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Spoiler: Complete Character Progression   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

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Level 92

The Ruler of the Northern Islands, appearing in Ice Hall, greets you to Viking country. 

Level 93

The monarch understands Shadow deceived her by claiming the Knight was the chosen one who would bring victory to the North, but Northerners hold their vows sacred and always keep their word.  The Knight must fight for them in the Grand Joust.  She vows to have revenge on the scoundrel in time, but what’s been done cannot be undone.

The ruler explains the Grand Joust is held once a century and the future of the whole world depends on its results.  She hopes the Knight does well in the battle because his life, and that of the North, is at stake.  The Ruler is responsible for introducing the opponent and going over the rules.  The main rule is fight or die.  The warrior chooses their weapon; the opponent is a different story.  The Knight’s opponent is a resident of the Southern Lands and Southerners worship fire and uses its power in their spells.  The Southerner is more than a match for the Knight and is not bound by any oaths.

The Ruler announces the Southern Representative has arrived and wonders if she can be convinced not to participate in the Joust.

While The Ruler knew the southerners wouldn’t retreat, there was a flicker of hope the Fire Conjurer could be persuaded not to battle the Knight.  Fortunately, there is some good news.  The Ruler of the Islands found the last part of the Figurine of Power, the Stone Shield.  With it in place, the strength of a lion enters the Knight and he moves from Frosty Fort to the Jousting Field.  But just as the Grand Joust began, the Knight and Fire Conjurer were frozen in space and time! 

The Ruler of the Islands is outraged that someone dared interrupt the Grand Joust, an event with a thousand-year history.  She personally pays a visit to the Jousting Field to see the frozen combatants herself.  They are trapped as though they are living in a moment that never ends!  The Ruler decides to summon the Mage Coven of the Northern Islands.  But when their efforts to lift the curse fail, the Ruler instructs the Mage Coven to go to the ancient libraries and search for a solution to the puzzle.  Deflated by the lack of progress, the Ruler knows someone who might help.  Her strongest mage, the High Mage of Frost might offer a bit of advice.

The Ruler of the Islands is amazed the High Mage entrusted you with the Time Slipper, a very ancient and powerful artifact.  But since the High Mage trusts you, the Ruler will too and offers that she knows where another artifact part is located.  It’s at the summit of the highest mountain in the North.  The Ruler of the Islands prepares her people for an expedition to the mountain.


The expedition crew has hit the road so the only thing left to do is be patient and wait for news from the crew.  After a successful expedition another piece of the artifact, the World Foundation, was found.


The Ruler notes the unusual cold that has touched the Islands.  Does someone intend to take over her realm?  Her heart grows cold, as if covered by ice.  The Ruler vows the Northern Islands are hers and the Lord of Darkness will not have them.  A queen must protect her people.  The royal dogs, growling at the sky, sense the impending darkness.  The Queen’s astrologists calculated the eclipse’s approach, so all forces are focused on placing protective runes around the entire territory.  They should repel shadowy creatures.  The Ruler’s mages report the enemy wishes to speak, so she implores you to be her ambassador…to the Lord of Darkness!

After your visit with the Lord of Darkness, the Ruler feels his threats are empty and the people of the Northern Islands will never back down.  She doesn’t recognize your staff, but the wise ones from the North tell her it’s the Sealing Staff and one of its parts is close by, buried amongst the debris of the ruined castle in the woods.  The fire that destroyed the castle couldn’t be extinguished, even when the mages used magical water.  The Ruler of the Islands believes only you can handle this task and appreciates your promptness.  Never lose that – it’s a valuable trait.

Her warriors discovered the source of the magical fire were a couple of phoenixes the inhabitants couldn’t handle.  The Ruler takes over the search for the artifact part.

Level 98

A trail of fire prints led to the Phoenix Feathers.  The Ruler urges you to take care of it because such things are hard to find.  She believes any foe can be defeated by standing together.

