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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 484385 views.
Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


Will send you an invite.  I play as Bingo.  I don't request much, but will gift anything I have.

Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


Hi,  Will send you an invite.  I don't require a lot of gifts, but I try and gift as many friends as I have inventory for.

Hi Bingo:  You are showing as green on my friend's list, but it won't allow me to send you gifts.  I don't know  how that can happen.  Let me know if you are having issues at your end with that too flushed

Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


Hi to you,  I play all the Events and Challenges, but I don't need a lot of gifts.  I don't request them very often, but gift out what I don't need or have so many I can afford to give them away.  I have never purchased any coins or diamonds offered in the game.  I played by myself for about 3 years, without the benefit of friends (because I didn't understand the game).  Once I was "educated", as to why I should have them, I got busy making friends.  I always have my rooms available for all, at every season event, but I don't actively play in-between ( I always let players know when I'm away (a short message next to my player name).  Because I played by myself and am so cheap that I refuse to purchase help, I ended up with a lot of inventory.  So, please, don't feel like I'm not letting you gift to me.  I see all my friends (you as well) have lots of requests.  It's not an issue with the game, It's the way I play the game.

P.S. There are several people in my group, like me who don't request gifts, but have open rooms, so I can use their room to play during an event.  I hope I haven't confused you to much!!  

Hope you stay in my game.


Hi relaxed:  Thanks for the heads up on your game.  I play only one game so I always have something on my list and I appreciate you gifting me.  I do my rounds of HOS (not daily) so it does get tedious until the CC or update comes along and like going around collecting items.  The CC does deplete items ESPECIALLY the airship items so I always have one on my list and will change every so often to a new one.  Nice to see you are still playing the game!  See you around the Castle!

Pat blossom


From: Azpotter


Are you playing on a pc or ios?


From: Laurelind


For those of you who are friends with Laurelind - my game had a bad save and reset to level 1, so I may have disappeared from your friends list.  I am going to try to get my game back - and if I do I will probably reach out to my previous friends again and hope you'll add me back in.  If it is a lost cause - I don't know that I'll start over, we'll see.

Hope to see you around the Castle again soon.

Laurelind   (Stephanie)

~J (amsavs)

From: ~J (amsavs)


You must be the missing person from my list! I was trying to figure it out. I hope you can get your game back. After my bad save a few years ago, I've been taking a screenshot before I sign out so I have some idea of what I had, just in case. I just logged out of the game and I can't tell you what level I'm on. laughing


From: Laurelind


Are you ~J79?  Then yes, I am the missing person, sadly.  Hopefully I'll be back.