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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 943613 views.

From: difi



From: difi


To all my friends.  

I lost my game during the Spring event.  Then I got a new PC.  Then I had back surgery... Doing fine...

I've been trying to get my game back, but nothing is happening so far.  They simply sent me a message that it will take time.

Don't give up on difi1.  I'm seeing messages to open up the new room.  Can't right now...I'll let you all know when I get my new ID #.  In betweern time please don't delete me or give up on me.



You can also see me on my laptop..dakitty #799094 It's a different game and I'm at a lower level, but I'm still playing on that game.  Go ahead and friend me there. 

Hello everyone!

Moose/Augustus here and my ID is 779010, idk where else to put it. In need of some new active friends since I left the game completely alone for about a year until about the beginning of this month. Simply put I have a lot of inactive friends with unchanged items or event rooms to clean out and some new active friends to take their place!


From: THEdella


I got you...but, sorry to say I lost my game and have been sent back to the beginning.  I have sent a message to both Big Fish and Elephant Games to try to get my game re-built.  Will post back if and when I get a response from either (crossing fingers and toes on this one)

~J (amsavs)

From: ~J (amsavs)


Unfortunately, since I've been bored with the game and rarely play I only have a few friends left. And about half of those are active.

If you don't mind a "part time" friend, add me.


From: LvlSlgr


Sent you an invitation.


From: rodnocker12


Due to the "Cannot Connect to Server" Thing, I had to uninstall/re-install my game.  I have my game back now but, with the exception of John, it completely wiped out my Friends List. 

So if y'all wouldn't mind, I can use some Friends.  My Player Name and ID# are::  rodnocker12   #918421


Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


My poor friend, it happened at the worst time, both BF and elephant must be flooded with work, Hopefully they will replace your game soon. in the meantime keep your WL as a best you can! I will help with what I have.


SUECQ (suecq96)

From: SUECQ (suecq96)


Hi THEdella,

I don't think we are friends in the MC game, but let's be. I'm SUECQ #933101. Would you consider sharing your spreadsheet?  Just blank pages and I could fill in my friends. My email is

I hope I'm not being too bold, but always thought ya never know until you ask. You can say no. No problem, but my tech skills are like none LOL.

If nothing else send me a friend request. Always love new friends.

Thanks, Sue


From: THEdella


Sorry, I do not agree.  As far as I can tell, the only info stored on your PC is your friends' list.  I've been piddling around with computers since 1978, so I know a little something., and where to look. Some time back I had lost my game and it was either Big Fish or Elephant Games that re-built my game for me.  It was re-built to fairly close to what I had before the big snafu (even with a little extras).  I've been playing MC since it started, many year now.  Now, I've lost my game again, sent back to the beginning and haven't had any luck getting it fixed this time, yet.  Been playing meanwhile for lack of anything better to do, back up to about level 22 or so, waiting....

I haven't lost my friends, but lost everything else.  I was at Level 125, had just under 15 million coins, well over 6400 diamonds,  had all areas open, maxed out on everything, had all achievements, pets, you name it.  And not to mention the over 14 thousand amulets to use!

I did have a screenshot I had made about a month before this happened that I sent to both companies to show my points, level, etc.  I think from now on I will make a screenshot at least once a week, just in case.

Good luck to anyone else out there who has lost their game.  Will post back if, and when, I hear anything back from either company.  If anyone else has any ideas or experience with this, please let us know!


From: THEdella


Don't mind sharing; be glad to help. is your email  Was doing a cut and paste.  You can contact me at and I will gladly forward a copy of my spreadsheet with instructions on how to make your own. The software that I use is free.  Just like MS Excel, but free, been using it for years.  My spreadsheet includes all of my current friends, and I will tell you how to use it to make your own specific Friends' List. Waiting to hear from you, friend (by the way, I have added you)

If anyone else reading this is interested also, please feel free to ask...