The completed Sealing Staff closes the portal, denying the Lord of Darkness his army.  But even though the Lord of Darkness and his army can’t pass through the portal, you can.  The fight isn’t over yet, this may be the calm before the storm.

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Level 93

The Fire Conjurer appears in the Jousting Field and introduces herself as the greatest conjurer of the Southern Lands.  She’s so powerful she can turn a full tree to cinders in a snap.  The Grand Joust gives her entire life meaning and it’s a great honor to participate in it.  She’s been preparing for this battle since she was a baby and her people expect great things from her.  She will not fail her family and homeland.  While the flame in the Fire Conjurer’s heart will melt even the coldest ice, she’s well-armed and ready for battle.

The Fire Conjurer knows the Northerners have loyal supporters and she’s sorry the Mistress of the Northern Islands was deceived.  But she refuses to cancel the battle.  To withdraw from the battle would break ancient tradition and dishonor her people.  The fire’s light further convinces her the battle must take place and she will be victorious.  It’s not personal and, despite being on opposite sides, she wants to help.  She needs some time to think about what can be done.

The Fire Conjurer wonders if you’d like to take the Knight’s place in the Joust.  It’s a great honor, and there’s nowhere else the Fire Conjurer would rather be.  Just to make it a fair fight, the Fire Conjurer gives you a gift to help the Knight; the curvy sword known as the Flamberg.  The Fire Conjurer promises to do whatever it takes to help the Vikings catch Shadow…after the Joust.  To that end, she asks you to relay the message to the Mistress that despite her respect for the Northerners, they remain bitter rivals until the end of the Joust. 


The Fire Conjurer and Knight are still frozen in mid-joust just as the Time Slipper takes aim.  Time shifts and the Fire Conjurer is left alone in the Jousting Field while the Knight has returned to Frosty Fort.  The Time Slipper succeeded in ending their battle, but the Knight’s memories are hazy.  He sends you to the Fire Conjurer, hoping hers are clearer.  But the Fire Conjurer’s memories are jumbled too.  Her first thought is how furious the Mistress of the Northern Islands must be that the Grand Joust was interrupted in the heat of competition.  The Fire Conjurer proceeds to warm up her magic, hoping to restore her memories. 


Memories begin to seep back into the Fire Conjurer; the chilling wind and the mysterious figure.  With fire magic, she peered into his dark essence and saw no kindness within.   She also remembers the location of one of the parts for the Sealing Staff and sends her strongest mages, the mages of the Firstborn Fire, to split off a piece of a powerful ebony meteorite.  At last, the mages contacted the Fire Conjurer through the Flame of the Sacred Fire declaring their mission a success.  The Black Crystal is yours.


Jousting Field

Level 99

The Shadowy Fire Conjurer is burning with fury over her becoming a shadow of herself.  It feels like a bad dream she can’t wake up from.  The Fire Conjurer’s tried everything she knows to no avail; even other mages have no solutions.  The Fire Conjurer doesn’t want to disappear and is compelled to help because if the Shadow Tamer works, it will lift this terrible curse. 

More of the Fire Conjurer’s acquaintances are becoming shadows so she decides to charge the guardian stones that protect her community.  You help locate items to charge the stones, but something is wrong.  The charged stones glow a bright red, but their color should be green.  It appears someone damaged one of the stones.  One of its magical runes is gone, either eroded by time or sabotage.  In order to restore the rune, the Fire Conjurer must recreate an ancient paint formula used by the fire people of the Southern Lands. 

It wasn’t easy, but the paint is ready.  Now the Fire Conjurer needs the scroll with the inscriptions.  And where else would an ancient put a scroll with magical runes but in a library!  With the paint and scroll with inscriptions together, the Fire Conjurer sets about restoring the guardian stones.  She suggests you visit Valkyrie.

While visiting Valkyrie, the Fire Conjurer completed restoration of the guardian stones, bathing her community in emerald light.  It won’t stop the shadow transformation; people are still turning into shadows but it managed to buy some time. 

While searching the library, the Fire Conjurer came upon an unexpected gift...the Agony Tree Bark.

