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MC Game Guide   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 89135 views.
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From: AEGram


High Mage - Go to Merchant's Skeleton & Visit Stone Garden
High Mage - Examine Ghostly Stables & Check Lurking Chimera
High Mage - Look in Wooden Face & Visit Archer Statue
High Mage - Go to Ancestral Portraits & Visit Sunken Tomb
High Mage - Dead Town Guard (no coin) & Go to Winged Statue
Genie - Look in Exotic Beast & Examine Red Riding Hood
Genie - Look in White and Red Rose Bushes & Examine Camel Caravan
Genie - Check Pond of Forgotten Reflections & Examine Magic World Map
Genie - Search Caged Skeleton & Go to Bone King Statue
Genie - Explore Skull Maw & Visit Ruined Gates
Genie - Unlock: Ancient Garden (Level 95; 20,000) to Open: Golden Apples (7000) & Look in Wagon Wheel
Genie - Look in Flaming Breath & Go to Fence
Genie - Storyteller Cat (11 tasks) & Search Tower Top
Storyteller Cat - Open: Bench of Relaxation (6000) & Examine Pile of Skulls
Storyteller Cat - Search Stone Snake & Visit Dutch Oven
Storyteller Cat - Look in Sacred Wolf & Check Smoldering Fireplace
Storyteller Cat - Go to Imprisoned Vampire & Visit Rotten Scarecrow
Storyteller Cat - Run to Altar Piece & Visit Skeleton Clock
Storyteller Cat - Visit Dog's Barrel & Go to Mummy's Sarcophagus
Storyteller Cat - Go to Poisons and Acids & Check Eagle's Nest
Storyteller Cat - Hurry to Exotic Flowers & Look in Planter
Storyteller Cat - Titan's Mask (7000) & Pied Piper of Hamlin (3000)
Storyteller Cat - Go to Town Mural & Enjoy Mosaic Birth of Atlantis
Storyteller Cat - Visit Stash in Moss & Examine Vessel of Tears 
Genie - Check Snow Queen & Examine Stone Flowerbed
Genie - Examine Attic & Check Magic Circle
Genie - Visit Horned Shield & Evil Queen's Mirror (2500)

Pinfeathers - Ruler of Islands (11 tasks)
Ruler of Islands - Open: Elegant Birdhouse (8500) & Look in Battle Trophy
Ruler of Islands - Search Pulley & Visit War Elephant
Ruler of Islands - Look in Skeleton in Hanging Gardens & Visit Exotic Sweets
Ruler of Islands - Fortune-Telling Set (6400) & Check Watchful Tiger
Ruler of Islands - Visit Reading Couch & Check Poseidon Fountain
Ruler of Islands - Lord of Darkness (9 tasks) & Search Grandma's Fishing Boat 
Lord of Darkness - Examine Magic Shop & Look in Last Abode
Lord of Darkness - Search Iron Maiden & Observe Hangman's Pit
Lord of Darkness - Visit Palanquin & Examine Fairy Tale Book
Lord of Darkness - Visit Executioner's Private Chair & Open: Sly Snake (9000) to get Spiked Saddle for Bone Horse (6900)
Lord of Darkness - Look in Winter Idol & Find something in Chained Chest
Lord of Darkness - Visit Stone Head & Go to Persian Fabrics
Lord of Darkness - Go to Collapsed Wall & Examine Memory of the Dragon
Lord of Darkness - Search Skeleton in Shackles & Look in Waltzing Couple
Lord of Darkness - Hurry to King's Tomb & Coral Giant (2000)
Ruler of Islands - Search Pirate Loot & Tidy up Rainbow
Ruler of Islands - Visit Cannon & Search Wall Clock
Ruler of Islands - Visit Lighthouse Keeper's Desk & Look in Overturned Boat
Ruler of Islands - Visit Old Fireplace & Check Portal Guard -- First task of new content update

Cost Level 97 = 78,410
Stamps: 30 Plain, 33 Unusual, 17 Rare, 7 Unique

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From: AEGram


A word of caution as you proceed…when sent to a location, there may be more than one “bubble” that shows an amount needed to open that particular item. I strongly recommend that for this content (Level 98 to the end of Level 99), players click on one character at a time from Pinfeathers quests. ALWAYS use the link from the character quest to get you to the next place. When you arrive, if there are 2 bubbles, the one you need to open will have a pulsing circle around it. ……….Opening HOSs, ZZs, and new locations before being sent there by a character has resulted in more than one player needing to contact Big Fish support to get their game fixed.

