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Spoiler: Complete Character Progression   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 8/11/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 66396 views.
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Level 114

Bound Ronan at the Cliff of Lament wonders what interest there is in a place of punishment and a man bound in chains.  He suffers endlessly and undeservedly.

His isn’t the simple story of a villain punished for his crimes, but a much more complex tale.  Since childhood, Ronan was a faithful friend and servant to the Crown Prince Stronghold.  Through their many travels, Ronan walked beside the Prince and kept his many secrets.  The Prince had one secret greater than the rest…some would call it a gift and others a curse.  The Prince’s gift was that of immortality.

Prince Stronghold embarked on a great journey to escape his father, who envied his gift.  He fought with his father constantly, who longed to gain immortality himself.

Prince Stronghold wept at the thought of outliving his loved ones and he and Ronan set out in search of a cure for his immortality.  They traveled far and wide, but no one could help.  Ronan couldn’t stand to see his friend’s pain and swore he’d find a way to end his torment.

By sheer luck, Ronan discovered the reason for the Prince’s immortality, the Totem of Life.  This artifact gives eternal life to one randomly chosen ruler so they may lead their people to endless prosperity.

Ronan felt he was being courageous and decisive by not asking permission from the Prince before destroying the Totem.  Unfortunately in his haste, he missed something.  Something the Prince did not miss; that the one who destroys the Totem becomes immortal themselves.  The Prince considered Ronan’s action treachery to gain immortality for himself and, in a heartsick rage, bound them both with an unbreakable chain.  The Prince’s remains lie beside Ronan still.

Ronan believes a descendant of the one who forged the chain can help and she just happens to be nearby.  (Dolores the Blacksmith)

Ronan is confused by Dolores’ statement that he can find the Hammer part without anyone’s help.  The only thing he possesses are his memories.  Can those save him?  Ronan seriously doubts the answer lies there.  Riddles do not bring Ronan any comfort, but Dolores insistence that he’s missing something hiding in plain sight is one riddle he’d like to solve. 

The remains of an axe is all Ronan has left.  It’s been in his family for ages, ever since his grandfather found it long ago after some great battle.  The Prince broke the axe before binding himself and Ronan together; now all that’s left is the pommel.  Ronan is surprised he had a piece of the Hammer all along and suddenly his pain feels bearable.  (You are rewarded with the Spiked Pommel.)

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Dolores the Blacksmith at Mountain Workshop works the forge like few alive.  She understands Ronan sent you, but she’s told him many times that no one can help him.  Right now, Dolores is more concerned with her own heavy legacy.  Her grandfather made the chains that bind Ronan and she’s shunned by the people of the town, as if she’s responsible.  Feeling her life is a bit grim right now, Dolores knows she’s capable of great things even though she can only find work making kitchen knives and other such drudgery.  

Dolores wants nothing more than to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps forging great weapons and armor.  Recently, she was asked to forge a sword and hopes that’s the beginning of a promising future.

While her grandfather was a blacksmith, Dolores doesn’t know if her father was.  She never met her parents and her grandfather never spoke of them.  His example is all she ever had.

Dolores still has a lot to learn, but she must surpass the skill of her grandfather to have any hope of breaking his greatest metal masterpiece.  From what she can tell, the chain binding Ronan is truly unbreakable and his imprisonment may last forever.

Studying all the records her grandfather left about his creation yields no solution.  Not even her grandfather knew the origin of the metal used in the chain.  They spent years searching, to no avail.

Dolores wonders if a weapon made of the same metal would be able to break the chain.  Once she remembers her grandfather speaking of the All-crushing Hammer, an extremely powerful weapon.  He said during an attack on the Castle, our Champion struck the ground just once and the might of the blow caused the enemy to flee in terror.  The force of the strike destroyed the Hammer and its parts scattered.

The parts could be anywhere and perhaps some have been found already.  Each of the individual parts are priceless and indestructible, quite a gift to come across.  Any lucky souls who found them might not even know the power of what they possess.  Imagine a piece of the Hammer used as a paperweight!

Dolores’ skills go beyond blacksmithing.  Her hammer can do more than just form metal – it can detect the presence of legendary artifacts.  Focusing deeply enables her to sense artifacts nearby, but her hammer has been known to fly from her hand!

Her hammer feels an artifact’s energy, but something is odd.  It seems the part is not far at all.  If Dolores’ intuition is correct, Ronan has a puzzle to solve.  Tell Ronan the location of the Hammer part is closer than he thinks, and he can find it without anyone’s help.