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Beyond Frosty Fort is a town that was previously hidden.  Entering the Square of Titans, you are greeted by the Guardian Titan.  He explains the frozen clouds dissolved and revealed this sacred town of Titans to you for a reason.  The Guardian Titan is the keeper of the ancient town of Titans; its true name lost to the sands of time.  One day, the Titan people simply vanished, as if they never existed.  Only wind moves through the streets now; no voices, no bustle.  Just utter quiet.  The Guardian Titan, an astral projection, guards empty walls for eternity.  The town revealed itself because a portal has opened between this world and the Dark Side. 

The Guardian Titan reveals the leader of the Dark Side is the Lord of Darkness and his sidekick, Shadow.  The Lord of Darkness has already begun his evil plans.  He’s one step ahead, but can still be stopped.  The same portal appeared in the Guardian’s lands when his people vanished, forcing the Guardian to spend millennia in solitude.  The Guardian Titan will savor his revenge over the Lord of Darkness.  The Guardian Titan notices the Sealing Staff and, astral projection or not, he can help with the next part.  It lies somewhere in the Titans’ numerous ancient treasuries.  Hoping to speed up the search, the Guardian creates a special mirror to show where the Staff piece lies.  The artifact has been found, but that wing of the treasury is in ruins and must be cleared.  The Guardian Titan learns that even an astral projection can get tired and suffer from dust allergies. 

Finally, all the stones are cleared but the golden doors that lie ahead present the final hurdle.  A riddle.  The Guardian Titan is confident of his strong mind and, while the task was difficult, proceeds to solve the riddle.  He knows it’s impossible to measure the cost of saving lives.  He hands you the Twisted Cobra and urges you to assemble the Sealing Staff and seal the terrible portal forever.

Level 100

The Guardian Titan possesses centuries worth of knowledge.  The empty streets bring only sorrow and the winds bring worrying news.  The Lord of Darkness must be dealt with before it's too late.  The Guardian Titan also thought the Northern Breath was just a legend, but he will search for information on the artifact.

The Northern Breath is no harmless trinket.  There's a reason its parts were separated and hidden.  The parts were so well hidden that their existence was even erased from the memories of the Elders.  

One of the Titan's legends says the Dragon Fire Orb is in the old arsenal, but an ancient Golem guards the way.  Tricking the Golem is impossible, defeating him will take some thought.  The mages determined the only way to defeat the Golem is by creating a special weapon.  

Found the plans and the resources to make the weapon.  The Guardian Titan won't need fire, steel or even tools...just magic and knowledge.  The weapon's silhouette is already visible through the magical mist.

Just then, a messenger owl on snowy wings brings an urgent message from the Ruler of the Islands.

Level 101

Upon your return, the Guardian Titan has finished crafting the weapon.  There's nothing like a solid crossbow that's powerful enough to pierce stone!  Dealt with the Golem and handed over the Dragon Fire Orb.

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The High Mage of Frost greets you from the Ruler’s Study just beyond Ice Hall.  He claims to be the strongest mage of ice and snow and is ready to help.  He insists the Ruler of the Islands should have a strong mage like him by her side and describes the Ruler’s beauty as “comparable to the loveliness of the most elegant snowflake.”  The High Mage of Frost is aware the Mage Coven tried in vain to lift the curse from the frozen fighters but, on the bright side, they won’t hurt each other in their current state.  The High Mage says only an ancient artifact will help lift the curse.  The Time Slipper can reverse time around the fighters and restore them!  But the artifact hasn’t been whole in many years.

The High Mage cautions that, once whole, the Time Slipper should be used wisely.  He knows where one part of the artifact is hidden.  The frosty winds of the Northern Islands whisper to the High Mage that the part lies under a thick layer of ice in the Sacred Lake.  The High Mage created a spell for breaking the ice of the Sacred Lake, but so far has only managed to crack it.  It seems the artifact is so ancient traces of its origin are almost lost.  All the ancient magic books don’t contain any information but the High Mage found a legend about the creation of the Time Slipper.


