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MC Game Guide   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 112817 views.
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From: AEGram


Ruler of Islands - Visit Red Riding Hood & Get to Exotic Beast
Ruler of Islands - Check War Elephant & Go to Rumpelstiltskin
Ruler of Islands - Visit Exotic Flowers & Open: Table with Treats (6000) to Open: Ancient Lantern (8000) for Ring of High Hopes (7300)
Ruler of Islands - Grim Cup (no coin) & Look at Everburning Flames
Guardian Titan - Go to Table with Treats & Cursed Queen's Beads (1500)
Guardian Titan - Clean up Poseidon Fountain & Look in Aquarium 
Nala - Check on Memory of the Dragon & Visit Snake Charmer
Nala - Look at Wisdom Source & Key to All Secrets (no coin)
Nala - Go to Wolf's Hollow & Visit Seven Dwarves
Nala - Giant's Fury (1000) & Get news from Shaman's Cauldron
Nala - Look in Iron Maiden & Visit Eternal Flame
Nala - Go to Column Capital & Visit Fabric Counter
Nala - Look at Elf Potions & Arabella's Prediction Ball (3000)
Nala - Visit Theater Cloakroom & Go to Root Faces
Nala - Examine Statue's Hand & Sultan's Shoes (1500)
Nala - Look at the Flower & Visit Fire Spring
Nala - Find something in Fiery Furnace & Visit Night Watch Safe
Nala - Visit Interrogation Room & Look in Warden's Hut
Nala - Check Forest Lantern & Go to Handwrought Cart
Nala - Look at Burning Book & Check Hat Box 

Pinfeathers - Torrum the Weapon Maker (14 tasks)
Torrum - Go to Telephone & Look at Fairy Tale Book
Torrum - Unlock: Town Street (Level 100; 22,000) to Open: Stargazer Tower (6000) & Go to Skeleton in Hanging Gardens
Torrum - That Shoe (3500) & Kaleidoscope of Memories (2500)
Torrum - Check on Cat Statuette & Go to Pond of Forgotten Reflections
Torrum - Look at Magic World Map & Check Skeleton in Shackles
Torrum - Open: Weapon Store (7000) & Examine Poisons and Acids
Torrum - Visit Minotaur & Look in Eagle's Aerie
Torrum - Open: Lion's Paw (9000) & Check Guard Dog
Torrum - Visit Statue with Jug & Valeria's Travel Diary (no coin)
Torrum - Open: Silent Gargoyle (8500) & Go to Adora's Manuscripts
Torrum - Morisa the Forest Witch (11 tasks) & Visit North Shield
Morisa - Look in Book of Evil & Tidy up Northern Emblem
Morisa - Inspiring Drum (6750) & Search Carnivorous Lily
Morisa - Check Glass Painting & Go to Stone Bowl
Morisa - Examine Shining Split & Visit Pirate Ship
Morisa - Look at Tree Face & Ancestor's Spirit (no coin)
Morisa - See Flower of Sufferings & Go to Station Clock
Morisa - Visit Ice Monster & See Game Table
Morisa - Look in Belfry & Check Arbor of Thoughts
Morisa - Go to Eye of the Skull & Lightstep Boots (6900)
Morisa - Visit Waltzing Couple & Look in Mirror of Duality
Morisa - Look at Weeping Face & Check Mummy's Sarcophagus
Torrum - Journey to Sphere of Souls & Obstinate Helmet (7100)

Cost Level 101 = 107,550
Stamps: 0 Plain, 63 Unusual, 28 Rare, 12 Unique

In reply toRe: msg 223

From: AEGram


Torrum - Go by Astral Lamp & Find Drunken Skeleton
Torrum - Wings of Darkness (200) & Natural Selection (1000) 

Pinfeathers - Lilith the Huntress (15 tasks)
Lilith - Go to Skull Maw & Look at Stage of the Fallen
Lilith - Find the evil in Stone Dogs & Check Wooden Face
Lilith - Look in Fallen Warrior & Examine Stone Flowerbed
Lilith - Visit Pumpkins & Look in Eagle's Nest
Lilith - Life Measurer (no coin) & Visit King's Tomb
Lilith - Check Tree Swing & Search Caged Songbirds
Lilith - Check Water Cascade & Look in Hangman's Pit
Lilith - Tiara of Rapacious Age (2500) & Apocalypse Rider (3000)
Lilith - Look at Crow Gallows & Find something in Dutch Oven
Lilith - Check Torn Painting & Tidy up Druid's Hut
Lilith - Visit Ruined Gates & Look in Reading Nook
Lilith - Shadow (11 tasks) & Check out Archer Statue
Shadow - Examine Slumbering Vampire & Visit Palanquin
Shadow - Look at Palace Guard & Go see Rapunzel's Tower
Shadow - Visit Arsenal & Look in Persian Fabrics
Shadow - Search Reading Couch & Look at Skeleton Clock
Shadow - Go to Pendant Lamps & Don't forget Cinderella's Slipper
Shadow - Bitter Loss (3200) & Wild Wail (3500)
Shadow - Check Mosaic Birth of Atlantis & Look in Fairy Treasure Coach
Shadow - Visit Gnome King & Look at Statue Crack
Shadow - Go to Dragon Head & Look into Antique Globe
Shadow - Look near Skeleton in Hanging Gardens & Check Altar of a Thousand Candles
Shadow - Insomnia Horn (no coin) & Mantle of Evil Ghost (3500)
Lilith - Shh…. Don't bother me while I'm on the hunt. If I need help I'll ask.        4507/8160 into level

This brings us up to date with all of the character quests. When new game content is released, I will erase this post and continue with the Level 102 character quests .... 

As always, I plead, beg, implore players to use the Comments and Questions thread in this section to post any comments or ask questions. Comments thread is located here:

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