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Spoiler: Complete Character Progression   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 8/11/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 46452 views.

From: AEGram


Oh, oh, oh......please don't forget the pics of Rudoguil as his meek self and as his pirate self........ (I will delete this post afterwards)..

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Level 54

Desperate to help her beloved Jeronimo in his battle with the Elemental of the Abyss, Valeria suggests persuading the Light Bringer to assist Jeronimo.  The Light Bringer appears in Throne Hall with the less than helpful introduction, “You won’t know my name, so why share it?”  He is, however, willing to help Valeria and Jeronimo.  The Light Bringer is a member of the Order of Light, formed to fight evil.  He suspects you know his brother, but they’re different as night and day.  The Light Bringer offers to make a protection amulet for Jeronimo.  The Light Bringer says you have a kind nature, but cruel circumstances can turn anyone into a monster and violence always has an impact.  He must cleanse this place in preparation for a commemoration ritual to remember a soul left behind.  Forgiveness is a good way to say goodbye to those we mourn.  Then strangely adds “The Chamberlain was evil indeed, but it matters not.”  The Light Bringer’s Order is said to guard a legendary heirloom of great age and power, a splinter of an elfish crystal. 

Level 56

For the second time, the elf Ilreth is wounded by an arrow.  He’s feeling worse and worse and must see a doctor.  The Light Bringer may be his last hope.  The Light Bringer says helping the wounded Ilreth is the duty of every knight in his Order.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, he can’t leave the castle right now but will try to make the healing brew.  You provide two rare ingredients and give the Light Bringer some time until the brew is ready.  Once a cleansing rite enhances it, the healing brew could even resurrect the dead!  Ilreth is returned to good health.  **This is the unceremonious end to the Light Bringer***

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Level 8

A confused Mountain Troll introduces himself as ‘Rustle.’  He professes that while you may be smarter, he’s uglier.  The troll describes your uncle as a decent man. 

Level 9

The troll’s memory is described as a black portal in his mind and remembering the past is a struggle.    

Level 10

While Anabel is getting used to her new abilities, she remembers her father saying that with great abilities come greater responsibilities.  Meanwhile, being a Mountain Troll and not a Snow Troll all this white snow and ice bores him.  He barely remembers a time when he had a friend. 

Level 11

The troll fakes having the troll flu instead of guarding the tavern.  He claims his master is looking for him, so he disguises himself as a fortune teller.  Too bad, the disguise didn’t work and he’ll have to go back to growling and threatening people. 

Level 14

You try your best to do everything the troll wants in an effort to become his friend and, thankfully, he decides not to eat you.  In the end, he accepts you as his true friend.  After his delicate sensibilities are offended, the troll calls for a dual.  But the cowards ran away when they saw the Troll standing in his battle armor polishing his clubs.  “Rustle’ recites the tale of the beauty and the ugly troll where she kisses him and he becomes normal again.  Alas, he can’t get anyone to come that close to him.  You are his only friend.  Some old sorcerer put a curse on him, but trolls aren’t afraid of anything; at least not anything they’d admit to.  ‘Rustle’ knows a lady troll that gave him 3 boars to leave her alone.  No romance, but he’s not hungry!  Anyway, a lady troll would be better than a human girlfriend; less demanding.  It makes him very sad that no one talks to him, except you.  The troll thinks about, and then decides against, a pet goblin.  He would hate to feed it humans.  An alchemist claims he can cure the troll; if he lied the troll will be crushed, and so will the alchemist!  It’s a success, Mountain Troll ‘Rustle’ transforms into human Henry the Archeologist. 

Level 14

Henry’s head is spinning since becoming human again is determined to find out who cursed him.  He sees an image of the traitor…the Chamberlain cursed Henry!  Henry warns you to tread carefully with him.

Level 15

Henry wonders how you like him in human form and, while grateful he can concentrate on his work, needs help with his insomnia.  After all…one paw washes another.  Henry warns you to be careful of vampires prowling around and needs help getting rid of horrible rats.

Level 17

Anabel begins looking for her father.  All she knows is his name is Henry, he’s alive and living nearby.  New info came to light of a troll living in the ice cave.  How can she be a troll’s daughter, but a vampire?  The stress of being a troll’s daughter has caused Anabel’s blood thirst to soar.  What if he has the mannerisms of a troll?

Level 18

Henry is trying to understand everything he missed while a troll.  His daughter, Anabel, is so grown up and beautiful.  Although Anabel is a vampire, as her father, Henry wants to know everything about his daughter’s admirer.  An odd ritual was carried out nearby and Henry asks you to collect what’s left.  Among those things Henry noticed the initials of Anabel’s admirer…and a werewolf’s sign.  Henry doesn’t like any of this and protection might be in order.  Helping Henry understand his daughter proves so invaluable, he vows not to eat you.  Henry wants to give Anabel a gift but has no idea how to shop for a vampire.  He gets a teddy bear and can’t wait to see her pale face at the surprise visit.  He also confirms your uncle was murdered by the Chamberlain.