The High Mage of Frost is well aware of a spell that creates the icy cold wind both the Knight and Fire Conjurer described.  It’s the breath of the Dark Side!  And if the Lord of Darkness is here, his army of shadow beasts are close by too.  To track one of the Lord’s henchmen, the High Mage of Frost prepares a ritual using frosty patterns on the floor and special placement of items.  The Mage quickly depletes all his magic energy, but he’s found one of the Lord of Darkness’ henchmen, Shadow!  He sends you to Shadow while the frost and wind restore the Mage’s power, bit by bit.

After your visit with Shadow, the High Mage of Frost has enough energy to help find one of the Staff parts.  It’s hidden atop the ancient snow-covered mountain and not easy to reach.

The Time Slipper was created by ancient Titans from stardust and star energy.  It has a power that is without equal.  The power of the Time Slipper is that it can take control over time – accelerate, reverse and even stop it.  However, using this artifact can badly harm both space and time.  This is why it was broken and the pieces of it were scattered all over the world.  The pieces are hidden very well, but the High Mage managed to free the Mysterious Asteroid from the Sacred Lake.  His last request again cautions you to be very careful with the completed Time Slipper.


The High Mage of Frost is well aware of a spell that creates the icy cold wind both the Knight and Fire Conjurer described.  It’s the breath of the Dark Side!  And if the Lord of Darkness is here, his army of shadow beasts are close by too.  To track one of the Lord’s henchmen, the High Mage of Frost prepares a ritual using frosty patterns on the floor and special placement of items.  The Mage quickly depletes all his magic energy, but he’s found one of the Lord of Darkness’ henchmen, Shadow!  He sends you to Shadow while the frost and wind restore the Mage’s power, bit by bit.

After your visit with Shadow, the High Mage of Frost has enough energy to help find one of the Staff parts.  It’s hidden atop the ancient snow-covered mountain and not easy to reach.


Ruler’s Study

Level 98

The High Mage of Frost is a shadow victim, slowly disappearing from this world.  The curse hasn’t touched everyone yet, but one by one, all the residents of Midnight Castle will become shadows.  But even a very powerful mage such as the High Mage of Frost can’t stop the curse.  He hasn’t felt the cold stab of fear in a long time and the evil is draining his magic and life force.  He can’t even conjure a worthy snowdrift!  An icy wind deeply pierces the soul of the High Mage and he wonders how long until everyone’s gone.  But the snowflakes sparkling in the moonlight make this world too beautiful to leave.

There is a ritual the High Mage wants to perform.  With your help, and the Mage’s remaining powers, it just might be successful.  To quickly collect the magical items and potions, help from other mages is essential.  After gaining their favor, the magister of the Order of Burning Heart offers a mandrake tear, Lady Melissa sends a fern flower and Ellaniel, the elvish healer, has powered unicorn hair.

While the wind blows ever forward, the High Mage of Frost readies the ingredients and musters all the magical power he can. 

Level 99

Success!  The High Mage of Frost managed to slow the process of shadow transformation.  It’s all up to you now.  Assemble the Shadow Tamer and stop this curse!

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As ambassador representing the Ruler of the Islands, you meet the Lord of Darkness in the Ancient Garden.  Maybe he can add some details to what you’ve already been told about him.  The Lord of Darkness has waited centuries for the moon to enter the right phase – when the long eclipse would make him the most powerful.  With the call of the dark moon, the Lord of Darkness tried the portal to this world, and it opened.

Nightmare is a horse that can turn your blood to ice and she belongs to the Lord of Darkness.  Nightmare led the Lord of Darkness through the portal without fear.  When she beats her hooves, the ground shakes.  The Lord of Darkness has never seen a dragon, but can’t imagine a more majestic animal than Nightmare.  Anyway, he would never exchange Nightmare for any dragon.  The Lord of Darkness has many devotees.  His army also feels the call of the dark moon and stands roaring at the threshold to the portal.  But they can’t follow him through…yet.

