to Kailey 

I went to get the boys and we headed off to get the blocks of ice from the mountain we had a perfect place to get our ice and it was not far,,,,

I took the horses and Brute and  Butch with me leaving Hans and Hoss to start the foundation I had laird out earlier like 4 am lol

It was to be 50 foot by 50 foot by 8 deep plenty of room to hang the meat and shelves for cold storage.

To make it fair on the boys we would switch two to dig two for ice etc.

We started back with the blocks of ice and I have to say the strip backs worked great.

We rounded the trees and I stopped dead in my tracks ,,,,, the foundation walls ceiling was  done ??????????????

We heard laughing and went to the front of the Ic house and found Charlie's Gnomes and my two boys talking.What the hell?????????????????

How did you know ?? and where did you find what was needed??

Relaxe Cap I overheard you and Charlie and we all said lets do this for Opel and  our extended family.

I was speechless and handed him my sack of gold coins and said I hope it is enough,,, more than enough Cap because you feed us when we need it help us when we need you and we will using it as well so  done deal as we shook on it/

The boys and I had the walls filled with ice blocks in no time all that was left to do was  close the roof parts that were made with hinges** made from wood *** to give us access to refill ice as needed.

It was perfect as now Opel and Miss Katt could go it with out having to out side so it was a fridge/freezer combo one step to the fridge part three down to the freezer .

Okay boys I will take the horses back and you can get Opel to show you were she wants things but wait for me I want to see her and Miss Katts face.

It was getting late so I thought Ope[ and Miss Katt will be busy getting dinner ready and as I pass the front of The Tea House my belly let out a huge rumble lol it has been empty since 5 am .

Here you go Charlie want me to help you brush them down???

What my arms broken???? get out of here ,,, ok ok see you at dinner,,,, I noticed she had not touched the package.

As I left to shower and change I said hey you have a package here and I walked out.

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From: Randytb


I told the boys go wash for dinner we can finish this tomorrow  good day great job boys and you can relaxe tonight.

I saw Butch snile and pull a mushroom from his pocket and was about to toss it when I said hold up there Butch what and where did you get that???

Oh that we found them by the bridge and knew you can eat them raw so we each had one  guess I forgot about this one.

Damn good thing you did those will make you hallucinate and make you crazy..... a bell went off in my head 

Remember the ice cream and cake ?

Hell ya * pause* OMG these like that?

Worse I said okay now I know why you were as you where when I got back,, you were still stoned.

From now on boys eat NOTHING  untill you are sure what it is.

Now I know your punishment is over sorry I did not know before.

It's okay Cap it was our fault and you did what you had to do .

Okay go get ready for dinner and we will have a glass of my honey rum after.

We all eft with huge smiles.


From: Randytb


We all ate to bursting again I ate to much but Opel and Miss Katt out done them selves.

I was siting with Angel and Melody  just chatting about our day and I said sorry I was away again but duties calls lol

Angel looked at Melody and said  he does that a lot but with the Amulets we always know where he is well almost always.

Perfect time to give Melody her Amulet and the box of chips for as Charlie calls them the Zoo.

Thank you Captain will you show me how it works?

The Amulet or the chips I laughed??

The Amulet you silly man then went a very bright red.

Now the heck do I show her and not get close? I could smell her across the table it was intoxicating like a field of  wild flowers covered in the morning dew.

Opel came with  a platter of  bite sized cakes * whew** good timing I stood and took the platter and pulled out a chair here please join us you deserve a break after your hard day.

She said no thank ya Capum I is not done cleaning up,,,, *** BRAIN STORM *** no Opel sit I will get the boys to clean up you  ladies relax and chit chat .

Oh this could not have worked out better gives the boys and I the time to make the door leading to Opel's new Ice House and cold storage.

Angel make sure Opel rests and stays till I get back and winked so she knew I was up to something again lol

I got the boys and into the kitchen we went,,,, I told the boys what to do as I stood as look out.

Miss Katt gave me a start as she finshed the bathroom and came in the kitchen craponacracker.