Ruler - Look in Tom Thumb & What's in Marble Fountain 

Pinfeathers - Use the Sealing Staff for its intended purpose -- Activated Sealing Staff goes to portal in Ancient Garden; get Shadow Tamer to repair.

Pinfeathers - Lilith the Huntress (15 tasks) - Unlock: Forest of Shadows (Level 98; 20,000) to get to Lilith
Lilith - Open: Shadowbird's Tree (8500) & Check Ancient Sphere
Lilith - Search Keeper Ghost & Visit Sultan's Clothes
Lilith - Go to Food Stall & Faceless Observer (2000)
Lilith - Search Enchanted Cauldron & Look in Sack
Lilith - Go to Attic & Search Submerged Treasure
Lilith - Check Black Widow & Visit Last Abode
Lilith - Look in Memory of the Dragon & Search Planter
Lilith - Go to Exotic Sweets & Visit Arbor of Thoughts
Lilith - Open: Wolf's Hollow (6000) to Open: Enchanted Scarecrow (8500) for Restful Sleep (6300) & Unequal Battle (2000)
Lilith - Look in Dog's Barrel & Visit Leprechaun
Lilith - Look at Tomb Marker & Visit Camel Caravan
Lilith - Shadow (15 tasks) & Look in Arsenal
Shadow - Check Telescope & Look in Rusty Safe
Shadow - Check Cannon & Explore Tower of Dreams
Shadow - Check Druid's Hut & Search Statue in the Thicket
Shadow - Check Dreamcatcher & Search Notice Board
Shadow - Go to Tapestries and Flags & Chamberlain's Power Scepter (2500)
Shadow - Go to Demon's Feast & Check Lake in Ice
Shadow - Get something from Broken Mail Box & Open: Underbridge (7000)
Shadow - Go to Gnome King & Search Memory Stone
Shadow - Check Statue Crack & Look in Fabric Counter
Shadow - Visit Overgrown Column & Check Cluttered Shelves
Shadow - Search Founder's Face & Look in Floating Barrel
Shadow - Unlock: Forest's Edge (Level 98; 20,000) to Open: Guard Dog (8500) & Check Jewels Table
Shadow - Check Warden's Hut & Visit Passenger Car
Shadow - Open: Wishing Well (8000) & Visit Bas-relief
Shadow - Search Stone Sarcophagus & Quill of Forgotten Secrets (6500)
Lilith - Search Musical Instruments & Visit Dragon Skeleton
Lilith - Visit Shaman's Cauldron & Look in Fishing Net
Lilith - Search Ancient Scrolls & Look in Carved Chest 

Pinfeathers - High Mage of Frost (15 tasks) & Genie (13 tasks)
High Mage - Search Fire Fountain & Search Game Table
High Mage - Explore Flag & Unlock: Hut on Legs (Level 98; 20,000) to Open: Cat Playing Chess (6000)
High Mage - Check Carnivorous Lily & Go to Rune Altar
High Mage - Visit Mosaic Panel & Check Chained Eagle
High Mage - Go to Doll Showcase & Tiara of Rapacious Age (2500) 
High Mage - Visit Statue of Angel & Check Baggage Line
High Mage - Get Something from Crystal of Birth & Search Book-Lover's Shop
High Mage - Visit Warden's Office & Search Flying Boat
High Mage - Return to Crystal of Birth & Look in Mechanical Semaphore
High Mage - Search Mountain Heart & Go to Guarding Automaton
High Mage - Check Arbor & Visit Medicine Cabinet
High Mage - Go to Figurines Collection & Check Antique Globe
High Mage - Check Lighthouse Keeper's Desk & Look at Boatswain's Bag
High Mage - Search Old Fireplace & Melancholy Medallion (6850)

