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MC Game Guide   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 60577 views.

From: AEGram


Now that the entire Strategy Guide has been copied over ..... I would like to dedicate it to Patricia "Robyn" Provee-Waits (our beloved Apollogold in the BFG forum and Apollo & Shadow in her games). She was THE SCRIBE ... one of the first list makers. May she always be remembered for all the helps she provided to the game!

1. There are a few changes to the Guide -- A new name, for instance .... and some of the content has been changed to make it more relevant to the new location. (The references to links in the BFG forum have been removed)

2. Regarding the content of the Guide .... I will continue to update it as new features are introduced and add the character quests as the new levels are created. But I have no plans to make any adjustments to the current level information. If the Devs make changes to the existing levels, most likely they will be made easier (only needing 1 item to craft instead of 3), so that should not upset players to see that they have to do less. 

3. Thank you, to each and every one of you, for finding this document useful to you!

4. Since this is meant to be a reference document, please help us keep it clean from extraneous posts with questions/comments about the game and game guide.  

Post any Questions here

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From: AEGram


First and foremost…Again, I entreat each player to NOT use this thread to post questions or copy a long post and then put a “thumbs up” or say “this is helpful info.” The main reason the first Strategy Guide needed to be updated was, of course, to replace some of the outdated info…but, it was also riddled with comments, inappropriate posts, and questions. Please, please, please help us keep this as a good research tool. There is a Comments and Questions thread in the Tips and Tricks folder .... please place comments, questions, general info in that folder ..... it is located here:

In the original NEW Guide, there were several locations listed for readers to get additional information about a topic. Since those references were to places on the original forum, I will be removing them. Just remember, this is meant to be a GUIDE ….which is an overview of a topic. If you require additional information, please post your question to a different thread and leave this one as the reference tool.

DISCLAIMER: If you continue to read this thread, there will be many “spoilers” listed. If you want to remain in the dark about the game…..if you want to discover this info for yourself…..then it probably is best to discontinue reading at this point. 

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From: AEGram


Welcome to Midnight Castle and to our Forum! 

According to Midnight-Castle Wiki, Midnight Castle was launched for the PC on December 20, 2013, and released as a separate version for the iPad on March 20, 2014. (Dec 20, 2013 is the date the beta version was released. According to Big Fish's Top 100 Downloadable PC Games pages, Midnight Castle was released on Jan. 22, 2014.) 

There are now 3 platforms on which Midnight Castle can be played: PC, iOS, and Kindle/Android. 

These platforms cannot co-mingle…..all of us can post to the forum together, but each of us can only interact with players of the same platform within the game. PC players usually get new content pushed to them first. Generally, iOS and Kindle players receive the same updates within 2 to 7 days after PC players. 

However, if you start playing Midnight Castle on a PC, and later want to start playing on an iPad, Big Fish customer support can sometimes transfer your game across the platforms. 

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From: AEGram


There were many threads created in the original forum that gave in-game helps and information. Some of them will be copied to this new forum. This Game Guide was formatted based on the order of presentation in one of the MC Tips and Tricks sites. That order is as follows:

*Getting Started 
*User Interface 
*Hidden-Object Puzzles 
*Crafting Items and Pets 
*The Inventory 
*Player Profile and Achievements 
*The Airship Tower 
*The Fortune Wheel 
*Morphing Flowers 
*The Archivist 
*New Areas 
*Seasonal Events 

Additional sections in this Guide that are not included in the Tips and Tricks: 
*Trina and the Private Room 
*Mini-events and Castle Challenges 
*Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 
*Quests to Level Up 

Additional note: BFG has created an awesome help area that explains a great deal about the game and has videos! Check it out at:  I do not know how long this site will remain available to players, though.

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From: AEGram


Getting Started– The game starts on the Castle Vicinity and you get introduced to Prof. Pinfeathers (the Crow). Each new day in the Castle starts at midnight GMT, so it will vary based on your time zone. When the new day rolls, you are presented with 3 gift boxes….you choose 1 and will receive coins, a diamond, or a unique stamp. These “gifts” are presented in increasing increments up to 5 days. Then it reverts back to the 50 coin increment: 
50 coins / 1 diamond / 1 unique stamp 
200 coins / 1 diamond / 1 unique stamp 
500 coins / 2 diamonds / 1 unique stamp 
800 coins / 2 diamonds / 1 unique stamp 
1500 coins / 5 diamonds / 1 unique stamp 

Prof. Pinfeathers will always be on the left of your screen with quests for you to follow. This is how you advance (level up) in the game. 

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From: AEGram


As you progress in the game, you will periodically be presented with messages that you need to download the next part to continue. This is to accommodate those players who have a slow Internet connection, or have a limit to the amount of data they can download each day. It CAN be a bit annoying to be “into” the game only to be delayed a few minutes while the next “chunk” downloads to your device. However, if you have a strong Internet connection or no monthly data limit, you can download the entire game and it will just continue to play out until you reach the maximum game content that has been released (that is currently at Level 78, with 2470/6240 experience points toward the next level). If you want to download the full game content… on your gear in the upper right corner of your game, then select “Download Full Content.” It will tell you the size of the remaining content and you can either accept that download or X out of the screen. 

Please try (it will be difficult) to go through the game at a steady, slow pace. There currently is no place to go once you reach game content end, so there is no real hurry to get there. Take time to enjoy all the animation and amazing graphics the Developers have incorporated into the scenes. And, take time to read the content above the Prof. Pinfeathers character quests because: As you advance in the game, the characters move around. The scenes also change, and reading the storyline will help explain some of these movements/changes. 

However, if you forget to read as you go along, whitebutterfly54 created a marvelous document detailing the whole story line. She has graciously created a copy for this site and it includes pictures!!!! (See the "Midnight Castle Storyline" thread in this folder.) 

