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Spring Event Friend for PC   Friends

Started 4/18/18 by TinyFaerie; 85507 views.
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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


Sorry I am a Litle late reposting my game ids for the spring event. We have been having weather, mostly wind the has been affecting things.  I have two PC games one active and one event only. I accept all friend requests for both games and both are on the current event room. Robert-689618 and Robert2-689507.  new wish list late Monday May 1st.


Hi Goldie/Dragonfly

I am also looking for event friends.  I lost so many friends over the last year I'm down to35. I have sent you an invite no gifts needed.  I play as Karen/kitty

Spring rooms are only found in PRIVATE ROOM

I think what jbbp is trying to do is the achievement for the Spring Terrace Room, Spring Room #1, which originally was rquired to done 1,000 times.  It is harder for new players to get because not many players have that room up as it only gives 50 coins.   I may be wrong in my thinking. 


From: difi


Not sure why I should bother with the Sping Terrace Room.  Only 50 pts.  Move on.  Which brings me to another question.  Why go back to old rooms after you achlieved your goals.  Keep it open for others visiting to move ahead too.  Maybe someone could explain the change of rooms???

In the beginning there was an achievement associated with that room, to explore it 1,000 times.  I'm not sure if it is still an achievement or if it has been modified.  I'm sure there will be someone who will know the answer to that one.  I still play it myself as I quite like it. 

I do have some friends who have it up, one because she has had had trouble getting her games to update.  Other players have newer friends who are doing their first ever event, so may need that room to get items to craft those pets.  At present I have room 2 with the 3 HOS up, but from next Monday will be trying to put up a new room each gifting cycle to give my newer friends a chance to get eggs for prior event pets and also to be able to gift some eggs to the consortium that helps newere player.

Trixie Belle (AnnaDownes01) said:

also to be able to gift some eggs to the consortium that helps newere player.

May want to read Msg 298 from misstracy22......

Consortium Directory ~Seek Help/Donate (

Trixie Belle (AnnaDownes01) said:

there was an achievement associated with that room, to explore it 1,000 times. 

The achievement is called Spring Hunt and the wording was changed to "complete the spring event hidden object 1000 times" when the second spring room was introduced after complaints from players.

I don't often switch rooms during the event; however, I will be switching to Room 2 only soon which allows my friends to get more coins for the remainder of the event.

Thanks Tammy27, 

I knew someone would have the information that I had forgotten.  Always good to to have a reminder.  Hard to believe I have been playing this for over 9 years now, so easy to forget things.