Cost Level 98 = 141,150
Stamps: 45 Plain, 0 Unusual, 16 Rare, 3 Unique

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From: AEGram


High Mage - Search Armory & Open: Dog House (7000)
Genie - Open: Potion Table (7000) & Search Overturned Boat
Genie - Look in Statue Ruins & Visit Bremen Musicians
Genie - Heir's Signet (2500) & Search Expedition Camp
Genie - Go to Crystal Coffin & Check Desk Drawer
Genie - Get to Power Mill & Search Griffin Stall
Genie - Check Mirror Obelisk & Visit Skull Maw
Genie - Monster of the Dawn (no coin) & Search King's Tomb
Genie - Open: Hut's Leg (6000) to Open: Burning Book (9000) & Check Mirror of Duality
Genie - Lord of Darkness (10 tasks) & Search Mermaid's Junk
Lord of Darkness - Go to Everburning Flames & Visit Old Telescope
Lord of Darkness - Check Palace Guard & Visit Altar of a Thousand Candles
Lord of Darkness - Check Stained Glass Shards & Go to Ruined Gates
Lord of Darkness - Search Fallen Warrior & Visit Weeping Face
Lord of Darkness - Shadow Warrior's Sickle (7000) & Go to Slumbering Vampire
Lord of Darkness - Visit Drakkar & Search Tentacles Out
Lord of Darkness - Visit Rumpelstiltskin & Look in Sunken Chest
Lord of Darkness - Go to Wisdom Source & Tidy up Poisons and Acids
Lord of Darkness - Golden Comb (1800) & Search Rotten Scarecrow
Lord of Darkness - Visit Altar & Look in Ent's Mouth
Genie - Visit Reading Nook & Search Stage of the Fallen
Genie - Cube of Fortune (no coin) & Visit Stone Dogs 
Genie - Check Falcon & Look inside Solar System Model
Genie - Open: Witch's Stove (8500) & Visit Code of Unbreakable Rules

Pinfeathers - Fire Conjurer (13 tasks)
Fire Conjurer - Look in Window with Roses & Visit Mermaid Queen
Fire Conjurer - Search Bar Counter & Check Book of Evil
Fire Conjurer - Go to Three Dragons & Search Quack's Bag
Fire Conjurer - Search Frozen Treasure & Check Belfry
Fire Conjurer - Go to Armor and Banners & Visit Rumpelstiltskin
Fire Conjurer - Infusion of Suffering (300) & Mechanical Heart (300)
Fire Conjurer - Visit Pirate Stand & Check Flower of Sufferings
Fire Conjurer - Go to Overgrown Pond & Tidy up Grand Altar
Fire Conjurer - Assassin's Pin (6950) & Pendant of Island Ruler (no coin) 
Fire Conjurer - Visit Potion Shop & Look in Rock Tree
Fire Conjurer - Valkyrie (12 tasks) & Visit Gnome Kitchen
Valkyrie - Look in Hole in Wall & Search Wall Shield
Valkyrie - Find something in Checkmate Board & Look in Pirate Loot
Valkyrie - Check War Elephant & Search Tower Top
Valkyrie - Visit Northern Emblem & Go to Musical Box
Valkyrie - Go to Monument to the Fallen & Look in Bronze Blacksmith
Valkyrie - Look in Sunken Tomb & Search Pile of Skulls
Valkyrie - Key to All Secrets (no coin) & Look in Fairy Treasure Coach
Valkyrie - Visit Red Riding Hood & Check Atlantis Bas-relief
Valkyrie - Go to Dragon Head & Search Theater Cloakroom
Valkyrie - Examine Knight Armor & Great and Terrible (2500)
Valkyrie - Go to Root Faces & Check Unique Dishes 
Valkyrie - Look in Stone Well & Examine Mine Cart 
Fire Conjurer - Search Tree Swing & Look in Carriage with Relics
Fire Conjurer - Search Rapunzel's Tower & Visit Bookcase 

Cost Level 99 = 58,850
Stamps: 22 Plain, 21 Unusual, 35 Rare, 14 Unique

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From: AEGram


Pinfeathers - Morisa the Forest Witch (12 tasks) 
Morisa - Look in Station Clock & Check Paper Lantern
Morisa - Search Reconstruction Site & Visit Blacksmith
Morisa - Go to Source Torch & Visit Train Cabin
Morisa - Search Jeweler's Workshop & Look in Mailbox
Morisa - Go to Confessional & Check Broken Statue
Morisa - True Valkyrie's Diadem (5300) & Visit Tree of Knowledge
Morisa - Check Time Keeper & Look at Bag
Morisa - Go to Crocodile Bush & Tidy up Binding Egg
Morisa - Search Mirror Nave & Visit Skulls
Morisa - Visit Ice Monster & Go see Armored Bear
Morisa - I'm busy practicing magic and preparing herbs right now. Come back in another Moon phase.        
                    (1734/8000 into the level)

Cost Level 100 (so far) = 5,300
Stamps: 5 Unique

This brings us up to date with all of the character quests. When new game content is released, I will erase this post and continue with the Level 100 character quests .... 
As always, I plead, beg, implore players to use the Comments and Questions thread in this section to post any comments or ask questions. Comments thread is located here: