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MC Game Guide   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

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7. Gift for a Friend boxes can only be used during the Winter event when the tree (or Santa sack) in the Christmas room is activated for gift giving. These boxes are received randomly at HOS completion. You can now also trade with the children that are on the Castle Vicinity during the event. (It will be 7 holiday items to trade for a holiday wand; and 5 to trade for a gift box -- use the arrow in the “Trade with Children” pop-up to select the item for which you want to trade.) 

When gifting a box, you lose one box from inventory and receive a Santa Medallion as thanks. The friend receives some random game item. You never know what they receive; they never know who has sent what. 

8. No, the guy in the Commercial District never does get that sack/bundle lifted. 

9. A “feeder” game will mostly be referenced by someone who is playing on PC. However, the newer operating systems of iPad and Kindle also allow multiple user accounts on one device. This is what is needed for a feeder game – or a like device. Basically, you create another user account on your PC (or device). 

After the account is created with a password, you log onto your PC with that new account. Midnight Castle game icon will already be on the “desktop” for you to click….when you do, the game opens to the beginning of a brand new game. It will then be necessary to play that game to some level (most players want their feeder game to at least be up to Level 24 because the Column of the Fallen is opened during Level 23). Once the feeder game is established, you then send a friend request from one of the games to the other. You can then exchange goodies – but you can still gift that account only one time during each 24-hour GMT period. 

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10. Trina is in memory of a player who created games (on Facebook) for other players to test their knowledge and who was always helping others. At the time of her death, Darcie posted the following to MC Facebook site: Hi everyone! As some of you know, we lost Trina, a wonderful member of the Midnight Castle community at the beginning of this year. Many of you had the privilege of knowing Trina, and now just how amazing she was. She brought a lot of fun to the community with her artwork, games, and willingness to help everyone, and she is truly missed. In her memory, the Midnight Castle team has invited Trina to stay in the castle that she helped bring so much life to. Stop by and say 'Hi'! And don't worry, Trina's wolves are friendly! ~ Darcie   

11. The “A” and “S” collars on the wolf pups in Trina’s Key Master Shop are for Apollo and Shadow. The bird next to Trina’s chair is a robin. These 3 additions were added as a tribute to Robyn (game names Apollo and Shadow; forum name as Apollogold) who died on August 29, 2017. Robyn was one of the original “list makers” and many of the threads in the Tips and Tricks section of the Helpful Links for Midnight Castle on the original BFG forum were created/started by her.

12. The fox inside of Trina's room was added in July 2020 to honor an original MC player, Cynthia Gessner (game name Silver Fox), who died March 20, 2020.
13. There used to be no “short cut” to getting more coins. However, with the introduction of the event rooms that give a maximum 250 coins (instead of the regular 50), that’s no longer the case. The events generally last 40+ days. If you have 15 friends displaying this room, you can earn 750 coins daily from each friend (15 x 750 = 11,250 coins). And 11,250 coins x 40 days = 450,000 coins for the event duration! 

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Quests to Level Up – This section lists every quest you will encounter in the game….starting with Level 1, where the game opens. The actual place in your game where you reach the next Level may differ slightly from those posted here. Some players prefer to do all the quests in character order – that is, finish with one character before going to the next character. Others prefer to go as far with the first character as they can and then see if they can perform some of the quests for the next character. (The Levels in this Guide are based on completing all quests for each character in the order they are listed within the Prof. Pinfeathers section.)

While it is okay to “intermingle” the character quests, there IS a word of caution. At Level 72, the Developers started to put items in previously opened HOSs or ZZs. While the players encountered the particular items at that Level in game play, I really don’t know how much earlier they were placed there. I strongly suspect those for Level 72 were placed when the new content was issued on August 24, 2016, that took players from Level 71 to Level 75. While playing, I noticed items encountered in Level 106 were placed in the HOS or ZZ during Level 104. 

It is for this reason that I strongly recommend players complete ALL the quests for the first character listed in a Prof. Pinfeathers quest BEFORE doing ANY quests with the second character. In the upper levels, you will also encounter 14 tasks with one character who will send you to a second character (for 14 tasks) on the 9th or 10th task. Please follow the order presented. Example: Anabel, tasks 1-10, sent to Knight for 14 tasks, back to Anabel for remaining 4 tasks. 

Many players have reached sections of their games where an item they need wasn’t placed in the HOS because they jumped around when doing the quests. I cannot strongly recommend enough how imperative it is for seamless game play to always do every character quest under the first character before moving to the next character after you’ve reached Level 70.

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Even if a Level may be reached at some other quest other than the one listed here, the quests will all be listed. All quests presented in Prof. Pinfeathers window must be performed before you will receive the next set of quests. There are a couple of places where the game does not tell you about some quests for a character. (The game will say a character has 8 quests for you to complete, when there are actually 9 quests for that character.) There’s a note added during the character quest listing to indicate known areas for these discrepancies. 

