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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 556952 views.

From: SharpEye1


I get back to the office to see if anything else has come in on Scar.  Nope!  Nothing more yet.  However, I see I have some Help Wanted ads the boss wants posted so I can at least get that done for the morning edition.

CLOUD CITY TIMES by Angel, Senior Editor

Hey folks!  It looks like business is booming lately, which is welcome news, after the crazy storms we had recently.  If you're looking to supplement your income, check out these unique opportunities:

Finster's Free Range Pickle Farms – We're GROWing

If you love the sun on your back and your fingers in the earth, then consider "growing" your career with us! Named one of the "five best places to work in MC" by the Rocksville Gazette. Family owned since 2014.  Full time, part time, seasonal available.

Omicron Pest Control has multiple entry-level openings for extermination technicians in the Castle area. No experience necessary; on-site training and equipment provided. OPC specializes in safe removal of all varieties of household and castle pests, including rodents, insects, Pokemon, dust bunnies, vampire bats, and mini-griffins. Apply in person at our Cloud City office, Lords Street.

Data Dissembly Specialist - Qualified applicant will have 7+ years' experience in data mining or similar work; possess exceptional skills using industry applications including R, MS Excel, SQL, Muffintop RS. Must be able to obtain mid-level security clearance. The ability to identify a song in just one note a plus. Join the exciting world of data analytics today by submitting your online application to Arachnotelework, LLC.

Short Order Cook, Snuffy's Bar and Grill. Part-time Tuesday and Wednesday evenings only. Competitive pay, free meals. Must be 21 or older. Ask for Wink.

Guaranteed employment upon successful completion of Bunny Boot Camp. Positions include staging, delivery, security, and finance officers. There's still time! Become an Easter Bunny today!


From: AlabsterNoir


At long last, the train pulls to a stop in the Rocksville station. I stand to recover my luggage from the overhead storage. Only one other passenger exits the car with me, and he vanishes almost immediately. I exchange my funds for the local currency (gold coin and diamonds, inconveniently) by buying a copy of the local newspaper and exit the station. I have arrived.

Off the main city square I find a quaint café and order a pastry and coffee to go with my paper. Definitely a small town, when the biggest news features an unfortunate donkey. No other story catches my attention, and I move on to the classified listings. I'll need a place to stay and a job while in the area, and fortunately, there seem to be several options. Pickle farming sounds intriguing, if odd.

For now, though, I order a refill on my coffee and enjoy the stillness. In retrospect, I don't think I enjoy long-distance train travel. Next time, I'll request a mission closer to home.


From: Randytb


As I get closer to the critter barn I hear Charlie screaming and having a royal fit,

Some of her Gnome friends come tearing out along with Butch close at there heels

Saints be praised  Cap good thing you came that woman is looney bin and almost got me in da rear with that pitchfork

Okay calm down go tell Opel I am here and would you ask her for me her largest thermos off hot coffee  sounds like Charlie needs a caffin fix and a jug of ice cold Honey Rum for me throat is parched then go back to Melody and let me know when you get there.

I just had time to duck a flying bucket and Charlie screeming empyu what are the animals going to eat ? AIR?Just goes to show if you want something done right do it yourself  ouch damn back

Hey Charlie simmer down you crazy woman and stop throwing things you going to hurt someone if not your self

shut your pie hold ya old  codger all ready did that now get and let me get my work down,

Ope; showed up in time and between the two of us got her sat down and a jug of coffee in her she drank it so fast she did not even taste the potion Opel had put in her thermos

Opel winked at me and told me that she really hurt her back lifting Hay a few days ago 

Okay Charlie what gives?

Why did you not page me  ?

Anyway you are on bed rest for a week and I will have Doc Deadman come to see you she staryed and I cut her off NO NO NO you do this or I will personally hog tie you to you bed now come to bed as I picked her up and headed to The Special Room and up to her room and stood out side as Opel helped her to change and get into bed

Now no moving around till Doc gives the okay and I will take care of the critters with Butch until I hire you a worker and I know exactly who would be perfect

Charlie fell to sleep so Opel and I went downstairs and I called Melody  and told her about Charlie and that I was going to stay the night and get Doc Deadman over to check her out and to take care the critters  till I hire her some help so sweet dreams and see you in a few days but call me if you need me


From: Randytb


Before we signed off Melody told me Scar was doing so much better he was even walking a bit more still weak and shack y on his legs but Blossom Cherry Fang and Stup are always close to him and DM to make sure he is okay and that she thinks in a few more weeks she will be able to take care of his eye.... it is still swollen and infected but the antibiotic are helping .

