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Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 487911 views.

From: SirePeteS


Posting this in response to SharpEye1. I expect others may see this as well.  Would like to get response/input from as broadly as available. Have discovered/explored something seemingly so innocent and workable. I am wondering about being short-sighted and venturing into something that may return to haunt me. Being new to MC, I am currently low in coins & resources to keep a pace. I like to try 'inventive' solutions when facing problems. In my current instance, discovered several HOS directing me to situations requiring large coinnage to continue; kinda stopped my progress. I then tried an alternative. I went to the 'Puzzle'. Began to 'play'. There I could select three items I wished for. At the time I faced the lad hiding things in hands, I have been able to select (luckily, maybe) he correct hands and 'win' the items I wanted. Back at the main screen I now have credit for those items in inventory and have not needed to expense the huge coins, etc. I have searched discussions (didn't read every message, of course) - have not seen anything about this action. Again, I am wondering about this and whether it will be a hindrance in my future endeavors?


From: RavenofGA


I'll send you an invite from Raven of Ga.  Lost my game back in March and am still trying to get friends.  I'm on level 37 after falling from level 90 (?).


From: RavenofGA


Sending you an invite from Raven of Ga.


From: SharpEye1


Hi Pete--The puzzles are another avenue for getting items you need.  Of course, you don't always win, which is the rub.  There is also the value of items which determine first, second or third place .  I have added AEGram and Dot here so they can direct you to the info on the puzzles. Ada


From: LvlSlgr


Hello SirePeteS! About the jigsaw puzzles ... yes, they can help out in a pinch to get inventory you need or even to increase your coins. Some of the eggs are worth 5000 (panda, phoenix, squirrel) and if you get one of those you can always sell it. However, as someone else pointed out the objects you select are arranged in lowest to highest value in the game with the young lad.

I know I tend to find working the jigsaw puzzles both boring and tedious and can tire of them quickly. However, we have another player who has generously shared a faster method for working the puzzles. I didn't see where anyone pointed this out and the thread was pretty much buried in the "Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice" folder. I found it and bumped it up so it can be seen quickly. The thread is "My puzzle hack, or how to put those jigsaws together quickly" and you go find it quickly by clicking here.

Thank you to Brad the Impala for the very helpful hack.

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From: AEGram


SirePeteS said:

Again, I am wondering about this and whether it will be a hindrance in my future endeavors?

Indeed, one can put needed items in the puzzle slots for winning. And, winning those items can also hurry your progress through the game. However, eventually it will come back to bite you if you rely heavily on the puzzles and the pet chests to get your needed items.

Getting items from pet chests and puzzles give you just that....the item.....going to an HOS to get the item will also result in you getting an airship item, possible pet food (needed to actually feed the pets to get the items you want), or possible stamps (much needed for crafting all the things the game requires).

Sometimes, a character may ask you to give him/her a crafted item 3x. If you have absolutely zero of those items, (and most of the crafted items have 3 inventory items in addition to a certain amount of stamps and coins).....but, if you now need 3 of each of the items, you need to go to the associated locations 3x to get those items. If they're HOSs, there is the cooldown issue to deal with. practice is to visit the ALL OTHER AVAILABLE HOSs until those needed have cooled down....enter, get items, play rounds, etc. ....enter for the final set of items. 

In so doing, you have earned a plethora of stamps and pet food, plus coins for completing the HOS, along with the items you need. Players who follow this practice will never run out of any type of stamp (unless they are also using those stamps to craft for profit). So, lack of stamps will never be a hindrance to progressing in the game.

It takes more is far more tedious than just getting the item from the puzzle or pet. But, it's a far smarter way to play. And, for those players who are in a hurry to get to max end, who are bored with the tedious doing of the rounds.....those players will be even more bored once they reach the content end and have no more character quests to break up the tedious rounds.

Obviously, then, there is the balance to be the puzzles and feed pets to get SOME of your items.....but, don't use that method exclusively to advance in the game. 

CC to SharpEye1
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From: SirePeteS


Thank you and others for the advice, input & guidance. I don't consider the puzzles tedious or boring, for now. Perhaps as I progress and become more comfortable in the game that may become the situation. I have, though, opted to slow the pace I was on. Discovered there are some really beautiful graphics and perhaps in my haste I had been not looking. I  now want to look around more. I don't have any target or time-limitation so I can play, wait and savor more. Still reading through the guide, Tips & Tricks.


From: oiuoiu321


SirePete, the devs realized this possibility and wrote in a time when the quests just ask you to "visit" (or "explore" or something like that) each of the levels.  So you will need the money to unlock each one eventually. 

I just found some in the guide.  It seems to start about level 60.  Here's some stages from Level 62:

Anabel - Examine Guarding Automaton & Examine Magic Press 
Anabel - Examine Mirror Obelisk & Examine Cloud City Customs 
Anabel - Examine Bow Figurine & Examine Six-Paw 
Anabel - Look in Armored Bear & Go to Carnivorous Lily 
Anabel - Go to Gnome Safe & Heiress Regalia 
Anabel - Examine Book of Evil & Examine Door Cache 

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From: SirePeteS


Thank you, oiuoiu321 for the reply and help. I just left Level 26. Got that surprise near the ending that level. Was as you cited for Levels near 60-62. Was directed to specific HOS for which there was other option but to hand over the coins. I had already resolved to take it slow-n-easier in the game to enjoy the graphics. Plus, due to generous egg-donations, I was able to get to the amounts of coinnage need for me to keep going. Still much to learn but not looking to take more short-cuts.