SHHHHHHHHH Miss Katt not a word as she saw the four boys with hammers  and saws in there hands  it is a surprize for you and Opel so go join the Ladies and not a word and act surprized okay??

Oh Lord Cap I am so not good at things like this but I will try.

I made noise like we were cleaning up filled the sink with dishes and pots and pans in the twin sink,,, hey we are modern even if the sinks are made out of wooden bath tubs thanks to the Gnomes.

In less than an hour every thing was done and all cleaned and put away ,

I opened the new door and went down the one step == perfect then two more and it also was perfect right down to the hooks and shelves all that is left is to stock them up.

We joined the Ladies all done ,, Opel stood up and headed to the kitchen as I knew she would lol and I motioned for us to follow ,

Opel checked every thing and changed a few pots to there right place,,, well  now right nice job  boys Cap thank ya and we will make ya a special breakfast .

Hold on Opel look in the door ,,, what door  the back door? nope this door and I showed her.

she looked in and steped down and screamed OH MY LORD watcha done??

keep going I said and another scream Miss Katt come see this hurry.

We joined them in the freeze part as they were dancing and screamin omg omg omg.

OMG CAPUM it is perfect but how when how when????

Lets get out of here it is a tad frosty lol.

Opel Miss Katt I hope this meets with your needs and if any thing is not right we will fix it,,, she bear hugged me till I could not breth and my face was wet from tears of joy,,, next a hug from Miss Katt every one got hugs lol

Okay all you need to do tomorrow is  tell us were you want  us to place every thing  *** I think just in time to the eggs butter  cheese and milk are coming and the overstock of butchered meat ***

So it is getting late and time to hit the sack.

Angel Miss Melody  may I see you home?

No said Angel I am a big girl I can manage lol are you sure kinda hinting .

Angel was not giving in she knew what I meant and was using this  to her full advantage ===== oh she will pay for this .

Melody and I walked to her cottage and I took her hand and said  I am so happy you came here and are staying  and not just as our Vet .

You know I like you very much but I am very old fashion  and I would love to see where we go from here.

Oh Randy I really like you to and it is so rare to meet a true gentleman and I also would love to start a journey with you.

So one day at a time?

Yes one day at a time I have so much to tell you and you to me .

A soft kiss goodnight ,, sleep well  sweet one.

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From: Randytb


I wake up stretch yawn and scratch ya know the usual morning things,

I slept like a baby for the first time in a long time head was still full of my beautiful dream.

I could smell  the aroma coming from The Tea Room mouth watered and belly rumbled time to shower and  check the perimeter and Frost and Snow  and give my Doggie his morning apple fresh off the tree behind my cottage.

When I reached the compound  I did not see Charlie any where so my guess is she is over at The Tea Room already refilling her large thermos and geting her breakfast.

Not a social butterfly our Charlie but a heart of gold.

I walk in The Tea Room ?? where is everyone??

Opel comes out with a platter filled to over flowing OMG woman you want me eat all that lol?

I is sure ya will try  again thank ya Capum fer the new Ice House the boys already put everything away .

Just then the Farmers and family's started to arrive and good morning said between mouth fulls.

I hear giggles and see Angel and Melody come in hummmmmmmmm they are getting thicker then thief's those to  great for Melody making friends  Angel on the other hand  that worries me .

Good morning Cap  what you feeding an army there lol

You sure you will be able to walk after all that ?

Funny and chirpier this am what you going to take a picture and slap in on the front page *WEG*

To late she said that edition is already out.

Captain you still need to show me how the Amulet works  I glared at Angel .

Sorry I have been so busy but sure we can do it after we are finished breakfast.

Opel brought Angel and Melodie there plates two eggs bacon hash browns and freash fruit coffee for Angel and Mint Tea for Melodie

Angel when was the last time you saw PTG ??

I have not seen him since I got back ,,, has any one looked for him??

I am worried this is not like him I am used to seeing him over in the corner sipping his special brew  and reading.

