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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 159498 views.
Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


Amazon Android Kindle's do not have the update or spring event yet, only Android Google. 


From: Tamriel


I have Amazon kindle hdx .. I live in the UK and  i managed to do the download of the spring event on Saturday night. It might be different depending where you are in the world Robert! Or you might have a bug in your game from the autumn download where may players say they have experienced problems. I for one have managed to download the update and if you doubt the truth of what I have said.. Please feel free to check out my spring room 4.

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Hey Tamriel, I've tried everything, and still can't find an update. Darn, always been one of the first to update, this never happened before, hate it!


Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


Sounds like I should have up graded my kindle before the spring event. I knew it was getting old. I bought it Christmas 2015. I will have a new one before the fall event,


From: tuckpft


Hey, Robert,

Just to let you know I'm sharing your pain. I'm also on kindle fire and no spring event or challenge   I'm holding the faith that eventually we'll be invited to the party. 

I'm your tuck friend on cutiepie. 


From: Tamriel


Hi riddler.. It might have something to do with how old your kindle is?  I had this problem a few years ago and couldn't download any new games. I needed to upgrade the kindle as the games were getting to powerful for one that I had and I now have a kindle fire hdx. Just a thought


From: DragonflySuz


Hi!  I'm DragonflySuz (or just Suz) and new to the forum.  I was Suz57 on the Big Fish forums.

I'm looking for friends for both PC and Android platforms.  I welcome anyone at any level but expect you to at least be active during events.  Please note that any friends who consistently do not change their rooms for events will eventually be deleted.

PC:  code 470577 and current level 96.

Android:  code a1330207 and current level 8 but won't be there long.


From: jack7242


Lost a few friends when my game crashed at the March update. During the three weeks it took to restore, I started a new game. Both could use friends to help with the current event. Old game, new ID a1322732 playing as Kali. Baby game ID a1322883 playing as Kali2. Old friends, new friends all welcome, just remember to stay safe and well. Me, I am in third week of 12, in self isolation being in a vulnerable group. Yup I'm an oldie!

Hi y'all,

Will try to send out invites but it's not been working lately. Have a newer Kindle Fire so not sure what's going on. Am looking for new friends. Been playing forever. 

a845822 SilverDralion

Be safe. Husband and I are both both risk so been in self imposed isolation since November.




From: BJApple


I will send you an invite.  Game name BAPPLE a476965.