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Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 487797 views.

From: SirePeteS


Thank you and others for the advice, input & guidance. I don't consider the puzzles tedious or boring, for now. Perhaps as I progress and become more comfortable in the game that may become the situation. I have, though, opted to slow the pace I was on. Discovered there are some really beautiful graphics and perhaps in my haste I had been not looking. I  now want to look around more. I don't have any target or time-limitation so I can play, wait and savor more. Still reading through the guide, Tips & Tricks.


From: oiuoiu321


SirePete, the devs realized this possibility and wrote in a time when the quests just ask you to "visit" (or "explore" or something like that) each of the levels.  So you will need the money to unlock each one eventually. 

I just found some in the guide.  It seems to start about level 60.  Here's some stages from Level 62:

Anabel - Examine Guarding Automaton & Examine Magic Press 
Anabel - Examine Mirror Obelisk & Examine Cloud City Customs 
Anabel - Examine Bow Figurine & Examine Six-Paw 
Anabel - Look in Armored Bear & Go to Carnivorous Lily 
Anabel - Go to Gnome Safe & Heiress Regalia 
Anabel - Examine Book of Evil & Examine Door Cache 

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From: SirePeteS


Thank you, oiuoiu321 for the reply and help. I just left Level 26. Got that surprise near the ending that level. Was as you cited for Levels near 60-62. Was directed to specific HOS for which there was other option but to hand over the coins. I had already resolved to take it slow-n-easier in the game to enjoy the graphics. Plus, due to generous egg-donations, I was able to get to the amounts of coinnage need for me to keep going. Still much to learn but not looking to take more short-cuts.




You don't have to open up new levels. Set a goal and do rounds do rounds do rounds. Only level up if you have enough gold and extra to spare. There are in tips and tricks that will tell how much you need for each level. Some people can afford to buy coin(not me). So do the rounds read the notes learn the names. this is a long term game that gets better all the time. Slow down enjoy the ride and do the rounds! Puzzles are good for getting items. Don't pay for gems. play the free part and quit before paying for gems ever. Never bought gems that was worth the price. 

Good luck.


From: SirePeteS


Thanks for the advice. I'm guessing some (all responding to me) assume I understand all or most what they write. Please explain, in detail "do the rounds"??? I understand about how to get/accumulate coins. How does one get the gems? Private rooms, the only place to get the shards?

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)



"Doing the rounds" means to go through and explore every room you have open.

The gems come from various things. Sometimes your pets will give them.

Shards- also come from exploring rooms. You will get various items, sometimes it is a shard.

Are you clicking on the little flowers ( morphing objects) that pop up occasionally? You get shards, coins, and sometimes a gem from them. 

Hope that helps to answer your questions.


From: Susanna502MC


SirePeteS said:

Please explain, in detail "do the rounds"???

Go to a location. Do any Hidden Object Scene (HOS) that is available. Most locations have 2 HOS. There is a cooldown period after you do an HOS when it is not available. If you click on it a popup will tell you how long until that HOS is again available. Move on to the next HOS and do that. If you go through all the open locations and do all the available HOS at each location that is "doing the rounds." Usually, by the time you have gone through all your locations the first ones you did will now be available. Doing the rounds costs you nothing but time. You gain coins, airship items, pet food, energy balls, and lots of other things. If you are low on coins - do the rounds. Low on airship items - do the rounds. Like everything in the Castle, this is not a requirement. Everyone has their own method of getting what they need. Read posts for suggestions, experiment, then decide for yourself what method you prefer.


From: SharpEye1


SirePeteS said:

How does one get the gems? Private rooms, the only place to get the shards?

Hi Pete,  Gems are the blue diamonds. As stated by others, you can get them from feeding pets, clicking the morphing flowers, the wheel of fortune, etc.  Shards are the elongated blue gem you can get from clicking the flying butterflies in your private room, feeding pets, doing the HOS scenes, etc.  Hope this helps. Ada heart_eyes


From: SirePeteS


Thanks for the update, etc. Needed to make certain I understood how to get through in this game. Still learning and settling.

Pete, this was already mentioned, but I thought I'd share my experience.  I began playing a second game to record all the dialog and I wanted to play "on the cheap."  So rather than open all the zoom zones and HOSs, I just played the puzzles for the item.  For instance, in Level 60 one task says "Find the Tower Shield in the Flower."  Now the Tower Shield wouldn't immediately show in the puzzles; I had to close out the game, go back in and the Tower Shield appeared.  So I would play the puzzles for it. 

I played liked that all the way up to Level 61.  Then, suddenly, the wording of the tasks changed.  So instead of it saying "Find the Dragon Medallion in the Statue of the Thicket", it said "Explore the Statue in the Thicket."  That left me no choice but to unlock the Statue in the Thicket HOS for 10,000 coins. 

And to add insult to injury, I was eventually required to open ALL the HOSs and ZZs I had previously bypassed.  I was sick.

My advice, for whatever it's worth, is to play slowly and follow the quests, as given, in order.  With the upcoming Halloween Event, you'll be able to visit all your friends' rooms and play the HOSs there, amassing quite a lot of coin.