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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 826765 views.

From: jbbp


Will send you invite I play as Jasmin. I have had inactive friends and friends that never gift


From: jbbp


I to did some clean up of friends will invite you next time on game I play as Jasmin. I have only been able to gift twice a day instead of three.

Does anybody who plays the game, play in French???   I have a friend on another game who is interested in trying to play Midnight Castle, but she can only find it in English.  She speaks no English, and my French is very limited as it is over 60 years since I studied it in school.

If anyone can help, I will contact my friend and let her know how she can play.

I know many people here do not have English as a first language, but manage to play, so there must be some way to play.


From: Ashyr


If anyone needs friends I play once a day so I do gift daily.
My ID is:918843

No more friends requests please.  I am at my max.
Thank you.

  • Edited December 21, 2022 2:31 pm  by  Ashyr

From: Ashyr


FYI -- please remember to add items to your wish list on the friends tab.

I have ******* who I can't gift because of no wish lists :(

Mod Note: I have gone in and removed the player ID. 

  • Edited December 11, 2022 3:22 am  by  TinyFaerie

Hello, just wanted to let you know that it is a policy here in the forum not to post another player's game id #. If you're having an issue with a specific player you can post part of the number (for example: ***123 or 123***). 

As for not being able to gift this player. Recently there has been an issue with PC platform and players losing their wish lists. Players have had to re-add items a few times now so maybe that player isn't aware of the issue.  Also there may be other reasons why this person doesn't have a wish list.....taking a break, don't need anything right now, etc. 


From: Energyworker


I don't know about playing in French but all my friends who did not speak English and lived in other countries far and wide when playing the now defunk game Rooms of Memory (RoM) used an online translator to play that game and converse in English. That game had an ingame mailbox so was easy to talk to your friends. The game was only English.

I googled it just now and it looks like there is a french Canadian Facebook group


From: Ashyr


The update today (11/9) wiped out all of my friends :(
I recommend writing down your friends before you install the new update.

I downloaded it earlier and didn't have this issue.

Thank you Energyworker.  I will let her know about this.    She speaks to me in G5 games in French and I can understand quite a bit, but use the translate button for the full message.  I write to her in English and she uses the translator.  Those games have an in game chat feature that makes it easier to talk to friends as you say RoM did.

I will alos give her the Facebook page address as I know she uses Facebook.