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Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 742263 views.

From: jbbp


Thank you once again what a relief heart_eyes

jbbp, just thought you'd like to know the backstory surrounding the black vines.  They actually show up around Level 50 when Oberon, King of the Elves, says "Strange dark matter is appearing everywhere, even beyond the mountains.  It must be the Elemental!

I counted 9 locations where the black vines appear, including a few HOSs.

It's a very long story, so I'll try to make it short (hopefully without giving away any of the storyline you haven't reached).  

The old king of the gnomes, Franmar, discovered the Elemental and knew it was an evil that could change the world forever.  To protect his people, Franmar sealed the Elemental in his own body, then sealed himself in stone.  When Rudoguil found him and set him free, he also set free the Elemental.  Franmar temporarily maintained control over the Elemental, but it eventually became too powerful and got loose.  It hid deep in the mountains, but eventually began spreading throughout Midnight Castle.  It would take an unlikely hero armed with a special weapon to defeat the Elemental of the Abyss and save Midnight Castle. 

That does happen at Level 56 so they're not around too long.

Hope you enjoy the game.


From: jbbp


Thank you for explanation helps a lot, glad it will be over soon. Yes I do enjoy game


From: jbbp


My goodness looking through MC Game guide will have to get loods of coins, will have to just keep going through the game till I get enough coins for each number I am only on 53. Any way thanks ever so much for your help. I shall have sleepless nights LOL


From: LvlSlgr


You're welcome. Good luck with your game.


From: THEdella


I just sent an invite, I play as Della


From: theoldguy


To all friends of theoldguy (868554), the missus and I are going to take a couple weeks vacation starting this weekend and I'll be offline for a short bit.  If my light turns red, never fear I'll be back and will try hard to catch up with the gifting.  Guess I'll probably miss most of the Spring event (assuming it still comes) but oh well, such is life.  Take care everyone.

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi everyone looking for some extra friends for my games. 

My computer crashed last January while I had COVID.  Took awhile to save enough for a new computer but my games are back but many of my old friends are either away or not playing or have not accepted my invites.  I like to gift every 2-3 days but do need more friends in order to do this.  

My games are  Kelli Jo 926812 and Ree 926930. 

I have 2 other games but I am giving my friends another few days to accept/reject my invites before I look for more friends on those games.  I have only had those games back a couple of days and many players are in&out at this point in time.  So it may take awhile to get answers from them.  

Enjoy our game.  Take care,

Dot  sunglasses  earth_asia


From: LvlSlgr


I'll send you invitations in both games when I go back into the game a little later.

I send gifts 3 times daily - usually in the order I receive gifts from others. However, every so often I will send gifts to those I haven't gotten anything from in a while. That will usually get the give/receive cycle going again with that friend.