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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 410158 views.

From: Randytb


After getting blasted by Charlie again I just shook my head and walked away,

I do not know what makes her so daumn ornery maybe got some burs in her knickers .

She forgets I have eyes and ears all over and the Amulets and even with her muttering I could make out ** what does he know about horses* craponacracker I grew up on a farm and the old man * my father the tyrant * raised and breed  them and as I grew older my cousin and I started  a small horse riding business we also had 20  customers that would board there horses and ride on the week ends

I left it to my cousin Paul when I joined The Army at 16,

I so deep in thought I almost ran Angel and Melody down.

Oh sorry ladies was not looking where I was going they both laughed it is okay we heard Charlie blast you so we are bring her fresh coffee ,, oh great wired her up some more lol

Captain Randy thank you the Amulet still geting used to it and almost all thhe animals have been chipped and who is Ellie??

That is My Ellie she is a fresh water Morrie EEL and lives in The Pound by the Chapel  lol speak of the devil ,,,, as you heard she wants me to stop by want to meet her?

Why yes I have never seen a real EEL.

As we got closer to the pound the water was zzzzzzzzzz so much it looked like it would blow up.

Not to worry I said it is her and her brood  saying hello just stay by me .

I turned my Amulet to Ellie  Hello my lill beauty how are you and the brood?

We are doing well  ,,, I called you to say goodbye to the brood they are old enough to go start there own families and there Fathers are here to take them to there new homes.

Fathers ????

Oh Cap you are funny man what you think I hatched these all by myself? well no but you said Fathers  yes here meet the Fathers .

I saw three heads appear one coal black with gold gills a striking emerald Jade with gold gills and a Golden sand colored with the same golden gills

Boys meet our Captain Randy and Miss Melody==== she looked at me and said how in the world did she know who I am??

U went beet red um um Ellie is very wise ,, okay but how did she know,,,, still beet red um um I will explain later.

Captain and Miss Melody meet the Fathers of the brood,,, Edgar,,, Allan,,, Poe you can touch them if you like but watch Poe he is a prankster.

I reached in a touched each head snd got a lill zap from Poe .

Okay how do you know who belongs to who???

Oh we know and it is inbreed ed in all  EEls not to mate with in family so the Fathers come get there off spring and take them to start a new  they put one new male in aolder group minus any sisters and females with another group minus any brothers and seeing The Land of Midnight Castle has millions of lakes and pounds it all works out.

Well I am going to miss all you lill devils and your tricks on me but I am sure we will path paths one day.



From: Randytb


We stood and watched  as each Father took his off spring and headed off

First Edgar then Allan then Poe

It was a sad moment for me I had so mucn fun with them watching them grow then the excitment as a bad guy was pused in or fell and almost fried lol  not so when it was me aww the memories of that and the Mohawks

Ellie snapped me back with aw Captain it is okay will not be long now and she turned sideways to show me her belly

oh craponacracker she looks like she has an elifunck in her belly,

I better get to know them very very young lol

Melody said oh my you are close as she watched Ellie's belly dance,

Yes she saud to Melody bout time to I have such a back ache lol

Oh Randy this is so amazing I can talk to her and she to me,,,, sure can I smiled and all the critters and all of us that is the beauty of the Amulets  your personal  CB takes a bit to learn it all and to understand when you turn it to all just remember to turn the volume down  and to get used to talking in your head and knowing you are not going crazy from voices in your head lol

The aroma from The Tea Room told me it was close to dinner time ,

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