Level 19

Henry is plagued by insomnia and terrible dreams about being turned back into a troll.  Thinking about the fate of your uncle, Henry knows how fleeting life is.  He’s completely broke; owing you and a dozen other people.  He plans to search through his chests for treasures and sell the ones in high demand.  He saw on Facebook one of his troll friends is having a birthday.  And another friend, a necromancer (one who practices magic or sorcery), had a birthday recently, too.  He needs gifts; one belated.  Luckily the necromancer forgot his own birthday so Henry was his happy reminder.  While resting, goblins broke into Henry’s hut and ransacked it.  Henry thought about hiring a guard, but couldn’t afford his special demands.    

Level 24

Henry thinks about opening a store of relics but first needs to find some things to sell.  The launch will be incredible!  Now he needs a pretty sales assistant.  Henry found a nice hut he could use for the store, but its location may be a problem.  How sweet is the chime of the first coins earned!  Cooperation is a good thing and Henry gladly pays you your share.  But Henry’s not in a good mood today because of a terrible nightmare where he was a troll again and had two she-trolls fighting over him.  Henry hopes business will distract him from those terrible images in his mind.  Exhausted, Henry concludes he’s not really a businessman.  Before the doors close for good, there are two more orders to deliver; one to a necromancer and the other to a werewolf.  A horrible witch has threatened Henry so, despite being nearly ready to close the shop, he agrees to fill her order.  Henry’s afraid to refuse her for fear she will turn him back into a troll.  Finally, the business is closed, the witch is pleased and Henry is still human!  Henry wants to get to the bottom of your uncle’s death.  Despite his lack of detective skills, the facts are clear.  Your uncle’s body was never found.

Level 25

Henry thinks your uncle had something to do with the dragon in the Forbidden Tower. 

Level 31

Henry thinks he can help find out why previous Expeditions failed.  Traces of a strange fire where the Expeditions disappeared were found; a demonic fire!  It seems old Jeronimo Took knows something but won’t share it.  Even still, Henry continues h
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Level 32

As the Broken Automaton greets you at Metro Station he’s must restore new human area and develop communication with human subject.  He learned a new word…gratitude.  After getting help restoring original functions, his capacity has increased and body alignment restored.  After finding parts to restore his hydraulic drive, movement drill was successful and he calls you friend.  More complex thinking is essential so Broken Automaton needs help attaining greater intelligence from human friend.  Unknown complications with muscular system have been resolved.  Movement is life so overcoming immobility is required to mirror human movement.  Damage discovered from new data received and immediate restoration and repair accomplished.  The Broken Automaton underestimates the repair complexity and requests help.  The shiny new parts fit well and bring new opportunities and new functions. 

Level 33

Broken Automaton transforms into Automaton.  Data on surface problems received and search for new algorithms begins.  Specifics required for search detector on necessary component.  Retrieval activated for item.  Sensor repair required to determine time and whether it’s morning or evening.  The Automaton admires your efforts.  The Automaton notes danger from external sensors.  He begins decoding the external sensors and, once completed, settings are adjusted.  Rudoguil’s help is needed to increase storage capacity for analysis and calculation.  Rudoguil the Stony says the mechanical brain can’t be trusted and the Automaton wasn’t meant for hard tasks.  But his gnome kin worked well on this little machine, so Rudoguil provides what’s necessary to take the Automaton to the next level.  He now has faster thought and human command of the English language.  His intelligence has increased and things are much clearer now. 

Level 34

Internal circuits are almost restored, some relays need link and the Automaton feels pleasure in company.  Although much has been forgotten, new layers of memory have opened for the Automaton.  Memory recover is in progress, but it’s not easy to decode memory with centuries of storage.  Finally, memory block was cleared and stored again.

Level 35

Ragnus Beardrune, Rune Priest, fears the ancient evil said to possess the gnome subway.  He’s opposed to your search for the key to the Source Gate and refuses to let Rudoguil and his expedition enter the abandoned tunnels.  Ragnus believes the Automaton can help.  The Automaton must wait for a data update when his sensors don’t work underground.  Initially, Ragnus’ inquiry is declined because of a missing hint decoding unit.  Once Ragnus’ assignment is decoded, a program controversy arises.  The Automaton is asked to follow a false program due to Ragnus’ corrupt data.  While the Automaton is programmed for obedience and submission, to obey the Rune Priest Ragnus would be a contradiction.  His orders threaten lives.  The Automaton rejects Ragnus and agrees the Gate must open.  Just yesterday, acting on Ragnus’ orders, strangers attempted to damage the Gate using force.  Rudoguil was furious when he found out the Rune Priest had tried to seal the Gate, and that strange feeling did not compute for the Automaton.  Ragnus knows it would be much easier if the Automaton were on his side so he’s not yet ready to give up controlling the Automaton.  He’ll need the best engineers in Cloud City, but he’s determined to keep his people away from the subway. 