The Character Quests are listed by Level. The number of coins and stamps needed to complete each Level is listed at the end of the character quests for that Level. You may, however, get through that Level using fewer coins or stamps if someone gifts you a crafted item or if you win it from the Fortune Wheel and as a result do not need to craft it for the character. 

NOTE: Earlier in the history of the game, there was a glitch that caused some players to be at a different experience point when the game was paused while the Developers created the new content. Some players will also show a higher Level than the reported max level when new content is completed. But, when the last task of the max content is reached, EVERYONE will be sitting on the same task waiting for the same character to speak to them in a future update.

The game cost is just a “raw” number because there is no way to compute the amount of coins you get as you go through the game. (Bonus coins when crafting will be player specific; coins from pet chests will vary depending on frequency of feeding pets and the type of chest received; items received from friends or the Fortune Wheel will not need to be crafted; you will win or lose coins while playing dice; you may pay extra coins for additional Wheel spins; you may use coins for Private Room upgrades. These are only some of the examples in how coin usage or accumulation can vary.) 

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So, while there is no real way of determining the exact/true cost for advancing in the game, the Level-cost totals will give you guidance for when you need to stop following character quest, perhaps, and just “do the rounds” for a while. 

At Levels 69-71, there’s a unique twist to the game play. This is explained in a narrative at the beginning of Level 69. It seemed prudent to add those comments at that location so players could understand better what is happening. Those on lower levels would/could possibly be confused to mention it here. In addition, many of you would forget the narrative by time you reach that point.  blush

One final caution: In the upper levels, you will find multiple “bubbles” on a single location. Please, please, please, follow the game play and ONLY open the bubbles in the order from which you receive character quests. It is very tempting to want to open a new area to see the wonderful graphics, but opening locations, HOSs, and ZZs out of order (when not requested by a character) in these upper levels can result in items not being placed appropriately. 

Also, if you open a costly location out of order, you may find yourself out of coins and unable to continue with your character quests. The “bubbles” are placed (in many cases) well in advance of when they’re actually opened. The Developers are just letting you know that there are expensive parts of the game in the near future of game play so you can stop leveling up and do some rounds to gather the coins to advance, if needed.

Opening new areas, HOS, ZZ will be in bold black 
Helpful comments will be in purple 
Crafted items will be in green 

DISCLAIMER: The character quest listing reflects those in the game after the drastic change to the lower levels made in November 2016. Naturally, we have no way of knowing whether the Devs will be making changes to the current quests in future updates. As a result, over time, these quests may not be entirely accurate. I have no plans of periodically restarting the game to determine their continued accuracy. But, in the past, when the Devs made any changes, they only made the levels easier…. So, these are here as guidelines for future players. 

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Players start the game on Castle Vicinity with 100 coins & 5 diamonds. You get the Compass with a message the it is broken. Note: You can change your in-game name, but no avatars are unlocked yet

Pinfeathers - Open: Carriage (no coin) -- add Needle to compass -- level 1 completed Note: There is a bubble to open Airship Tower. That opening and cost is added when a message directs player to opening the Airship Tower in Level 5. 

Pinfeathers - Unlock: Castle Gates (Level 2; 5) & Anabel (1 task) & place missing letter into Compass 
Anabel - Open: Broken Well (5) for Forged Key & Open: Rock Garden (10) for Nephrite Fan 

Pinfeathers - Anabel (1 task) & Iron Knight (1 task) 
Anabel - Shard of Soul (get Rune Stone for reward) 

Unlock: Castle Entry (3 & Rune Stone from Anabel above) to get to Iron Knight. Note: When enter Castle Entry, Bubble (600) to open Fortune Wheel 
Knight: Winged Amulet & Open: Astral Lamp (20) for Demonic Ring 

Pinfeathers - Anabel (1 task) & Innkeeper (3 tasks); Fix compass & use it inside the Castle
Anabel - Open: Crypt (20) for Eight-Pointed Star (also get Forged Key as reward) 

LEVEL 4 Mailman delivers "Beginner's Pack" with Gentleman and Gentle Woman avatars unlocked + 10 diamonds 
Unlock: Tavern (Level 4; 150 & forged Key from above) to get to Innkeeper Note: When enter Tavern, there is a Bubble (600) to unlock the Dice Game 
Innkeeper - Murder's Eye 
Innkeeper - Dragon's Fang & Midnight Rose 
Innkeeper - Torch & Open: Burnt Tree (40) for Demon's Eye Activating the Compass, reveals a secret door to right of the door opening behind the Knight. Get Key Ring to unlock/open that door 

Cost Levels 1 - 4 = 1,500 coins

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Pinfeathers - Open: Laboratory (no coin) 
Aquamarine Charm (180) & Open: Belfry (80) for Polestar 
Message presents that you need Stamps for crafting and you can get them from sending airships. You are then directed to the Bubble on Castle Vicinity -- Open: Airship Tower(200) 

