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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 624684 views.

From: TinyFaerie


Hi Jackie

YAY good to know that is working and prompting people to go find out what is going on.

Alot of us have done that in hope to get the message spreading.

Friends:  These you add that you want to be friends with on a permanent basis to exchange gift with and other regular aspects of being a friend.

Seasonal Friends: Friends added just to use a feature that is seasonal only. IE: the Spring rooms that have to 3 HOS or the Christmas Room where you leave presents.   Theses friend are for those tasks only and it is discouraged to gift at all as that creates a nightmare of a back log of regifting.  Alot will delete seasonal friends after that season is all over with no hard feeling since they were a temporary friend.

You are a 'Friend" for me not a seasonal one. :)


From: JackieLan623


Thanks!  Guess most of my friends are "real" will find out for sure when the Easter season ends.  Have fun..

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From: CLM5457


I have played MC for 2 yrs now and love it because I can see the objects to search for. Reading glasses help a lot. Born and raised in SE Virginia.

Play as CLM code is  595127

Thanks to the wonderful and smart people who have set the forum up for us all to enjoy.

Fuzzy (daFuzzy1959)

From: Fuzzy (daFuzzy1959)


From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I formed this name over a year ago when Jenny first proposed to set up the site.

I didn't want confusion but have obviously caused it!

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Fuzzy (daFuzzy1959)

From: Fuzzy (daFuzzy1959)


I have no idea what I just did in the last post, to make it come out purple and a link... oooooooh man... 

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Don't ask me

I'm only here for the beer!laughingyum


From: 1isalone


Hello to Friends of Midnight Castle PC,

I play MC using PC as 1isalone, Friend ID# 191157. I have many friends on my list but a 1/3 are inactive. I am currently at level 72 so am willing to help newbies.


Good to see you Gordana,  you are a long time friend on my games.

Boags, if you're shouting the beer


From: GogaT


Jep! Glad we are here together. :-)