Level 36

Caution is advised when the Automaton registers a strange disturbance in the tunnel.  The troublemakers are tunnel rats but once they’re taken care of, the scheduled renovation can be finished.  Finally, the true motherland of the gnomes has been located, but a terrible thing must have happened to take the gnomes from their homeland. 

Level 39

Once systems are functioning normally, the Automaton begins searching for King Franmar (the old gnome king).  Data analysis shows the Gnome Emblem is the key to the treasury.  Rudoguil is happy with the Automaton’s good news.    

Level 40

In the wall, the Automaton finds a stash containing a secret ciphered message.  The text says Master Valdo works for Rune Priest and the goblin should meddle with the search and stop Master Rudoguil.  Is Valdo a double agent?  Must tell Master Rudoguil the truth about the goblin.

Level 50

Rudoguil the Stony wonders if the Elemental of the Abyss has anything to do with the Automaton’s disappearance from Metro Station.  He found a few strange footprints where the Automaton was last seen.  Rudoguil blames himself for freeing the Elemental of the Abyss from King Franmar and hopes to be able to fix his mistake one day.  Meanwhile, he must find that poor mechanical creature.  Rudoguil the Bloody, on the other hand, calls the Automaton a mechanical blockhead and longs to sell the junk to get better weapons.  ***Strange dark matter is appearing everywhere, even beyond the mountains.  It must be the Elemental!***

Level 53

The Automaton, now possessed by the Elemental of the Abyss, stands in the Residential District.  Rudoguil, finding the Automaton in the Residential District, is disturbed by his appearance.  Something has happened to him; something inhuman.  Even old King Franmar agrees.  Rudoguil is very worried the Automaton no longer responds to him and fears King Franmar was right…the Elemental of the Abyss now possesses the Automaton.  The Elemental needed to get a tangible form to fulfill its plans and now the Automaton is the embodiment of evil.  In an effort to reach the Automaton, Rudoguil pours through all the technical codes.  But to no avail.  Evil has won the battle!

Level 56

Armed with the Spectral Blade and protected by the World Tree amulet, Jeronimo and the possessed Automaton do battle in the Residential District.  They both disappear and the entrance to Limb Entrance is revealed.  Jeronimo is a hero, however, because the Elemental of the Abyss is destroyed.  (All the black vines around the castle disappear.)

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(Rudoguil the Stony and his alter ego the pirate, Rudoguil the Bloody)

Level 21

Skull Pete notes that his friend, Rudolph, would have considered you a good soul. (Is that Rudoguil?)

Level 29

Rudoguil the Stony appears in Cloud Pier and introduces himself as leader of the Expedition.  But with neither specialists nor supplies, the Expedition is doomed. 

Level 30

Rudoguil the Stony found an experienced guide who requires something in return for his help.  This is the third Expedition to the Source of Sorcery and it needs help to be successful.  Although every Expedition requires supplies, this one requires peculiar supplies.  Rudoguil, expelled from the clan, says this Expedition is his last chance to restore his reputation.  And while everyone considers him a villain, he’s really a kind person.  He wants to know why he’s rejected in Cloud City.  His name has been slandered by constantly being blamed for things he hasn’t done.  It all gives him such a headache.  Turning back to the subject of provisions, food is needed and there are bargains to be found.  Thanks to you the Expedition managed to get good provisions cheap.  Rumor has it a blood-thirsty gnome pirate has been seen in the neighborhood.  Rudoguil the Stony admits the gnome pirate was a friend, but after being accused of his crimes, Rudoguil the Stony now wants justice.  Skull Pete knows all about the Expedition and Rudoguil.  But he knew him by a different name…Rudoguil the Bloody.  And what a pirate he was, ruining many lives!  But apparently Rudoguil had memory problems.  But Pete has fond memories of them polishing off a whole barrel of rum and asks you to give old Bloody his regards.  Today, Rudoguil the Stony was once again insulted by being called an evil pirate, but he just sees himself as a peaceful citizen of Cloud City.  Everyone must be confusing Rudoguil the Stony with some criminal gnome. 

Rather suddenly, Rudoguil changes into Rudoguil the Bloody.  He describes himself as the threat of all seas and demands to know who you are and why you’re there.  This Expedition that everyone seems crazy about can be more fun and Rudoguil the Bloody proves that by framing the guide for robbery.      