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From: AEGram


User Interface – Some of the items will show on all locations/pages/rooms as you advance in the game. The Gnome will always be toward the bottom on the left of the screen……your pet will always be on the bottom left……The goal, inventory, laboratory, map will present along the bottom right of your screen. And just above these icons will be a “pull out” icon where you will see the icons for private room, tournaments, castle challenges, social (friends), mini-events, and amulets. During the Seasonal events, your Ghost Book, Snow Globe Album, or Egg Album will also be published to this area. 

Some significant milestones: 
Level 3: The Fortune Wheel (Castle Entry) is available 
Level 4: Get Beginner’s pack with 10 diamonds; Gentleman and Lady avatars are unlocked 
Level 4: Mini-Event feature is unlocked 
Level 4: The Dice Table (in Tavern) is available 
Level 5: Game directs you to open the Airship Tower -- of note, it CAN be opened earlier 
Level 5: You will be introduced to the “Laboratory” 
Level 6: Just John arrives to introduce the friends aspect of the game 
Level 7: You get your first pet, Griffin (all others must either be crafted or achieved) 
Level 8: You can now participate in Tournaments (currently this feature is disabled
Level 9: The Amulet feature is introduced 
Level 10: Daily Quest Gnome and Castle Challenges are available 
Level 11: Puzzle feature is unlocked 
Level 13: Trina and the private room are available 

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From: AEGram


Hidden-Object Puzzles – These are the “scenes” or the main object of the game. You open the scenes to find the objects hidden in plain sight. There are “levels” to each scene…..the first time you open it, there will be 6 items to find. Gradually, more items will be listed for you to find, with a maximum of 22 items displayed. 

As of June 13, 2016, update, there were 8 “levels” to each room: 
*0 - 75,000 -- 6 items -- 10 coin -- 30 sec recharge -- enter early for free ----Note: Silhouette Mode is unlocked at 75,000 -- Bonus: 20 coins when level up 
*75,001 - 150,000 -- 6 items -- 10 coin -- 90 sec recharge -- enter early for free ---- Note: Mirror Mode is unlocked at 150,000 -- Bonus: 30 coins when level up 
*150,001 - 200,000 -- 8 items -- 11 coin -- 2 min recharge -- enter early for free ---- Note: ++Night Mode unlocked at 200,000 -- Bonus: 40 coins when level up 
*200,001 - 250,000 -- 10 items -- 13 coin -- 2 min; 30 sec recharge -- enter early for free -- Bonus: 50 coins when level up 
*250,001 - 500,000 -- 12 items -- 15 coin -- 5 min recharge -- enter early for 1 diamond -- Bonus: 100 coins when level up 
*500,001 - 2,500,000 -- 14 items -- 20 coin -- 10 min recharge -- enter early for 2 diamonds -- Bonus: 150 coins when level up 
*2,500,001 - 10,000, 000 -- 18 items -- 30 coin -- 30 min recharge -- enter early for 3 diamonds -- Bonus: 200 coins when level up 
*10,000,001 is max amount -- 22 items -- 50 coin -- 1 hr recharge -- enter early for 5 diamonds 

++Some people were physically bothered by the night mode feature of the game. The developers have allowed you to disable this feature by clicking on the gear at the top of your game page. Select “Additional Settings” then select the amber box next to “disable night mode” to put a check mark in the box and disable the feature. Click x in the upper right corner to close the boxes. 

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From: AEGram


When you complete the scene, the Leaderboard or Statistics screen will show your score, your ranking in the player list, how far you are toward the max level, your coin reward, and what you have found. Your placement in the leader list does not impact your progress in the game. It is provided so you can see how you fair in relation to your friends on your social page. There are only 6 places that show, so if 5 of your friends have higher scores than you do, you will be in 6th place. 

You can choose to go as fast as you can to find the objects, hoping to level up faster and get more coins. You can choose to go very, very slowly to stretch out the time it takes you to find things to slow down the leveling up so you can return to the room sooner. Or, you can do a combination of both. There is no right or wrong way to approach this ….. it is purely your own personal strategy. 

Additional note about the "scoring" on the Leaderboard: When you are in the HOS, there is a slider bar at the top left of the screen. As you find the items, the indicator on the bar will move toward the left. To get a high score, you would want to find the items in a rhythmical manner so the slider bar does not completely go away (and the bar slides faster as you get toward the end of the item collection). You also need to find the items a good score is a combination of rhythm and speed. 

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From: AEGram


When you complete the HOS, you will receive coins (amount will depend on your level within the HOS), an airship item, and one of the following: 15 coins, shard, HOS item. Sometimes when completing the HOS, you will also receive a bag of pet food, a stamp, or a Gift for a Friend. Sometimes you will also receive an Energy Unit. Because the HOS is the source for your airship items, stamps, and pet food, it is important to visit them frequently to get these items. 

The speed with which you complete the HOS has no bearing on what you receive (item, coin, shard) upon completion. 

In addition to the HOSs on each location, you will also be opening other areas that are called Zoom Zones. These are areas that you use various HOS items to open and get another item from inside. Further into the game, some of the Zoom Zones (ZZ) will require one or more item located in a ZZ to open it. For instance, the Astral Lamp is one of the first ZZs you open in the game. It opens with a Winged Amulet (found in the Broken Carriage). Inside, you will find: Obsidian Whirlwind, Demonic Ring, Dragon’s Fang. The Dragon’s Fang is one of the items needed to open the Wooden Panel (ZZ) in the Elvyn Forest – Tree Top. 


Several threads were created for where you could find objects, how much is each object worth, how many coins or shards you could get from crafted items, and a listing of all the interactive items in all the HOSs. Most of these threads have been copied and moved to this new location.