Pinfeathers - Iron Knight (2 tasks); Anabel (1 task); Innkeeper (1 task) 
Knight - Open: Stone Gargoyle (50) for Sun Amber & Links of Steel 
Knight - Open: Prison Cell (60) for Rusty Cage 
Anabel - Eight-Pointed Star & Seal of Courage 

Cost Level 5 = 570 coins 
Stamps: 2 Plain 

Get a Message that you have a friend request (from John); set up friends (no coin) 
Innkeeper - Aquamarine Charm (180) 

Pinfeathers - Innkeeper (5 tasks) & Lord Chamberlain (6 tasks) 
Innkeeper - Fibula of Rage & Polestar 
Innkeeper - Sun Amber & Grave Blade 

Cost Level 6 = 180 coins 
Stamps: 2 Plain 

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--Get Griffin (free pet) 
Innkeeper - Dragon's Fang & Demon's Eye 
Innkeeper - Bow and Arrow of Stoppage & Sign of Steadfast Faith 
Innkeeper - Eight-Pointed Star & Elephant's Bone -- also get Smoking Device for below 
Unlock:Throne Hall (Level 6; 500 & Smoking Device) to get to Lord Chamberlain 
Chamberlain - Open: Fairy Sculpture (120) for Bear's Fury & Nocturnal Ring 
Chamberlain - Harpy's Feather & Polestar 
Chamberlain - Heart of Moonlight & Eye of Manticore 
Chamberlain - Eight-Pointed Star & Seed of Life 
Chamberlain: Open: Dead Ambassador (180) for Stardust Crystal & Aquamarine Charm (180) 
Chamberlain - Innkeeper (2 tasks) 
Innkeeper - Open: Iron Chest (70) for Strangled Ruby 
Innkeeper - Voodoo Doll 

Cost Level 7 = 1,050 coins 
Stamps: 2 Plain 

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-- Tournaments now open (But, since tournaments have been disabled, you may no longer see this message)
Pinfeathers - Unlock: Ice Rock (Level 6; 500 coin; Torch -- use Find button to get Torch) to get to Rustle (2 tasks) & Hang all the keys on the Ring to activate them 
Rustle - Open: Raven Stone (90) for Nocturnal Blood 
Rustle - Open: Road Sign (100) for Bone Whip -- The Keys open the Secret Door and you see the Keeper of the Castle in the doorway (next to Ice Rock opening). Get Valeria's Diary to repair. 

Pinfeathers - Chamberlain (2 tasks); Rustle (3 tasks); Innkeeper (3 tasks) 
Chamberlain - Vampire Sign (150) 
Chamberlain - Obsidian Whirlwind 

Cost Level 8 = 840 coins 
Stamps: 1 Plain

Amulet feature introduced/unlocked. Get 120 energy units and the No Cooldown Amulet 
Rustle - Open: Game Table (200) for Fungus Among Us 
Rustle - Open: Armor and Banners (250) for Raven's Eye & Stranger's Badge 
Rustle - Sign of Steadfast Faith & Polestar 
Innkeeper - Golden Watermark 
Innkeeper - Stardust Crystal & Sphere of Night 
Innkeeper - Open: Armored Bear (140) for Volume of Fury 

Pinfeathers - Find a Seal of Courage and go to the Tower; Wise Dragon (4 tasks) 
Bubble: (Level 8; 600 & Seal of Courage -- use Find button to get Seal of Courage to open Forbidden Tower to get to Wise Dragon) 
Dragon - Stranger's Badge & Mask of Virtue 
Dragon - Anabel (1 task) & Iron Knight (2 tasks) 
Anabel - Black Lily 
Knight - Open: Harp in Blossoms (160) for Fairy Dust & Midnight Rose 
Knight - Banner of Loyalty 

Cost Level 9 = 1,350 coins 

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Daily Quest Gnome and Castle Challenges are activated (no coin required for either) 
Dragon - Steam Tool 
Dragon - Rustle the Troll (3 tasks) 
Rustle - Mask of Virtue & Demonic Ring 
Rustle - Strangled Ruby & Nephrite Fan 
Rustle - Open: Winter Idol (300) for Chimera's Mask & Hyena's Chain 

Pinfeathers - Anabel (3 tasks); Innkeeper (3 tasks); Card of Destiny (250) 
Anabel - Eight-Pointed Star & Solar Seal (300) 
Anabel - Raven's Eye & Life Flower 
Anabel - Stranger's Badge & Winged Amulet 
Innkeeper - Open: Drunken Skeleton (350) for Mandrake Root 
Innkeeper - Medal of Slaughter & Dragon's Fang 
Innkeeper - Blind Justice 

Cost Level 10 = 1,200 coins 
Stamps: 1 Plain, 3 Unusual