Level 31

There are certain bonds at sea, one of them between Rudoguil the Bloody and Skull Pete.  Rudoguil the Bloody understands you are acquainted with the pirate and asks you to deliver a bottle of rum to his old friend.  Skull Pete can’t believe his friend would gift him a bottle of that famous Elvish rum.  In return, Pete decides to gift old Bloody some homemade gnome wart.  There is a problem with one of the ingredients, she-gnome’s ringing laughter, but some vendors sold you some.  Once finished, Pete asks you to try it but there’s just something off-putting about the color.  Anyway, you promise to deliver the gnome wort to Rudoguil personally.  Rudoguil the Bloody likes his rum, but this gnome wort is really strong.  Back to the work at hand, Rudoguil wonders if the Expeditions’ provisions weigh too much and, being light-fingered, decides to get rid of the excess provisions.  Unfortunately, he gets rid of all the provisions and is very happy with the money he’s made.    

Rudoguil the Stony is beside himself that the supplies of food and tools have disappeared and the guide is in jail. He begins restoring the provisions but wonders who could have committed this robbery.  The provisions turned out to be with the city merchants and they all looked surprised when Rudoguil the Stony bought them all back.  But travelling without a guide is a problem.  No one has agreed to take his place and it’s probably not a good idea to leave the guide suffering in prison.  Maybe the procured items will be enough to bribe the guard to release the guide.  The jail guard turned out to be quite greedy so more is needed to free the guide.  Meantime, the merchant Rudoguil bought the supplies from stated that he (Rudoguil) sold him the supplies and then destroyed half of his kiosk.  That’s nonsense, but Rudoguil makes good with the merchant for all the damage, feeling framed in the process.  The provisions and equipment are almost ready when the guide refuses to go saying he needs the redemption of his moral damage.  Rudoguil the Stony notices the guide acting strange, as if he’s afraid of Rudoguil.      

Level 33

The Automaton needs some updates from Rudoguil the Stony who insists you can’t trust that mechanical brain.  Rudoguil the Bloody wonders what all the fuss is about but knows he can make a fortune while everyone is busy with the Spirit of Chaos.  Rudoguil the Bloody thought the second smartest person, after himself, was the Automaton but you surprise him.  You’d make a good pirate, unlike that silly machine.  Rudoguil’s mental health has surely suffered bringing up that little machine.  He senses a change when his head begins aching and Rudoguil the Stony picks up his list of provisions for the Expedition.  He realizes the Automaton hasn’t felt well lately; although he tries, he wasn’t meant for hard tasks.  Rudoguil gives you supplies for the Automaton and hopes they will take him to the next level.

Level 34

Rudoguil the Stony worries preparation is taking way too long for the Expedition and swears people are laughing at him.  Suddenly, he feels sick…and Rudoguil the Bloody shows up declaring it’s time to cast off.  Rudoguil the Bloody asks if you know about Franmar the Wise.  He was the last king of the gnomes and rumor has it Franmar had an heir.  No one knows who or where he is, but the one who finds the crown prince to the gnome throne will get immense fortune.  Rudoguil the Bloody is all for that!  Rudoguil the Stony picks up the story declaring a disaster was the reason the gnomes left the mountains.  King Franmar insisted on the Departure but the gnomes didn’t like it.  The king might have saved all the gnomes…or not.  He hasn’t been seen since the Departure.

Level 35

Rudoguil the Stony disappears from Cloud Pier and reappears at Source Gates.  Rudoguil is satisfied to have made it this far, but the Gate of the Source is only the first destination.  Rudoguil’s assistants explored every stone, tried every opening rune, but the Gate didn’t budge.  It appears the Gate is sealed with hard-to-find ancient symbols of power.  Rudoguil the Stony thinks the gnomes’ symbols of power must be in the gnome homeland – under th
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(1) Rune Priest Ragnus Beardrune (2) King Ragnus Sagesmith (3) King Ragnus with Spectral Blade

Level 32

Ragnus Beardrune appears in Rune Garden and introduces himself as keeper of the rune garden.  He’ll help you look for the Source of Sorcery, but his help is expensive.  He wants to know more about the Spirit of Chaos.  It seems this creature doesn’t belong to our world but how did it get here?  If this spirit was summoned from a different world, it might disturb the balance here.  Instead of chasing the demon away, it appears the Spirit of Chaos is growing stronger.  Ragnus discovered that collecting a certain amount of magic artifacts might help keep the balance in our world.  Thanks to you, the balance is intact for now but it might change at any moment.  After searching through ancient volumes, Ragnus finds out the only hope in defeating the demon lies with the Unicorn.  But it’s not easy to find this magic beast.  Oberon won’t give away the Unicorn’s whereabouts and the demon can’t be defeated without him. 

