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Spoiler: Complete Character Progression   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 8/11/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 71350 views.
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Level 78Lady Adora appears on Palace Balcony, East – to some, her memory has been lost to the sands of time; so happy to finally see the world of Midnight Castle again; her lands are crossed by many caravans from the East, but personal guests are rare; has lived completely isolated from the world since separation from the Dragon; Storyteller Cat made her solitude brighter and they collaborated on tales; he always promised Adora would hear of her Dragon again; she and the Wise Dragon were so much in love that they broke the law of their world; the verdict of the Council of Elders was a princess and dragon couldn’t be together; they were separated and the borders between their worlds were closed; Adora often inquired about the fate of the Castle and its residents but when she found out the Ghostly Messenger intended to kill the Dragon, she had to act; she ordered Hansel and Gretel to get rid of the Messenger; her reluctance to reunited with the Dragon is complicated; every relic ‘borrowed’ from Midnight Castle residents is in her possession; there is a curse on Adora that poisons her very existence; the relics provide a temporary power source that helps her survive and look like she does; she is prepared to return the relics and show her true face; wants the Dragon to know she’ll always love him; Lady Adora appears as Cursed Lady Adora (an old woman); looking upon her real face it’s obvious Lady Adora’s days are numbered

Level 79Cursed Lady Adora is very sorry her curse inconvenienced Castle residents; doesn’t blame the Genie, after all, her and the Dragon broke the law; will do everything to reverse the curse; feels responsible for all the transformed kids, now that the grown-ups have disappeared; is relieved she can still rely on the Knight and Anabel, even if they are kids; wonders why the Elders only cursed her; dragons don’t get old, unlike princesses; worries about the boys’ behavior now that they’re kids again

Level 80 – can’t expect little boys (Henry and Jeronimo) to sit quietly in one place; at least they didn’t break anything; the kids aren’t the problem, it’s the missing adults; maybe the brave little pirate can help; was afraid that Pete and the Chamberlain would find a reason to quarrel; (Time Clock goes to World’s Edge (fires are extinguished), curse is lifted, Lady Adora young again, kids back to being adults and castle residents who disappeared are back); Lady Adora (young) appears on Palace Balcony; what a relief the curse has been lifted; Adora is young and the others have been restored to their proper forms; wasn’t quite ready for grey hair and relieved to see her true self once again reflected in the mirror; must find out from the Genie how she can be reunited with the Wise Dragon; Genie forbade any meeting, but gave Adora a powerful artifact (Get Mirror of Fate); the only way they can be together is use the Mirror of Fate to transform the Wise Dragon into a human

Level 82Lady Adora and Drake appear in Magic Council Chamber; “We’re finally together again.  So much to catch up on!”  ***See Drake and Adora under Wise Dragon

Level 86Drake in Forbidden Tower; Lady Adora in World’s Edge

Level 116 -  Alone at World’s Edge, hasn’t seen Drake in a while; she knows something’s been on his mind for a long time; doesn’t understand why he won’t share since Adora can accept any truth; feels Drake’s desire to return to his dragon form from time-to-time is perfectly reasonable; Adora loves Drake and that will never change; aware Drake is afraid his human body won’t be able to handle the transformation; Adora can help with that; stargazing is the first step to finding some guidance; it’s written in the stars that numbers are the key to solving this problem; Adora is a skilled mathmagician and dabbles in the art of arithmancy;  but the answer is zero, does that mean nothingness?; Adora realizes zero is the mark of the divination orb; realizes the power is not in the ancient paper housed within the orb but in its text; checks the library and finds a scroll that mentions magical clothing; dragon hide, not from dragon skin, but compressed magic of a dark dragon.

The scroll reads “indestructible material that overcomes painful transformations.  suitable for shape-shifters”; Adora tests the dragon hide’s properties to be sure it’s good enough and is satisfied with results; dragon hide is exceedingly rare and the last dark dragon died thousands of years ago but she must find a jacket for Drake; a caravan of merchants passed by; Adora digs through piles and finally finds the jacket; the merchant is asking an arm and a leg for it, but Adora successfully bargains for the jacket; the deal is made; the jacket is dirty so Adora washes it and sends word to Drake she has something he wants.

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Level 117 – Shaper of Worlds appears at Flying Treehouse; been expecting you for a long time; knew you were coming because he has a map of the castle grounds that displays everyone’s location; his name is Michael; you know him as Keeper of the Castle; the elders call him Shaper of Worlds; he doesn’t actually create worlds; he’s an ancient expert in artifacts; he created most of them when the history of the castle began; there’s nothing divine about what he does; he just follows the rules of magic and the world shapes around him.

Michael is also known by the name Creator of Balance; magic is chaos in its very nature, but he can control it; Michael created the Scales of Balance to protect Midnight Castle if magic was used improperly; several incidents occurred at the same time, shattering that balance; Michael founded the Council of Elders (from the United World of Magic…Genie and Bone King being two other members)

The Council was supposed to manage the minutiae of the world; ensure the rules were followed; breaking those rules damages Midnight Castle and puts the world at risk; some residents, including elders, broke those rules; the Scales were close to breaking many times, but it finally happened sometime after you arrived; managed to maintain the balance for a while, but now is out of options; what’s broken must be fixed to restore order.

Helping Drake and Adrian went a long way towards restoring the balance; another incident that needs to be put right is the Lord of Darkness dispute; Anabel and the Warrior Knight belong together yet they don’t even talk to each other; this must be fixed (Visit Anabel and the Warrior Knight)

Level 118 – is glad Anabel and the Warrior Knight decided to talk; there’s more love in this world now that they’ve been brought back together; he knows where the next artifact can be found but he put a powerful spell around it.

The Shaper of Worlds lifts the protection spell, but the chest, hidden in a tree, remains locked; the locks must be opened in the correct order; the chest is empty; Shaper of Worlds forgot he added a mechanism to the chest that hides its contents when it’s opened; reasoning if a thief opens a chest and sees nothing, they would just close it and leave; is impressed by his own genius.  (Rewarded with the A Pure Heart)