The Lord of Darkness is enjoying this moment, but the long eclipse will be soon.  And with the dark moon, he will have the power to bring his army to this land.  While he insists he will make this world even better, the Lord of Darkness says he seeks power over the living and dead, everywhere the sunlight falls and everywhere that exists in complete darkness.  Everyone will become his servants, bowing to him and his power.  He asks what you want, but before you can answer, says he really doesn’t care. 

The Lord of Darkness recognizes you’re a stubborn one with fury in your eyes.  He wonders how you’ll fare against him and if you’ve listened to anything he’s said.  His last bit of advice…prepare for a new future.

Level 99

Sensing your “pet genie” searching for him, the Lord of Darkness expected your visit.  He remembers your last entertaining conversation, which distraction enabled the portal to his world to be sealed.  He wanted to punish you for ruining his plans, but physical injury is so unsophisticated.  He wonders how you like the new look he gave to your friends and allies.  And the Lord of Darkness vows there will be more shadows soon; the mage’s pitiful attempt to slow the process is pure and simple desperation.  He looks forward to the valuable acquisition of the genie and wise raven’s shadows. 

The Lord of Darkness seems satisfied by his revenge and your anger.  He’s very impressed with the results of his curse considering the first tests were with lab rats.  But everything worked out and, since his army can’t invade because of you, the Lord decides to make a new army here instead.   He also plans to increase the range of the curse to affect all Midnight Castle residents, including you.

These are no empty threats; the Lord of Darkness vows everything he said will come true.  But why not join him?  You would be so powerful.  Declining the invitation, the Lord is surprised at your inability to look ahead since you seemed so bright.

Level 102

The completed Northern Breath goes to the Ancient Garden and the Lord of Darkness disappears (he reappears in the Hall of Suffering) but he managed to capture some of the Midnight Castle residents and turned them into shadows.  Now the mission turns to releasing those souls from the Dark Side and destroying the Lord of Darkness, once and for all.

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Forest of Shadows

Level 98

The Huntress hunts evil shadows invading this world and she’s looking for someone.  If you help her, she hopes to call you a friend.  Like you, the Huntress is able to travel freely between this world and the Dark Side.  Many shadows, creatures and sorcerers seeking solitude found the Dark Side a safe place to live and they’re outraged when shadows invade the world of the living.  Lilith the Huntress confesses the one she’s looking for is none other than Shadow, the Lord of Darkness’s sidekick.  It appears once upon a time, Lilith and Shadow were more than just friends; until he got into trouble.  She also wants to be clear about her allegiances...she’s against the Lord of Darkness.

The old adage is true, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and Lilith will help in the fight against the Lord of Darkness.  But Shadow isn’t her only motivation in the fight against the Lord of Darkness.  Sealing the portal to hold back the shadow beasts and saving this world is of greater importance.

She calls herself a “Shadow Elf”, and shadow elves have been moving between worlds without portals since ancient times.  It’s a skill that can’t be taught.  Lilith is aware the enraged Lord of Darkness cursed everyone in Midnight Castle.  A curse older than the ancient dragons that turns everyone into shadows and Lilith has no idea how to stop it. 

In the scrolls of her ancestors, Lilith found a legend about the Shadow Tamer.  It was created by the shadow elves long ago, but all details are lost to the streams of time.  Lilith believes in the artifact and its power, but finding all its parts will be difficult. 

Suddenly, Lilith the Huntress feels Shadow somewhere in the town between the worlds of the living and dead.  She wants you to find Shadow and tell him about her.

Lilith the Huntress is very pleased Shadow remembers her and chose the right side in this conflict.  While you were gone, Lilith got information that a Shadow Tamer part resides in the sacred domain of the shadow elves.  It was thought the road to it was long forgotten, but Lilith found she can enter the domain by walking the shadowy path.  It’s dangerous, but difficult times require difficult solutions.  She asks you to wait patiently and trust her. 

It wasn’t easy, and Lilith doesn’t want to relive the horrors she saw, but she found the Ancient Pipes.  All hope now resides with you.