Ragnus Beardrune admits hearing a lot about the Source of Sorcery over the years but has never seen it.  However, he knows for sure the way to the Source of Sorcery goes right through the Rune Garden.  It’s his responsibility, as keeper of the rune garden, to collect magic from all over the world.  Magic is in danger as long as the Spirit of Chaos remains, so Ragnus is collecting as much as possible to preserve magic in this world.  If magic suddenly disappears, Ragnus will be able to revive it using the collected runes and magic.  The next generation of gnome-conjurers will appreciate your help and your name will stay in the world’s historical records.  The witch, Arabella Scales, prepares a potion for Ragnus that is especially good.  She found out Ragnus is storing magic power and doesn’t want to waste her efforts.  She spend too much time destroying the first Expeditions to let Ragnus meddle now.  The gnomes destroyed their own mountains and took hold of the Source of Sorcery.

Level 34

Ragnus hands you special charms to help you fight the evil spirits on the way to the Source of Sorcery.  They will protect your Expedition and hopefully prevent another disaster.  Many decades ago a horrible catastrophe took place caused by Ragnus’ ancestor.  He doesn’t want to lose his home again so will try to convince the gnomes about the importance of your Expedition.  Ragnus did manage to find different specialists for the Expedition, but they won’t work for free.

Level 35

While the Rune Priest seems to be in favor of opening the Gate to the Source, he insists on staying away from the ancient subway.  A long time ago, the gnomes abandoned the subway because of untold horror – but the memories linger.  Ragnus is scared that entering the subway may disturb the evil there.  So the Rune Priest votes no to letting Rudoguil and his Expedition enter the abandoned tunnels; it’s just too dangerous.  Ragnus believes the Automaton can help, but the machine finds a false program with corrupt data.  To obey the rune priest will threaten lives, so the Automaton rejects Ragnus and declares the Gate must open.  Apparently Ragnus attempted to use strangers to damage the Gate, which infuriated Rudoguil.  Ragnus is desperate to keep his people away from the subway and contemplates getting the best engineers in Cloud City to control the Automaton.  But the people still search all possible catacombs and stashes looking for a way through the Gate, with no success.  And now Ragnus has more important things on his mind.  A murderer has appeared in Cloud City and the gnomes dread going out into the dangerous streets.  Fearing the gnomes may not be up to this challenge, Ragnus sends for a professional detective.

Level 37

Rudoguil is determined to open the Gate despite Ragnus’ opposition.  He thinks Ragnus is against the search because if the old king is found, that would threaten Ragnus’ power in Cloud City.  Ragnus can’t find the map of the subway and wonders about the loyalty of some of his people.  Ragnus is loath to reveal the truth about the previous king because it could hurt many and Ragnus refuses to allow that.  Besides, the trial of Jeronimo the innkeeper concluded not long ago and he has admitted his guilt.  Jeronimo committed all those murders just to frame Chris the Assassin and Ragnus calls him “a blind man in love.”  Jeronimo Took is now in Cloud City Prison but there’s trouble ensuring his security.  Many gnomes whose relatives suffered want the innkeeper dead.

Level 38

Ragnus needs help resolving some issues around the city.  Jeronimo is in prison, but there is still call for revenge.  The people want Jeronimo executed, but he’s a ghost!  How do you execute someone already dead?  An angry crowd gathered around the prison and Ragnus managed to soothe the people’s wrath by promising to punish Jeronimo soon.  The citizens are quiet for now, but it won’t last long. 

Level 39

The Lost Fairy is beside herself that the poor innkeeper is alone in prison and the wild gnomes are demanding revenge.  The hardest thing is that Ragnus promised to punish Jeronimo.  Something must be done.

Level 40

The Automaton finds a coded message and deciphers it.  It appears Valdo, the goblin treasure hunter, was working for Ragnus in trying to stop Rudoguil.  But while Valdo admits helping Ragnus, he didn’t know about your search then.

Level 42

The quiet life of Ragnus Beardrune didn’t last long.  There is chaos in the city, people are rising and the city will soon be engulfed in riot.  Ragnus’ promise to punish Jeronimo didn’t have any effect.  Ragnus still hasn’t found a way to punish the ghost murderer and he’s desperate for some way out of this situation.  He must have an audience with the Council of Elders , a meeting at the highest level, to discuss the situation.  After talking to the Elders for hours, one possible solution was reached.  They want to crown Ragnus!  It wouldn’t be his first choice, but the Elders see the coronation as the only way out.  Only a legitimate sovereign can put it all to rights.  Today, Ragnus will make an announcement to the gnomes about the upcoming coronation.  The sooner the coronation process, the sooner the gnomes will be happy to have a king again.  The coronation ritual gets underway and now
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Level 35