Angel looked puzzeled and said you know I have not seen him for  awhile,

Now you got me worried.

I explain to Melody who PTG was and that took some time lol

Have you tried the Amulet??  no have you?

I rubbed my Amulet and tried to get PTG

After several trys  I said nothing  this not like him we better go looking.

Melodie would you like to join us that way you can see the hospital/funny farm and our Huggy  Jackets lol

I called Doc Deadman  hey Doc Cap here how are you doing and Nurse Krachet?

Well hello Cap we are all fine here busy ut fine

Good to hear Doc I am calling to know have you seen PTG around or talked to him?

Come to think no I have not  been awhile he did ask me about an plate he found  did not it so told him go see the herb shop and that was the last time but I will ask around town and let you know.

Thanks Doc  talk soon.

Well this is not a good sign.

We headed to the hospital.


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From: SharpEye1


Uh, cap?  Now that I think about it, PTG was going on about still needing to find and rescue Jenny Wren!  He knows not to go off on his own but you know how stubborn he can get once he's decided on a "cunning plan"!  Unfortunately, since he didn't recruit any of us, he must have determined he needed to do it alone somehow.  Oh, this is so not good!

You just get back, get settled and well fed and, BAM....back to another search and rescue!!  But, Cap, with all the excitement of your return, I forgot to tell you about something I saw!  Well, woman, what is it?!  Out with!

Well, uh, I'm not so sure Jenny Wren needs to be rescued, so PTG is on a fools errand, because.....remember those apertures Grim was always on about?  Well, there must be one somewhere close to the castle vicinity because as I was coming back from the office the other day, I swear I saw Jenny Wren there!!  I started running toward her, calling her name, over and over as I ran, and all of a sudden, poof.....she was gone!  So, my reporter instincts are telling me it was her and she's still on her mission to find and rescue Grim!

OMG, Cap!  What do we do now?  Find PTG, try to follow Jenny Wren??????  Oh dear......Melodie is just staring at me wide-eyed and Cap looks like he's about to explode!  Here we go again..............(is it Groundhog's Day?) 

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From: Randytb


After hearing what Angel just said I stopped dead in my tracks ... turned and looked at Angel.... I was ready to burst into flames and let out a stream of words NO ONE has ever heard me say they are THAT BAD

I almost bite my tongue as I clenched my teeth and said WHAT????????????

Yoe mean to tell me he is out there somewhere popping in and out of places we do not know or see and chasing Jenny Wren???

Of all the hair brain things that DOOR KNOB has done this takes the cake.


From: Randytb


My mind was trying to understand what my ears just heard.

What the Hell was he thinking??

How many times have I told you ALL NO GOING OFF ON YOUR OWN always buddy up .


I am dumbfounded trying to think what do we do now?

Go look for PTG or look for a trail... look for Jenny Wren??

What do we even or what to look for??

What a friggin mess ,,,, okay lets go look in his hiding hole *** under his bed*** and see if he is there or his huggie jacket.

We head to the Hospital that looks more like a Haunted house then any thing  else.

Melodie saw the place and the gaurdes with the keys and chains and hand cuffs and froze.

This is your Hospital she gasp and not an Insane Asylum?

Well it can be a lill of both lol and we use it when it is needed  even I have been here thanks to our Jen that and blowing me up, or throwing out of the Air Ship or trrying to drown me .

Sounds like a real sweetheart this Jenny Wren person ,,, you could hear and fell the ice in her words.

She is a real character our Jen a lill loopy at times but she is part of the family and dearly loved.

But I could wring her neck right now if and when we find her and PTG and Grim.

Grim said Melody?????like The Grim Reaper???

No no lol Grim is very large Rabbit ,,,, I grabbed Melody as I thought she was ready to pass out.

Angel this is to much for her I think we should go back to The Tea Room give her time to catch her breath then I think we better explain what she has walked into she just might decide not to stay with us ,,,,,, 

Like hell  I am going no where so I need a drink then you and Angel can fill me in.

God I love her spunk.

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