Level 102

Lilith is sure she and Shadow will be together, he's the most important thing in the world to her.  But one thing stands in their way...the Lord of Darkness.  Shadow has changed; he still serves the Lord of Darkness, but he's secretly helping from the inside.

Lilith wants to perform a small elvish ritual to protect Shadow from the Lord of Darkness' evil influence.  The ritual is as old as the Shadow Elves themselves and is used to protect families and loved ones.  She must brew a special drink called the Heart's Warmth.  Once Lilith drinks the brew, she'll sing a special song and the warmth of her love will protect Shadow.  She's never made this drink before, but this seems like the right time and for the right person.

She must remember the ingredients; thistle leaf blood from the tree of ancients (not hard to find, all elves carry it), forest heart flowers (they try to hide from your gaze), moon tea (it doesn't grow on the moon, it's just made of special moon leaves that must be brewed for many hours under the beams of the increscent moon), agate ginger root (used in many potions and readily available for herbalists) and red lemon (usually impossible to find).  Miracles do happen, all the ingredients have been collected and Lilith begins brewing the beverage.

The life-defining tea is ready and Lilith is ready to drink it and sing the song that will put Shadow under the invisible protection of a girl who's in love with him.  Unfortunately, no one should hear the song so she asks for some privacy.

Lilith feels alive and takes that as a sign the tea was a success and Shadow is now under the protection of ancient elvish magic.  Wonders how Shadow is feeling, but it's too dangerous for Lilith and Shadow to communicate right now.

Is so glad everything is going well and Shadow is trying to sabotage the Lord of Darkness's plans

Lilith recalls legends that mention the Northern Breath.  The beginning of the tale is lost, but the ending mentions the Ice Wing.  Important texts indicate the Shadow Elves kept the Ice Wing and used it to decorate the statue in the town's main square.  Lilith is sure the Ice Wing is on its way and it does eventually arrive.  (The completed Northern Breath goes to the Ancient Garden and the Lord of Darkness disappears, but he managed to capture some of the Midnight Castle residents and turn them into shadows.)

Lilith wishes your visits were under more festive circumstances, but agrees to help free those bound souls.  Surely her people, the dark elves, know how to release the souls from the Dark Side.  One note and a couple of carrier pigeons won't be enough; it'll take a massive missive to tell the whole story, delivered by an entire flock of carrier pigeons!  Finally, the pigeons are sent on their way and there's nothing left to do now but wait for the messages to reach the elves.

The shadows began vanishing one-by-one and Lilith is afraid someone found a way to kill shadows.  While it's true she hunts down shadows in the world of the living, Lilith won't tolerate killers on the Dark Side.

Lilith is confident a special mirror could help her see the shadow destroyer.  She manages to find all the parts and sets about putting it all together.  The finished mirror leads Lilith to the shadow of an ancient tyrant who learned how to kill his fellow shadows.  

Unfortunately, the hunt doesn't go well and Lilith's shadow is wounded by the ancient tyrant.  Vitality draining from her shadow's wound, Lilith knows this is more serious than she first thought.  She doesn't want to alarm her beloved Shadow, so she implores the aid of Morisa the Forest Witch.

Level 103

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Hut on Legs

Level 100

Dice foretold your visit to Morisa the Forest Witch, but she says you must gain her trust before she will talk.  Once that’s done, Morisa says she’s from the world of the living, but it was too noisy and hectic, so she moved to the Dark Side.  It’s much quieter there, the ideal place to do magic.

Morisa is aware of the Lord of Darkness’s curse and she’s seen the future, but telling you would keep it from happening.  She also knows what’s hidden in the shadows; where would the last part of the Shadow Tamer be if not the shadow world?  Before proceeding with her story, Morisa must see what the cards say and check the position of the stars.

She has a cousin, Baba Yaga, who can help get the artifact part, but she won’t do it for free.  Helping Morisa with a couple of favors has her commenting that you’re “as fast as a magic broom.”  Morisa is amazed by your abilities and thinks you’d make an excellent apprentice.