Rune Priest Ragnus Beardrune is busy trying to keep his people out of the abandoned tunnels when a murderer appears in Cloud City.  Suddenly the gnomes dread going out into the dangerous streets and Ragnus knows this situation demands outside help.  That’s why he sent for a professional detective.  Detective Norman Hayes appears in the Commercial District and immediately begins investigating the gnome murders.  For starters he has a hunch about Anabel and would like to find out what she thinks about the murders.  Anabel, very upset by the murders, urges all castle residents to speak with the detective.  But what Detective Hayes needs is evidence, hard evidence, so he decides to interview all the city dwellers.  To the detective Henry appears shifty, but Henry is appalled at being suspected of the murders.  He allows nothing to interfere with his archeological studies but agrees to turn over any information he comes across.  The detective then has a gut feeling Chris Arwin had something to do with the murders but Valeria Steiner gives him a solid alibi.  Seems her and Chris were practicing their craft at the time.  Next on the detective’s interview list is Keeper of the Castle, who has been so busy in the castle he claims he doesn’t know anything about the murders.  Did those gnomes bother anyone?  The detective is puzzled how this murder case seems so entangled and yet none of the suspects seem to have a motive. 

Level 36

Detective Norman Hayes, not wanting any more gnomes to die, decides magic is needed to find the murderer.  Not being good at magic himself, he must find an expert, human or not.  The detective’s knowledge of magic is enough to release Lord Chamberlain from his spell.  Since the Chamberlain was a pudgy purple bat at the time, he couldn’t possibly have committed the murders and his magical expertise is essential.  Lord Chamberlain is back to normal in Throne Hall.  Once recovered, Lord Chamberlain creates a unique amulet to help in the investigation.  Detective Hayes gives the Chamberlain everything he needs to restore his magical powers and any materials he needs for the investigation.  The detective feels the case is so close to cracked, he can taste it!  But this crime was committed in a strange way. 

Level 37

As the circle of suspects narrows, Lord Chamberlain announces he’s found the criminal.  From the magical tracks left, it’s clear the murderer is no ordinary man.  Maybe a werewolf or a vampire.  The Chamberlain performs further analysis of anomalies found at the crime scene and find the murderer is a…ghost!  Now there’s something you don’t see every day.  The Detective never had to arrest a criminal before and hopes the Chamberlain will help.  The innkeeper Salty Took, who didn’t resist arrest, is the murderer.  Salty disappears from the tavern.

Level 38

Very distraught over the Knight and Arabella, Anabel seeks professional help.  Meanwhile, Detective Norman Hayes is looking for the rascal who covered the walls in nasty words and has put another smuggler of pearl crawfish behind bars.  He’s intrigued by Anabel’s request to follow the Knight, but the detective respects the knight and doesn’t know if he should spy on him.  However, since it concerns the witch, he decides to take the case.

Level 39

The sooner the detective gets started, the sooner Anabel will get her information.  Anabel knows the detective is a professional and she’ll soon learn who the Iron Knight really loves. 

Level 40

Spying on the Knight takes a lot of the detective’s time, but he does his best to keep a close eye on him.  The detective asks for your help and reminds you not to forget the password…saw-fish.  The Knight has been seen talking to a strange man in the tavern so the Detective makes an eavesdropping device to help hear what is being said.  All he hears from the Knight is the usual talk about tournaments, hunting, dragons and ale.  Not a word about Anabel.  The detective waits to see if someone will visit the Knight at night.  While the witch didn’t visit, the Knight disappeared!  There were traces of struggle in his room.  Anabel was notified about the Knight’s disappearance and immediately suspected the Witch of using a love potion.  Anabel has the entire castle looking for the Knight and will never give up searching.  While Detective Hayes has several leads, he employs the help of Chris Arwin.  Following his own leads, Chris finds the lair where the Knight, poisoned by the spell of forgetfulness, was imprisoned and frees him.  Anabel holds a celebration to welcome the Knight home and is more determined than ever to find the kidnapper.  Unfortunately, Chris discovers the criminal close to home when his sister, Lilian, admits to kidnapping the Knight; a misguided attempt to lure the Knight’s father, Sir Oeland, into a trap as revenge for his allegedly murdering her family.

Level 41

Lilian desperately needs Detective Norman Hayes to help her escape Oeland’s sleuths.  The detective just finished the Wild Hunt Diamond case where the butler turned out to be the abductor so he has time to help Lilian.  But Lilian has been in Cloud City for a while and with so many eyes around, she might have been seen by many people.  But he knows how to hide Lilian and the detective has a plan.    

Level 42

This is modern times; all those invisibility hats and invisibility potions are so mid-century.  Werewolves are more like wolves than people, right?  So using their own sense of scent against them is the way to keep Lilian safe.  Lilian is grateful to the detective (spelled Haze) for his help. 

