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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 284834 views.

From: bajon


Just want to let you know that I am going to delete my computer game because it freezes when I try to end game. Just not worth it so you can delete me from friends. M y ID is **7951,  Thank you.


From: bajon


I will be deleting my computer game as it freezes when I try to end game so it is just not worth it. So you can delete me from friends. My ID is **7951 and I play as BJ.  Thank you.


From: GrannyBee


Oh, how sad. :(

But very kind of you to let us know.

Be Well!!



From: bajon


Just want to let you know that I will be deleting my computer game because it freezes when I try to end game. So you will want to delete me as a friend. I play as BJ and my ID is **7951.  Thank you


From: bajon


It is sad but I was only at level 18. I still have my IPad game which is at 97 and so far never have any trouble. I guess I should not tempt fate by saying that. I thank you so very much for being a friend.

Take care and stay well.  


From: PenWeb


Welcome to the Forum!

I am a member of the Consortium with 4 games to help you achieve you goals. I will send you invites from Nell, Nell2, OneCent, and GMA. 

You do know you can gt the Stargazer using any and all of the 3 Spring HOSs?

Have fun in the Castle!

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Hi HelperBee/Marcus!!
Welcome to the Forum!! We are so pleased you joined us!! 

My name is Debbie, and I Lead the Consortium! You have already met our fantastic PC Consortium Member Penny, and she has sent you invites to her four games.

You may view our Consortium Directory, Tiny Faerie has provided you the link. 

However here is the list of all the PC Consortium Team Members: 

DotJ....ID # 239580
NuttyNana..ID# 481441
SantaFairy...ID# 504754
Nell ....ID 620597 
Nell2....ID 625622 
One Cent ...ID 685197
GMA ...ID 711531 
Ree...ID 275679
Tammy...ID 810437
Chili....ID 814663
Bagpuss...ID 814627

Robert 2....689507

Simply invite them to your game and they have their Spring Rooms open during the Event. I will also make them aware of your needs and that you are working currently on Stargazer.

You also may want to list yourself on our Master List which you may find here:

If I may be of any help or assistance please do not hesitate to post in the Consortium Thread or PM me at anytime. 

Have fun and stay safe!! relaxed



From: Honeyphan


Hi HelperBee - Welcome!

if you need another friend/room, just sent you an invite. My name is Honey there. :)

I rotate my spring rooms like this: (Central Standard Time) - some time after midnight through mornings- Terrace... some time after noon (fluctuates as to when I can get on) until an hour or two before game rollover - Japan... an hour or two before game rollover through some time after midnight - 3 HOS tea party room.

I have a question for anyone who might know - I recently lost a friend and when I looked, she is now in the invited section - at least I think it's her: Paula - but instead of "Csx" that used to be after her name, it now says New ID) - Is this a glitch in my game or is it something she did?? Does this mean she dropped me or the game dropped her??  (last 3 numbers are 827)

  • Edited May 11, 2020 1:53 pm  by  Honeyphan

From: Helperbee


Thank you for responding to my post. Since I had asked my question for help, when I went onto Midnight castle I noticed I got over ten people who wanted to be my friends. I  am very overwhelmed by this since I was not expecting anything like this. I am having some problems with giving gifts to people, I am being only allowed to give five gifts per day and for some reason I am not able to give to everyone but to five specific people like John, Grayco and three other people. I do not know what the problems are nor do I know how to fix it. I think I have some technical problems but since I cannot access the Midnight Castle Forum that is on Facebook because I lack a cell phone for now, I am not able to help others. To explain my situation more clearly, when I try to click other people names on my social area I cannot flip the name files to give them anything and a lot of the of names have a red mark on them. I hope this helps people understand my situation. Oh if any wants to help me, I am in the process of collecting smiles. I think I only need 15 more smiles and I need many pocket watches so I can someday get the Spring Cat and the Yellow Bear. I am very sorry for such a long post, I am not used to talking to people.    

Hi, so you're actually able to gift 3 times a day (8 hour blocks).  For me in the Central Time Zone of the US my gifting times are 7pm-3am, 3am-11am and 11am-7pm (changes to an hour earlier when Daylight Savings Time ends).

For those friends whose card you can't flip over, those friends don't have a wish list at this time.  There are several reasons for this.....on a break, catching up with gifting, don't need anything but will still send gifts to others, etc.  Speaking of wish lists, if you put smiles and pocket watches on yours your friends can help.  There is also a group here on this forum called the Consortium who can help you, you'll find info here:

The red mark means that they haven't played for over a week.  However, there have been issues of it being accurate.

 Stop gifting John (he is a computer generated friend, he does send gifts at times) unless you really need the postcards you get from gifting.  Gifting is a personal thing, how you gift is up to you, all players have their own way of doing it. 

It is up to you on whether you accept friend requests.  Only take on as many as you think you can handle. Some players have a lot, some just a few and some in the middle.  Like all things in this game you play how you want.

The forum is a wonderful place to get advice.  We all play differently so you'll get many opinions.  Take what your given apply what works best for you.

Just one other thing...………….this game is a marathon not a sprint, take your time and enjoy the ride.