The Lord of Darkness is neither friend nor foe, so Morisa isn’t worried about him.  He has no use for her and she wouldn’t help him anyway.

Wonderful news from Morisa’s cousin; she found the missing piece and will visit soon.  You missed all the fun when Morisa’s cousin visited.  Baba Yaga brought raspberry tea and she and Morisa enjoyed a pleasant visit with hearty conversation.  They told stories and laughed all night.  It was so much fun, Morisa isn’t sure she’s ready to get back to work just yet.

Level 101

A spoon fell from the table in the morning, followed by a fork.  For Morisa, they were signs that guests will arrive.  She knows a lot about the Northern Breath and is willing to share in exchange for a few tasks.

The Northern Breath is an ancient artifact that was created by many talented artisans.  It contains five dangerous artifacts and the mage who designed it ultimately understood that nobody should possess such a weapon.  

The Firestorm Eye was found inside an ice volcano of the North by dwarven miners.  It can create a powerful magic aura. 

The Dragon Fire Orb is a special vessel created by Uls the Vitreous, an ancient artisan who could turn scraps of glass into masterpieces.  The Dragon Fire Orb was reinforced by dragon fire to withstand any heat and keep it safely inside.

A long-forgotten jeweler created the Horns of Half-Moon.  It was his last creation, imbued with his remaining life force as he slipped into the next life.  The Horns of Half-Moon shine even in complete darkness, lighting the way for travelers.

The Polar Star is the most mysterious part of the Northern Breath.  No one knows where it comes from and those who try to study its history only go mad.

The Ice Wings were kept in the royal treasury in the far North until the day the descendants of their creator asked for them back.  The King decided not to fight over the artifact and returned it to the Shadow Elves.  

The Northern Breath will obey the one who can collect its parts and tame the power roaring inside it.  In the hands of a kind person, the Northern Breath can fight the darkest evil, but in the wrong hands, it will only make the evil worse.

Morisa believes the Northern Breath can cast the evil Lord so far away that he may never be able to return.

Level 102

(The completed Northern Breath sent the Lord of Darkness from the Ancient Garden to the Dark Side's Hall of Suffering, but not before he managed to capture some of the Midnight Castle residents and turned them into shadows.)

Morisa is sure she can help Lilith and explains that in the shadow world, shadows are real and can be harmed and also healed.  Morisa knows Lilith is an experienced huntress, so whoever hurt her shadow must be very powerful.

Level 103

Morisa sets about working on the challenge to restore Lilith's wounded shadow before she gets worse.  She finds some usable herbs in the forest for the elixir, but will have to trade with some unfriendly creatures, the winged harpy, terror of the eastern mountains, for other items. 

A mandrake leaf is needed to make a special candle before brewing the elixir and Morisa manages to find the leaf in her very own garden.  The candle is ready, along with all the herbs and powders, but now begins the difficult part.  The elixir must be stirred from dusk to dawn without interruption.  

Morisa hopes Lilith's strength is seeing her through this difficult time, but all this work has taken a toll on Morisa.  Finally, the moment of truth has arrived.  If done correctly, the elixir should emit vapor as it cools and change color.  It takes longer than expected, but finally the color changes and Morisa is confident her elixir will cure Lilith's shadow wound moments after drinking it.  Morisa has never been prouder of her skills. 

Level 111

Morisa, having quite the green thumb, is sure she can help.  She believes something grown in the forbidden forest is best, but preparation is key if you want to stay alive.  The forest is forbidden for a reason...there’s far more to worry about than savage beasts and perilous plants.  She warns of the bewildering air – so full of magic from the plants and animals that the unprepared may be ensnared and lost forever.

To prepare for the adventure ahead, Morisa readies a potion to guard her mind and memories before entering the forest.  She knows even the prepared can perish.

Her adventure in the forbidden forest was awesome.  Morisa met a three-tailed fox, glimpsed a unicorn and brought back something important.  Rewarded with the Exciting Plumeria for the Charming Bouquet.