Level 60

(After his battle with the Elemental of the Abyss, Jeronimo disappears.  Ghostly Messenger, claiming to be the Source of Sorcery, promises to bring back Jeronimo.  But the Nature Blessing is needed to fully restore his powers.  Once that happens, power will also be restored to the Chamber of Wishes.  Then the Rune Scroll can be used to make one of your wishes come true (the return of Jeronimo).  Detective Hayes knows the search for runes will take money; information isn’t free and informers must be paid.  To crack this case, he’ll have to comb the castle so the detective begins packing for the
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Level 18

Although the mysterious locked door was opened in Level 8 with the Key Ring, revealing Valeria’s Diary, the Keeper of the Castle isn’t revealed sitting there until now.  The Keeper of the Castle must preserve peace in the castle but is glad to see a new challenger.

Level 19

The Keeper of the Castle vows to fight back the bleak thoughts filling the castle.  He warns there will be more and more obstacles in your way but you must stand your ground!  The Keeper can see the entire castle, but can’t walk around it so he needs your help.  The castle will fall without it.  Time is slipping away and it gets more and more difficult to hold back the creatures of the night.  Each step brings you closer to eliminating the shackles of evil. 

Level 21

The Keeper sees the past, present and future as a rushing river flowing by.  Sometimes a good relationship is more valuable than gold.  While the world is sadly full of false virtues, you are close to discovering the truth and tasting kindness.  The witch rejected the power of good, of course, that’s why she’s a witch.  And Henry may be in trouble.

Level 23

The Keeper of the Castle is relieved the castle is more or less safe since the Chamberlain’s punishment, but knows his negative influence still remains.  He offers a short philosophy lesson…If you don’t grow as a person, nothing has meaning.  The castle is now free of doom and you have earned the respect of the statue.  The Keeper muses how time, while non-existent for him, flies for some and how humans often ask for immortality even though they have no idea how to cope with it.  Don’t you fear the Chamberlain’s fate? 

Level 27

The witch displayed unwanted interest in the Knight, trapped the Knight’s father, Sir Oeland, between worlds and somehow deprived the Heart of the Mystery Chamber of magic, but unless she threatens Midnight Castle, the Keeper of the Castle can’t do anything about her.  He can, however, give you a storage core that contains concentrated magic.

Level 35

As Detective Norman Hayes is investigating the gnome murders in Cloud City, he decides to interview everyone.  The Keeper of the Castle says he’s been so busy in the castle that he hasn’t heard a thing about the murders.  Who could those gnomes have bothered?  Perhaps the best approach is to ask the gnomes living in the City.

Level 51

The threat of invasions of the Elemental of the Abyss is felt throughout the castle and Anabel needs help.  Protecting Midnight Castle is the Keeper’s top priority and he assures Anabel she can count on his help. 

Level 58

Jeronimo disappeared after battling the Elemental of the Abyss.  With the Mystery Chamber out of power, Jeronimo can’t be wished back.  The Ghostly Messenger, the Source of Sorcery, appears and desperately needs power.  He attempts a bargain…help him restore his power and he’ll bring back Jeronimo.  Everyone must decide whether the Ghostly Messenger can be trusted.  The Ghostly Messenger says keeping him waiting has led to unfortunate things before and sends you to his old friend, the Guardian.  He helped him once and he can do so again.  The Keeper of the Castle can’t imagine what old friend sent you; no one fits your description.  Lionel Mercer went missing years ago and, with nothing but bitter memories, the Keeper isn’t looking forward to seeing him.  He’s regretted his dealings with Lionel Mercer and would advise against making any deals with him.  Lionel was the greatest mage of his time, but it was rare for anyone to ask for his help.  Maybe you can guess the Keeper is one of the few who did; and look what he turned into.  The Keeper won’t say what he asked for because the agreement between the two of them prohibits it, but warns you not to trust the Ghostly Messenger.  The Keeper of the Castle advises remaining wary of the Ghostly Messenger, whether he’s Lionel Mercer or not.  But the Keeper decides to help anyway.    

Level 61

Jeronimo returns to his tavern, but everyone else has disappeared!  The Keeper of the Castle, urged by Salty to find Anabel, finds traces of her at Dark Tower.  Lying unconscious at the Dark Tower Gates, Anabel is just mostly dead according to the Keeper of the Castle.  Living Water is needed to save Anabel, but the Keeper knows making it is not a simple task.  One ingredient cannot just be found, it must be created.  With the lost formula in hand, the Keeper comes through with the ingredient.

Level 62

Anabel is the only one who knows what happened to the other residents of Midnight Castle and she believes everyone is locked inside the Tower.  But the door is locked and pieces to the Dragon’s Tongue Key are missing.  The Keeper of the Castle tries to jog his memory for the part you need and, since he doesn’t usually throw anything out, it must be around somewhere.  Success!