That was good news and I want be there when she operates

I also said  that Opel and muss Katt will be have the meals ready for her and the boys just send one of the boys to pick them up.

Okay gota run see you in a few days she replied Rodger that Cap with her giggle

Opel do I have time to go see Jacob and then shower???

Ya gots half an hour  ya be late ya go hungry now scoot  YES MA'AM

Hey Jacob how are you and the family doing ? just great Cap and yourself? doing good  We both started to talk at the same time lol so I said go ahead my friend

I was going to go see you but did not wanr ro bother you with all that is going on with Scar and Goldie  hey I am never to busy for you and family what is it?

Well my two older boys are asking me if they can help out  more if I would allow them to get Summer jpbs and promised to keep up there chores here I told them I would talk to there Mom and get back on it.

Cap I am so proud of them  // as you should be you raised them right even through  rough times you are a good man and a good Father and I was on my way to see you because I wanted to ask you if you would allow your eldest son to work the summer at the critter barn Charlie hurt her back real bad she still thinks she is 20 and  she is to proud to ask for help  and it  could turn out to be permanent

Now he will be paid by me but Charlie  will be his boss  and if she gets out of hand I will take care of it so what do you think?

He had an earr to ear grin and called his son////

Yes Father>> hello Captain Randy Sir and shook my hand /// man the boy has grown since I last saw him almost as tall as his Dad

Good to see you as well  here sit  your Dad and I told him our idea  and it was like he was in shock

Are you serious ??? of course I will do the job  if Father and Mother agree ///// We agree his Mother said lol we did not even see her behind us

We all shook hands and his Mother hugged him and whispered  you make us so proud my Son

Okay done deal I will give you 50 Gold coins  a month and you start tomorrow 

We agreed on his hours  this is going to be hard on him  His new job and his chores then we heard I will help from his younger brother we all laughed and Jacob rubbed his head ans said  we all will son we all will 

As I walked away I heard a very loud WOHOO


From: Randytb


OH CRAPON ACRACKER I am late and not even showered yet

Opel goina kill me lol

Just then a cold breeze passed over me and I shivered?

I turned at look towards Cloud City

What the **** ?

I feel a strange gut feeling something going on there

Something new can not put my finger on it but it is strange

Tuned my Amulet to Angel and asked her was everything okay??


From: SharpEye1


Hey, Cap!  I'm ok.  Although, I have had an odd sensation lately.  I don't know if it has something to do with the offers I've been getting for Scar because "the one" hasn't showed up yet, or if it's something else.  I can't quite figure it out, but my gut tells me something is in the air.

I did notice a newbie in town on my way to the office the other day.  Could that have anything to do with it?  Maybe we just sense their presence somehow?  But, if so, why would we?  What could that mean?  Do you think there's trouble afoot?  Should we try to make their acquaintance?  Welcome them and test the vibe we get?

Why don't you ask Miss Opel if she' s rented any rooms out lately and see what she knows.  That'll distract her from clobbering you for being late!  Lol


From: Randytb


Interesting and maybe that is the vibes we are picking up .... question is why?

Maybe they are just passing through but why stop here ?

Yeah do we try and meet or wait?

Maybe the person will seek  out a job at the  office seeing you have posted job opening  but if they are passing through?

I will ask Miss Opel if any one is looking for lodging and let you know in th mean time keep you eyes open and any changes let me know right away.

Salty gave me a lead on the maniac we are looking for so I will be checking that out soon.

By the way I would sugest you give Charlie a wide berth LOL she is on a tear about me giving Jacobs eldest the job but I told her I did not want to hear a worf he is hired and is going to stay maybe permanently LOL she went red blue black in tha face but her back is to bad so I called Doc Deadman to go see her

Gota scoot keep updated and  Melody sends her best

Cap out