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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 317409 views.

From: GrannyBee


Hi, LisaRae,

I'll send you an invite from my newly created "baby game" (yes, I'm insane), Li'l B later this afternoon. :)

And since I can't for the life of me figure out how to post a separate request of my own here, I'll just piggyback on this  message to say that Li'l B could use a few friends to help her get started. She already has all of the Consortium members and both of Robert the Kind and Generous's castles as friends, but a few more would be welcome. ID is 852622.

Thanks all!

LisaRae (LisaRaeAu)

From: LisaRae (LisaRaeAu)


I just posted a reply to the opening post myself; don't know if that is how others requested help though. Thanks!


From: GrannyBee


LOL - that never even occurred to me - I kept looking for a way to create a new post within the thread - Duh! Thanks for the solution to my overthunk problem! :)



From: Honeyphan


Hello - I am new to this forum and to the game! I've played 2 weeks and am at level 24 - and see I need friends to progress in this intriguing story!

I have someone who invited me named "Just John", who found me somehow the first day, (I recently read he is an android but don't know, and added him anyway). But I need more. So far I have received notice of 68 gifts sent to friends when I sometimes complete an HOS (of those rewards given)- so do these gifts go sailing out into the black hole of Gameworld since I have no one to gift them to, save for Just John? lol  - 

I am looking for friends both willing to give and to get gifts. :)

edited - P.M me for my friend ID #  (I play on PC and play daily - I am "Honey" there.) Thanks if anyone can help, since friends are clearly needed to progress in this game ...

  • Edited March 17, 2020 9:36 pm  by  Honeyphan

From: MCDeeDee


Hi Honeyphan. You can send an invite to Arizona 526961. She is also looking for friends. If you are referring to the pink gift boxes, those are to gift to friends during the Winter Event only. They go in the gift bags in your friend's private room or under their tree - depending on the Christmas room they have open. John is a game generated friend that is a friend to all! Good luck.



From: Honeyphan


Thank you, DeeDee/Diane! :) I think I just got your friend request too! And thank you for that!

Good to know about the gifts - so do they stockpile up and can then be used in winter? lol It seems strange for them to be rewards if they are no longer in use or can be used in future...

I just invited Arizona as well...

This's addictive...

(laundry? What laundry? lol ...breakfast - oh yeah, forgot...on to lunch...eventually.)  ;-)

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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Good luck and a lot of patience!