Level 63

The Iron Knight is found wrapped in chains in Dark Tower Hall and a way to release him must be found.  The Knight doesn’t remember much, but the Keeper of the Castle knows a little information is better than nothing.  Trying to knit together the pieces of memory, the Keeper feels the solution is so close he can taste it.  If he could taste, that is.    

Level 64

The Keeper and the Lord Chamberlain agree the Dark Tower must be searched.  While progress has been made, the Keeper is exhausted and needs to rest.  With the Iron Knight still in chains, Skull Pete leaving Midnight Castle for an island to store his treasures (Skull Pete disappears from Mirror Lake) and items being out of place, the Keeper of the Castle can’t listen to your problem.  He orders an immediate maintenance check of the Castle and, once satisfied all is well, remembers an ancient book mentioning the Eternal Call.  One of the books also describes the Dual Fates which is located in a mystical place…the Mystic Fountain.  Success!

Level 66

The Keeper of the Castle says the task of freeing the Iron Knight must be more difficult than he though if Valeria Steiner is asking for help.  The Keeper jokes about whistling and playing the violin, neither of which he can do, but he
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Level 38

Valdo, appearing in Far Metro Station, introduces himself as a treasure hunter.  He usually works alone, but wouldn’t mind having help.  He really must fix the metro station, which has become dark and lonesome.  Valdo heard you are friends with the Rudoguil gnome who’s searching for the hidden treasury.  Valdo has spent some time exploring and has some information on the treasury and the old king!  Perhaps he can help everyone achieve mutual goals.      

Level 39

Valdo claims to know every underground passage but before he can show you his attention is diverted by the rarest gem worth a lot of money.  When he realizes you’re still waiting to see the map of all the underground caves, Valdo says a goblin took it.  Valdo hasn’t come across the special things Rudoguil wants from the gnome treasury, so decides to give him directions to the treasury.  At least, Valdo hopes they’re the right directions.  Rudoguil the Bloody, fully equipped and prepared to follow Valdo’s directions to the gnome treasury, gets stopped by the guards of Cloud City. 

Level 40

Rudoguil the Stony, awaking from a strange dream, is sure Valdo sent him on the wrong track.  Good thing he found some gold, but he fully intends to punish that crafty goblin!  Valdo made a mistake with the location of the treasury, but no one was hurt.  And Rudoguil did find some gold, after all.   The Automaton finds a ciphered message that says Master Valdo works for the Rune Priest Ragnus Beardrune in his efforts to prevent Rudoguil from exploring the underground tunnels.  Rudoguil must know the truth about the goblin Valdo.  Valdo can prove he’s not guilty.  When Rudoguil was caught by the scarabs, Valdo was busy exploding a wall.  Therefore, his innocence is obvious and it doesn’t matter that the Automaton found some suspicious information.  Valdo has something even more suspicious; information about the illegitimate daughter of a gnome banker.  Valdo admits to helping Ragnus, but swears he didn’t know about your search then.  He really did mean well.

Level 44

In order to execute the ghost Jeronimo Took for the murder of the gnomes in Cloud City, King Ragnus Sagesmith needs a very special ancient artifact.  He entrusts Rudoguil with finding the Spectral Blade.  King Ragnus is in possession of the Blade, but a rune magus says it is a skillful imitation of the ancient artifact and Ragnus is sure it was Valdo who placed the fake Spectral Blade in order to sell it.  King Ragnus will find Valdo at any cost!

Level 47

Skull Pete’s proposition to the new leader of the gnomes is simple; information on the whereabouts of Valdo in exchange for sacks and sacks of money.  Pete baits the hook hoping Ragnus will shower him with riches, even though the information Valdo is useless.  But the old penny pincher Ragnus refuses to pay Skull Pete.

Level 48

King Oberon reveals the Spectral Blade can be used to destroy the Elemental of the Abyss, but Ragnus knows to find the weapon he must find Valdo.  His most trusted people found goblin traces and searched for Valdo in the most remote places, but never located that rascal of a goblin!

Level 49

Skull Pete has no trouble telling you where Valdo is…for a price.  After all, selling information is just a way of making some coins.  Valdo, now in the Commercial District, is livid Pete turned him in and vows to get even with him.  Good with blending into a crowd, Valdo knows the best hiding place is the most conspicuous one.  Valdo asks for help with some local issues and assures you it’s all legal.  Once the townspeople stop annoying him, Valdo understands Ragnus arranged to deliver the Spectral Blade to Rudoguil.  But the Spectral Blade is no regular blade and it’s far best that no one has found it.  Even though he’s been blamed for stealing the blade, Valdo swears he hasn’t touched it.  As a matter of fact, the artifact is still in the gnome treasury.


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I just can't get enough of these!  Thank you again for all you do!! heart_eyes